Triple Boss RC Loop Station MIDI Setup

Triple Boss RC Loop Station MIDI Setup
Triple Boss RC Loop Station MIDI Setup

Today I managed to get the ALL START/STOP working with two RC-505s and a Boss RC-300. I now have a triple Boss RC Loop Station Midi Setup with 13 looping tracks that all work perfectly. I get quite a few questions about how to make this work and below is an example that does. I attached a photo to give readers a visual. Perhaps this week I’ll do a walk through and demo on video. In my previous article there is a video of all of this working if you want to hear it in action after I recorded the loops.

My setup is as follows:

Boss RC-300 = MASTER
Boss RC-300 Midi Out to Roland TR-8 Midi In
Roland TR-8 Midi Out to Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi In
Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi Out 1 to Boss RC-505 #1 Midi In
Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi Out 2 to Boss RC-505 #2 Midi In

Both RC-505′s have the following setup for Assign1 under MEMORY setup.

Assign1 Switch = ON
Assign1 Source = SYNC START/STOP
Assign1 Src Mode = MOMENT
Assign1 Target = ALL START/STOP

When you step on the Boss RC-300 ALL START pedal it will start the Roland TR-8 and both Boss RC-505 Loop Stations at the same time. You can specify which tracks to start automatically in the MEMORY setup section for each Boss RC Loop Station. If you want to keep your hands on the synthesizer or guitar and record to Track 1 of either the Boss RC-505 #1 or #2, you can use a ctrl pedal and assign to REC when pressed. You can also use the three tracks on the Boss RC-300 of course hands free as well.

In total, I now have 13 looping tracks that all can be started or stopped simultaneously. They are also in sync with one another as well of course. You can also bring in any external sequencer or drum machine AS LONG AS it accepts midi clock and passes that midi clock on through to the other machines.

IN NO WAY can you use ANY Boss RC-505 to act as MASTER to get this to work. You also CANNOT chain the RC-505 Loop Stations. You MUST use a Midi patch bay with another device set to Master. The Boss RC-300 will work or the Roland TR-8 which I have tested also. Using the RC-505 again will not work. It’s MIDI start command is flawed. Likely the Boss RC-50 will also work as MASTER. I have the RC-50 but haven’t tried it as I much prefer the RC-300 in this setup.

The key is to not chain the RC-505 Loop Stations and to not use them as Masters period!!

Hope this helps others clear up sync, all start/stop, and track control issues.

Jim 🙂

9 thoughts on “Triple Boss RC Loop Station MIDI Setup

  1. TulieGirl

    I heard that when the RC-505 came out that the big draw back for guitarist was that you couldn’t control the target track through midi. Is this still the case? It almost sounded like when you described the recording on either RC-505 that it is possible.

      1. Ben

        Jim, when you do this do you get loop sync working between the rc300 and rc505 or just tempo sync? If so, any chance you could share the settings?

        I have both and seem to have tempo sync working fine with the rc300 as master but loop sync doesn’t seem to work at all.


      2. axes&wood

        Thankyou for your time jimatwood . I’m green at this .
        Please tell me that i can hook up the RC300 directly (via midi in/out) to RC505 ??.Without any other componant/device in the relay. Just connect RC300(MASTER) TO RC 505(SLAVE) MIDI . Is that it sir?

  2. Matt Folkersen

    Hey there thanks for the info!
    I have synced my rc-300 to the tr-8.
    The issue I am having is when I engage my first track to start playing a loop, it starts my drum machine. It also stops my te-8 when I turn off all my loops.
    So my rc-300 is telling my tr-8 when to start and stop. How do I stop it from doing that?
    Thanks so much for your help!!

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