Korg Polysix Synthesizer Madness!

I’ve really come to enjoy the Korg Polysix Synthesizer. It’s such a joy to use each day and the attention it requires is amazing. I’m not sure why, but if I let the Polysix sit without playing it for more than a couple of days, strange things seem to happen inside the machine. It’s funny, I don’t even keep the cover screwed down anymore because I’m constantly lifting up the hood and cleaning something. The Polysix kind of reminds me of the daily repairs on my old VW Bug during my University days. That actually was a very trusty vehicle probably because I knew it inside and out. I feel the same with the Korg Polysix. I sometimes see double with the LEDS on the front panel. Occasionally a key triggers a few times too many, but sometimes it sounds kind of cool. Everyone so often, I also get a glitch or two which seems to be triggered by what I don’t know…laugh.

What’s interesting is that if I lift the hood and rub some alcohol cleaner around the circuits ( With the Polysix unplugged of course ), it then fires up on all cylinders just fine. It’s probably the cleanest Polysix I know of. I have another Polysix to the right which actually works perfectly yet, I keep migrating to this particular one which is older in serial number. For some reason it just seems to have quite a bit of character. I know a lot of people who get those KIWI mods, but I’m not quite ready to spend more than what I paid for this Polysix for the upgrade. The Korg Polysix sends me into madness sometimes but it can also transport me into another realm of sweet music and fun. I just love the modulation you can get out of the Polysix. I think the video posted above illustrates pretty well the effort in trying to tame the mighty machine and keep it running.

I feel extremely fortunate to not just have one, but two Korg Polysix synthesizers. However, the one in this video is special to me. I don’t know if I’ll ever sell it primarily because I have this strange feeling it won’t ever work again the minute somebody else turns it on. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of cars in my life and they’ve gotten nicer since my VW bug days. Yet, it’s that VW bug that I remember the most. The bond we had working together to get back home safely in the wee hours of the morning after a night at the club was amazing. The bug always came through for me just like this trusty, but mad, old Korg Polysix. Cherish those struggles in life I say, as they are the very things that define us.

Have a great weekend and happy jamming!

Note about the video: All tracks were looped with the Boss RC-300. I toggle between several patches on the Korg Polysix itself. I use a drum machine for the drum midi’d to the Boss RC-300.

Korg Polysix Synthesizer
Korg Polysix Synthesizer

4 thoughts on “Korg Polysix Synthesizer Madness!

  1. NIcholas B

    Dude, you need a girlfriend. Relationships with machines is cool, no doubt, but sometimes a little human interaction can work wonders.

    1. You have a good point however I think in this case it actually could be yourself that might require the girlfriend. I don’t think you can read people very well. I actually met quite a few girls while living in Tokyo and later went on to be happily married with three children. I’m surrounded by wonderful people with more social interaction than you can imagine. Not to mention the few girlfriends I had who didn’t mind being shuttled around in that darn irritating VW bug back in college. Perhaps you’re just making a joke or sincerely adding some constructive criticism to my article. It’s all ok. I just couldn’t let others think that any sort of relationship with a machine would mean one couldn’t get a girlfriend or have kids. That’s nonsense and frankly just arrogant. IN fact, it’s quite the opposite as I’ve seen plenty of people flocking to musicians or to people doing the things they love to do. I see your point though as you probably think all I do is hover over my synths all day. Gee, I wish I could but I got more important things to do with my wonderful wife and kids first. Enjoy and thanks for the visit. Now go get that girlfriend and enjoy life…laugh.

  2. Ha ha you tell him Jim!!!

    I’ve been following your blog after buying a k4 (which I luv!) and I really enjoy your posts.

    I myself have three kids, all girls and a great partner too.( who is very understanding with my love of synths 🙂 )

    The only thing that you have to watch for is that the little ones have a tendency to shove things into my equipment….I.e car keys in bass ports etc ha ha

    I can’t believe that someone would stereotype you as someone who sits in their room alone playing with their toys!!!!

    Family men have interests too !!!

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