Korg Polysix Patch Transfer

Here I show a quick video on the method I use for transferring patches to the Korg Polysix using Audacity on a MacBook Air. It’s easy to do but I get quit a few emails about it, so I thought I would do a quick video. There is no auditioning of the patches as I haven’t setup my mixer yet to pipe in my narrative over music. I’ll be doing that for sure with future videos.

Also, I noticed after watching my video again that indeed the first transfer did work properly. I had my eye on the camera and computer which took my eye off the Korg Polysix for a second. I missed the fact that the LED lights did in fact work during the first go around. My Polysix does however fail to transfer successfully the patches on the first try often, so that can still happen. I almost always get it to work on the first try though.

Here is a video link to the AnalogAudio patches I mentioned in the video.


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