Peavey 5150 Combo 212 Amp Static Problem

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post here to see if anyone might recognize this issue with tube amps.

I just recently acquired a used Peavey 212 Combo Signature amplifier. Overall it sounds great once it kicks in after about 20 minutes due to this static noise I’m getting. Attached is a video I just created so you can hear the noise. I’m not sure if this is due to bad tubes, caps, or perhaps a pot somewhere. My guess is either caps or the tubes. I am new to tube amps specifically so I’m not in the know with all the noises these things make just yet. I came from using a Roland JC-120 which can be noisy as well. The problem here is this behavior is not hissing, rather an erratic sort of radio static.

Thanks for any insight into the matter.

Note, I do plan to change the tubes as I have no idea when they have been changed if at all. I picked up the amp at a used music store in Nagano Japan and was not able to test the amp, but it was practically given to me so I it was ok. Perhaps this is why!

3 thoughts on “Peavey 5150 Combo 212 Amp Static Problem

  1. John

    Turn off the amp and unplug it for about an hour. Get the Deoxit D5, and spray a short shot into the pot and turn it back and forth for about a minute on each one. Tapping on the knobs usually reveals the offender, but since you are taking the chassis out to clean one, do all of them.
    While you’re in there, spray it into all the tube sockets and jacks as well.

  2. Thanks John! Problem Solved.

    I did exactly as you advised. I pulled the chassis and used Deoxit to spray and clean each of the ten pots. I then sprayed and cleaned all of the jacks. Finally I pulled all seven tubes one at a time and sprayed the tube sockets. After putting everything back together, I turned it on and it’s now completely “bad” noise free. Yes, there is a hiss which is no different than my Roland JC-120 amp. It’s normal I suspect and doesn’t bother me a bit. I use a noise gate and the amp is totally silent.

    I also noticed that it appears I am the first to ever pull the chassis from this particular 5150. Everything inside looked very clean and untouched. There was a lot of dust below the tubes, but that was expected due to the open nature of the back a little bit. There is rust or corrosion on the bolts all over the amp, so I’ll probably just replace those so that everything looks minty and clean.

    The two larger tubes are “Svetlana Electron Devices 6L6GC” made in Russia tubes. I’m not sure if those are stock or not. I now know that I could probably swap all the tubes for new ones and everything will work fine.

    Thanks again John for the help.

    NOTE: I unplugged and left the amp off for two complete days before opening the Chassis for inspection and cleaning. Be safe everyone! ( I was on a business trip ).

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