E-MU Emulator II Omi Universe of Sounds Library Volumes 1-3

E-EMU Emulator II
E-EMU Emulator II

The E-MU Emulator II Omi “Universe of Sounds” Libraries are some of the BEST 80’s samples I have ever heard. What’s great about the 3 volume library is that it covers just about every sound imaginable for that 80’s synthpop sampler sound.

Last week I found a used E-MU Emulator II here in Japan that unlike other gear I have found is in pretty rough shape. It’s currently not working but the good news is that it has potential and hopefully very soon I’ll have it back into shape. Luckily I found 3 brand new boxes of 5.25 floppy disks as well to feed this beast. I never thought I’d be using those disks ever again…laugh.

OMI EII Universe of Sounds Volume 1 – Fantastic collection of samples in this volume.
OMI EII Universe of Sounds Volume 2 – Superb!
OMI/Northstar EII Universe of Sounds Volume 3 – Lots of great SFX in this one.

For now I am collecting both E-MU Emulator II and EMAX II sounds ( another great sampler ) for later use in my newly acquired Emulator II. I also have been extracting some of the WAV files for importing into one of my favorite samplers, the Roland S-760. From there I can then sample sounds into either the Roland S-50 or S-330. Of course the samples are not identical sounding as you would get out of the Emulator II, but it does allow me to use the samples and explore them while I get the Emulator repaired.

I really like these old hardware samplers. I find the limitations they have to be quite challenging but at the same time very rewarding. I also find tinkering with these old samplers to be quite nostalgic as I grew up in the 80’s attending elementary, junior high, and high school during that decade. When I listen to the old samples, they really remind of that time and a great time it certainly was. At the same time it will be fun to try and create new ideas and songs out of these samples as well. After all, these vintage samplers cost a fortune back in the 80’s and it’s only taken me 20 plus years to get my hands on a few…laugh.

Hopefully I’ll have my newly acquired E-MU Emulator II up and running soon. For now though, I’m having fun sifting through all these great sounds of the past and enjoying what they have to offer now and into the future. Note that the E-MU Emulator II had some great presets as well as some other great libraries that I’m currently checking out. I’m not up to speed with all the past releases and producers of the E-Mu Emulator II Sample Series Libraries, but I’m learning really quick thanks to some great forums and of course the Yahoo Groups. Lots of reading!

Here is a demo video found on Youtube of the E-MU Emulator Sampler in action.


One thought on “E-MU Emulator II Omi Universe of Sounds Library Volumes 1-3

  1. John Parkins

    Hi Jim, just found this via Google. Good luck with the repairs, the EII is definately worth it. I relive the audio memories of my 80’s teenage years all the time with it.. ! Best, John (JMP).

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