Yamaha YIS503II MSX FM Synthesizer Home Computer

This thing is amazing. Only in JAPAN! I bought this used with three cartridges, the YK-20 keyboard, the SFG-05 FM Sound Synthesizer Module, plus all of the original boxes, cabling, and manuals. Everything was in MINT shape too. It works great with my PC monitor and I have a Roland MSX mouse that I use with my Roland S-50. The only thing missing is the Floppy Drive and I’m currently researching ways around that. Sounds GREAT too! It’s kind of fun and nostalgic from 1984.

I’ll add more info once I start working with it. Here is the list of items I acquired for $60 bucks!

Yamaha YIS503II Home Personal Computer
1 FM Voicing Program II YRM-52 Cartridge with Box and Manual
1 FM Music Composer II YRM-55 Cartridge with Box and Manual
1 FM Music Macro II YRM-51 Cartridge with Box and Manual
1 FM Sound Synthesizer Unit II SFG-05 Module with Manual
1 MSX Basic Manual
1 Yamaha Music Keyboard YK-20 with Box.
Plus all cabling.

Everything was in mint shape. I started it up today with my PC monitor via an composite cabling and it worked fantastic. I also checked the sound it was very good. I’m excited about learning more about this old 1984 music making system.

Here’s a photo from my Instagram: http://instagram.com/jimatwood

Yamaha YIS503 II FM MSX Synth Home Computer
Yamaha YIS503 II FM MSX Synth Home Computer

9 thoughts on “Yamaha YIS503II MSX FM Synthesizer Home Computer

  1. If you ever need the cartridge to adapt Yamaha MSX to take other MSX cartridges, let me know, I’ve got 5 of the blasted things. Yours for the cost of postage (which would be $10 or so)

    1. Thanks very much. I must admit I’m not sure what the cartridge to adapt Yamaha MSX is all about yet. I know i don’t have it so I’ll probably take you up on that. Is there another cartridge size and so this adapter allows me to use those? Thanks!!

    2. That cartridge adapter you mention is probably the CA-01 for the nonstandard slot on the back of the CX5M / YIS503. The YIS503II / CX5MII doesn’t need it, it already has two cartridge slots. If you’re talking about the UCN-01 adapter though, let me know cause I would be interested in one of those too :).

  2. Paco Santos Ramírez

    Hello from Spain Jim. I’ve just found your site thanks your last video, nice equipment! ;). Your Yamaha MSX doesn’t need any special adaptor for cartridges. As MSX standard compatible computer you can use any of the MSX cartridges available and plug them in both cartridges slots. But very important, make sure it has the MSX logo only. This Yamaha model belongs to the first MSX generation so you can’t use software with the MSX2, MSX2+ or MSX turbo R logos. If you are currently living in Japan your in the paradise of MSX! If you know where to search you will find a lot of great software and hardware even nowadays.

    If you want to share your experiences with the MSX community (yes MSX still alive!) and/or get all the knowledge about the MSX standard and its sound capabilities, my recommendation, visit the msx.org site. The best MSX place. Or just contact me. Regards! 😉

    1. Yep. As incredible as it can be, it is a MSX1 using a VDP9938. I’ll soon adapt mine to MSX2, which is an easy mod. And there are 9918 and 9928 chips, take a look at the 99xx datasheet from texas. Brazilian MSX uses 9918, european MSX uses 9928 mainly. If you want to see a mod of this computer to MSX2 (and other msx things) take a look at http://tabajara-labs.blogspot.com

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