At work with the Korg Polysix Synthesizer

The Drum beat was recording live using the Roland Fantom X6 as a sequencer and a Yamaha TG500 Multi-Patch for the drum sounds. The Fantom X6 is the midi clock master and sends a signal to a Boss RC-505 Loopstation on the lower left. The Korg Polysix is then recorded using the RC-505. Several times during the video, loops are erased and recorded again. Korg Polysix sounds were selected at random and the entire track was put together on the fly. There was nothing done in advance here and the purpose of this video was to just show how I work through a track with errors and all.

I use the Roland Fantom X6 to record midi using external synths. Sometimes I use the internal sounds, but most often use other gear instead. In the case of the Korg Polysix, I don’t have midi for it. The midi kits usually cost way more than the Korg Polysix so I tend to loop instead or just record audio tracks. People always email and tell me to get the midi kits, but they are just too expensive for me although I know they are perhaps worth it. It’s funny, I actually almost bought the KiwiSix upgrade, but instead ended up buying a second Korg Polysix for less. No regrets.

In any event, the Korg Polysix is a great analog synth and I really enjoy playing it.

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