ROLAND MV-30 Operating System Startup Disk v1.09.1

ROLAND MV-30 Operating System Startup Disk v1.09.1
ROLAND MV-30 Operating System Startup Disk v1.09.1

I recently picked up a used Roland MV-30. It’s in excellent condition and supposedly a very good vintage sequencer with lots of unique features. One big problem though is that in order to use the Roland MV-30, like the Roland S-50 or W-30, it requires an OS Boot Disk. Unfortunately this disk did not come with the Roland MV-30. So I’ve been spending the day scouring the web trying to find a download image to create a floppy OS boot disk. So far no luck, but hopefully soon I’ll find one. If someone out there does happen to use or have a Roland MV-30 and could spare a moment to send me an image of the OS via email, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d even compensate you for it as well. Some people are selling the OS Boot disk online but they are charging $30-50 for shipping to Japan which is insane. So I’m a bit stuck. There is also a Yahoo Group for the Roland MV-30, but like many nowadays it looks abandoned and not accepting new members. Once I acquire a working boot disk, I’ll write a follow-up on my initial impressions of the Roland MV-30 Sequencer. Thank you!

This is the latest OS version for the Roland MV-30 MStudio Sequencer but I’ll take any version I can get.
ROLAND MV-30 Operating System Startup Disk v1.09.1

UPDATE: I now have two Roland MV-30 OS Boot disks posted below. Both I think are the same, but are from different sources. Is there a difference between V1.0 and V1.09.1? I’m not sure. THANK YOU to all the individuals who contributed the images for the Roland MV-30. Hopefully these images will help others.


26 thoughts on “ROLAND MV-30 Operating System Startup Disk v1.09.1

  1. Carlo

    Hi Jim,
    I have that MV30 too and checked the OS version and found that is the 1.0, if you want i can make an image file and email it to you. I can try to make a .TD0 file, is ok for you? Then you need to use a 720k disk since the 1.44 diesn’t work well (same as S50) In case you find the latest image file could you also emails to me?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Carlo! Wow! Thank you so much. Indeed any OS version in any format would be welcomed. Yes, .TDo file format is fine. You can email me here: info at . Thanks. Also, I’ll absolutely send you the latest image file once I get it. No problem. Thank you so much. – Jim

    2. Hello again Carlo! I just managed to acquire the Roland MV-30 Version 1 OS. I don’t think it’s the latest, but it works. I was able to find it from Jeff who sent me a file from HxC. I create a .img file and used RawWrite for Windows XP to write the image to a 720kb floppy disk. I test it on the Roland MV-30 and it works great. Thanks again for the offer,but I think this disk should work fine. IF I find the latest version, I’ll definitely forward a copy to you or post it somewhere.

      Roland MV-30 V1.0

      This is the free program I used for Windows XP to write the image file to floppy.

      Works Great!

      1. Carlo

        Hi Jim, i am happy to hear that you found the system disk image already, thanks for the image file program working on xp! The MV30 is really nice, has the same sound engine of U20 plus the filters from D70, it’s like an early sound canvas with a nice sequencer and controllers 🙂

    3. I received this file today and have posted it on my site here:

      This file apparently has the Roland MV-30 1.091 image. It works, but when I boot my MV-30 it gives me the exact same message as the file I posted above. My thinking is that version 1 is the same as 1.091. I am not sure how to tell the difference.

      Until I find more info, it seems version 1.091 is not only the latest version but the only version available for the Roland MV-30.

      1. Thanks Peter! I just checked my MV-30. I pressed F1 on power up and the ROM version read 1.03. It then booted with the second OS Disk I posted above and showed V1.091. So it looks like indeed that is the latest OS disk. Works great. Thanks again for the link and info.

    1. Hi Peter! Yeah, I saw that. I actually put the disk in my Paypal cart, but then noticed shipping was $30 bucks to Japan. I then emptied the cart….laugh. I wasn’t quite ready to pay that yet and with the help from other MV-30 enthusiasts, I’ve managed to find and post a couple of images. Thanks though for the info. Much appreciated. – Jim

    1. Hi Peter! Yes, Jeff from HxC pointed that out to me. He sent me a file and that is how I pulled the very first image which I now have posted in my comments above. What exact version that is, I’m not sure but it works great. Thanks!!

  2. Miguel

    Hi Jim!,

    I’m glad that I did find your post, I also have an Mv30 and mine also came without the OS disk, I manage to get in the mv30 Yahoo group and downloaded all the files and follow all the instructions without any luck, all the files and instructions are made for windows 95/98 PC, it was a miracle that I found a working one, but in the end it didn’t work, the only thing is that I manage to format a 2.2 Mb disk into a 720 so I can work in XP.

    Is it much to ask if you could do a step by step guide of how to make a bootable disk using xp, with links for the OS and the programs needed?.

    I very much appreciate any help you could give. Thanks a lot.

    Cheers from Venezuela.


  3. Andy Platts

    Can’t seem to see the link for the file for the MV 30 system disc file, did you remove it? It would be a big help if you could re-upload it.


  4. Franky Rocha

    Hello to everyone here. I am from Portugal and i’m lookig for the System OS disk for free download in the internet without any sucess. Please if anyone could help me and send me the file to my e-mail i will be very gratefull.

    best regards

  5. Franky Rocha

    Hi dear Jim! I have also a Roland MV30 but everytime I power up it asks for the system disk… I put the disk in, it loads the OP and then it’s all ok and funtion fine. But when I poer it off and power it on again, all is lost and asking again for the system disk…
    Any ideia?

    Best regards

    1. This is standard procedure if correct. The MV30 is an old school device that requires a boot disk on every startup. You will need to save your settings on either the System disk if space is available or a separate blank disk. Older Roland Devices like the S-50, W30, and S-550 had similar procedures. This is why the startup disk is so vital to the MV30.

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