The Magnificent Korg Trinity V3 Workstation

Korg Trinity V3 Workstation
Korg Trinity V3 Workstation

Last weekend I bought a mint condition Korg Trinity V3 Workstation for $200 bucks. Yes, it kind of was an unbelievable price. The Korg Trinity had been sitting in the used store here in Nagano City, Japan for a little over two years wrapped in plastic. The starting price for it was five hundred back then, but it was then dropped to three when I visited on Sunday. The sales clerk later dropped it to two hundred because I was a frequent customer and he was probably getting tired of looking at it. I really can’t say why this Korg Trinity V3 didn’t sell very fast but all I can say is I’m extremely happy I walked out of the store with it. The Korg Trinity V3 is in immaculate condition and it has the MOSS expansion inside which works wonderful. The floppy drive and LCD screen both work fantastic without any issues whatsoever.

The main reason for buying the Korg Trinity V3 other than the price and condition was that it sounded INCREDIBLE! I have a Korg Triton Classic and personally I like the sound of the Trinity V3 much better. I found the Trinity V3 to be a bit fatter and warmer sounding. I also thought the sound pallet was more interesting. Many people have high regards for the Trinity pad sounds and indeed it does deliver in magnificent fashion. Others will say the sounds are dated, but like I’ve mentioned before, the Trinity voices are new to my ears thus they aren’t dated at all. I also found the touch screen speed to actually be quite good. Many people cite the touch screen as being slow but with version 3.1 the speed is more than adequate I feel. The Korg Trinity is also built very solid and the keys ( 61 version ) are excellent.

The Korg Trinity V3 is an absolute beautiful synthesizer and workstation. The MOSS expansion sounds great and I’m so glad I bought this rather than putting $500 in for the MOSS Triton expansion. I saved quite a bit of money I think by getting the Trinity with the MOSS already built it. The sequencer in the Trinity V3 is also fantastic. It’s a very good sequencer that can also be used to program your own arp sequences and drum patterns so I don’t particularly need an arpeggiator which the Triton has. The effects processor in the Trinity is also very capable still and I it really brings to life many of the sounds.

I stood on the sidelines for quite a while with regards to the Korg Trinity V3 and I’m now glad to finally be on board. If I had to choose between the Triton or Trinity V3 I would likely get the Trinity V3. If you can play well and work a sequencer well in realtime, the Trinity V3 is all you really need. It also sounds the best in my opinion. The triton has more functions like an arpeggiator and sounds expansions but it’s just too bright and airy at times. Instead of comparing the Triton and Trinity V3 though, I would highly recommend just playing both. Now that I have both and have had time to play them, I prefer the Trinity V3 slightly over the Triton. Both are great though which is why I’ll definitely be holding on to both.


4 thoughts on “The Magnificent Korg Trinity V3 Workstation

  1. Just picked up a Korg Trinity PBS-Tri board. This is a great addition to the Korg Trinity Synth.

    PBS-TRI option for KORG TRINITY complete kit ( Flash ROM Card + 2 SRAM chips for Banks C , D ) . This option will allow you to load Akai and KORG compatilbe audio sampels to your TRINITY keyboard for up to 8 MB Flash memory. It also can double your combination and program and moss banks .

    Korg Trinity PBS-Tri

  2. Hey, awesome buy! Do you know where I could get the touch panel for a Trinity? I mean the touch only, without the LCD monitor.
    There are some places online that want to sell me the complete combo (touch + LCD) for around U$S300… more than you actually payed for all of it 😉

    Thanks in advance?

  3. Rayd8

    Hi Jim, Q: did you get the CF to run on SCSI? Did you need to buy the expensive Adata SCSI-to-IDE bridge adapter costing 230 USD to make it work? I find it unbelievable seeing that selling price for a part that in 2006 costed a mearly 50 USD :-S
    Greetings from a fellow Trinity-owner


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