Fender Japan 57 Reissue Precision Bass Disco Music

Fender Japan 57R Precision Bass
Fender Japan 57R Precision Bass

I was looking for a good bass to lay down some decent disco grooves with. This is perfect. A 1962 reissue would have been fine too, but I didn’t see one I liked used. This PB57 sounds EXACTLY what I was looking for with that finger “pop” sound when playing octaves. I’m old school and this thing takes me back to 78. I’m so excited to mix this with my synth sounds. I think it should sound nice in the mix.

Here is a quick video where I recorded the Bass into the Boss RC-300 over a drum groove. I need to work on the bass sound recording a bit perhaps, but it at least give you the idea of what I’m aiming for. I also used a pick with this particular bass line, but often use my fingers or slap. I used to play bass a while back in the late 90’s. Sometimes it’s just easier to come up with a groove on the bass rather than the bass synth. It’s also fun to mix the too of course.

Note that I’m not claiming that a Fender 57 reissue P-Bass is the choice for Disco bass lines, rather it gets me awfully close to the sound I grew up listening to in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I think most will agree that some sort of Precision Bass is good for that old school Disco octave vibe. Although, I know other basses will get you that sound too, plus the fact that DI/Amps, compression, and other things are important too.

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