Korg Polysix Problems and Repair

This is my second Korg Polysix which I’ve been working on a bit of restoration with. My first Polysix works perfectly. This particular Polysix had a slight Battery Leakage problem which is quite common for this synth. Recently I’ve been experience two issues, one which I managed to capture in this brief video excerpt. While I am playing a synth patch ( in this case Bank C, Patch #3 ), the Polysix will suddenly change the patch to Bank A, Patch #1. There is no hint or warning of the change. The patch memory is fine, so the new battery I put in works fine. I believe it could be an IC chip issue, but I’m not sure which one yet. Issue #2 which I have yet to capture on video is when the Polysix freezes on a particular sound and all of the patch LEDs light up simultaneously.

Note that this particular Korg Polysix worked perfectly for about six months until just recently. Also until the problem arises it continues to work flawlessly. Sometimes it works for a few minutes, other times it works for an hour before the particular patch issue arises or until it freezes with all patch LEDS illuminated.

Here is a photo of the Korg Polysix Trace Damage.

Korg Polysix Trace Damage
Korg Polysix Trace Damage

One thought on “Korg Polysix Problems and Repair

  1. Christopher Carter

    Hi Jim

    I came across this post looking for a solution to a problem with my Polysix, which is having the exact same problem you describe as Issue #2 (Polysix freezes on a particular sound and all of the patch LEDs light up simultaneously). Any chance you discovered the cause of the problem and how to fix it? Would appreciate any advice!

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