MIJ Mosrite Ventures Model Japan

I recently saw a Mosrite type guitar in a second hand shop near where I live, but couldn’t quite I.D. the guitar. I attached three photos I took quickly with my phone. Everything hardware on the guitar is labeled “Mosrite”. It also includes a hard case with a small button sized “Mosrite” logo on it. The guitar is missing the arm unfortunately. There are also a couple of small holes above the nut that probably had a custom tremelo retainer but I don’t think that would be stock. The Head Logo is missing “California” or anything related to that, so I’m guessing it’s made in Japan.

I collect old Japanese vintage guitars like Greco for example and can tell this guitar has been used and is probably older than the year 2000. In Japanese the info/price tag which is turned around says Fillmore Mosrite in Japanese, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. The Sales clerk had no idea the origin of the guitar. They sell lots of other stuff besides guitars, so it’s very possible the staff has no idea what sort of guitar this is. Oh, actually the bolt on black plate does say “Made in Japan” but that’s it. There is no serial number. Also, I noticed the two knobs do not have a Mosrite letter “M” that I’ve seen on most of the Mosrite guitars of value.

Any ideas on whether this guitar might be any good? The price tag on it is a straight up $500 bucks. I’m new to Mostrite related guitars and find this particular model quite fascinating. Note I did play the guitar and it sounds and feels great to my ears.

Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan 3
Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan Head
Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan 1
Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan Body
Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan 2
Mosrite Ventures Model MIJ Japan Bridge