Nord Lead 2 OS v1.06 Upgrade

Nord Lead 2 v1.06 Chip
Nord Lead 2 v1.06 Chip

Wow! Long time no post!

I picked up a used Nord Lead 2 this week in Japan. They are VERY cheap in here compared to the States, so I’ve been lucky to now have three in my arsenal. I happen to really like the Nord Lead 2 the best actually which I’ll probably explain in a later post. The latest OS version is 1.06 while the oldest is v1.03 if correct. I have two synths on v1.06 but this latest NL2 came with the old v1.03. I found out that the chip used with the version 1.03 NL2 was an ST M27C4001 DIP32 chip made in Singapore. The v1.06 chips are AMD AM27C040 DIP32 chips made in Malaysia. I decided to rip both the v1.03 and v.106 OS to create .bin backup files. I then proceeded to erase the v1.03 EPROM chip using a UV Light Eraser. I was then successfully able to burn a new v1.06 chip using my MiniPro IC chip burner which has been working fantastic. I’ve burned so many chips with that thing. Upon powering up the Nord Lead 2, I was able to see the v1.06 version pop up onto the screen. After testing the sounds, everything seemed to work great. To order a chip from someone with the latest v1.06 OS on Ebay would have cost me about $50 plus a week or two of waiting. I found swapping the OS versions using the original chip worked out great. I highly recommend investing in an IC Chip Burner and UV Light eraser. It really makes updating, programming, and working with your own IC chips much easier and of course less expensive.

By the way, I’m back on the blog front after a nine month hiatus attempting to move my “growing” family from Japan back to the United States. After several setbacks and a few turn of events, I’ve decided to stay put in Japan. I’m so very glad to be out of the job search and agony of deciding whether to move or not. Ultimately I decided to follow the idea that if you’re life ain’t broken, the stop trying to fix it…laugh. Now I’m happily back into music stronger than ever.

Hope to respond to comments and add new posts regularly from May. Thanks everyone for the continued support and viewing of my blog. – Jim

4 thoughts on “Nord Lead 2 OS v1.06 Upgrade

  1. Tony in London

    Jim! Really good to see that you’re still here. The Roland synth world has become really exciting since you’ve been away. I even bought myself a little JD-Xi – perfect for those ‘laptop jamming’ sessions. I can only imagine the stress of trying to move country again, then the stress of undoing that decision. Whatever happens, I hope it really works out for you all.

  2. Stefan

    Hey Jim!

    I found this blog through a search. I’m probably going to travel to Japan in Nov from South Africa and I want to purchase my first hardware synth. Either a Nord or a Virus TI. Doesn’t have to be new, can be second hand but I just have no idea where to start looking.

    Any places that I could look at? I’ll be in Tokyo and Osaka, maybe Sapporo. But I could probably shit it to a hotel or something from another territory, right?

    I’d appreciate any help, thanks!

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