Nord Lead 2x Synthesizer a classic in Japan

Nord Lead 2x Synthesizer
Nord Lead 2x Synthesizer

I’ve heard rumors that with the release of the Nord Lead 4 that the Nord Lead 2x may be near it’s end. The popularity of the Nord Lead 2x is very big in Japan and I know quite a few people who own one. Recently the Nord Lead 2x has been selling at very low prices new in Japan thanks to a campaign with a reduced price and free Nord Gig Bag to go along with it. The Nord Lead 3 is no longer sold new in Japan and other than the 2x, you can only buy the newly released Nord Lead 4. The Nord Lead 4 is selling for a little over twice the price of the 2x, so it seems reasonable that the Nord Lead 2x is still selling well in Japan despite the fact that the Nord Lead 4 might be a better synth. I haven’t tried the Nord Lead 4 so I’m not sure if it’s better, but it’s definitely the newer version of course.

I also have in rack format, the Nord Lead 1. However I’m missing the 8 voice expansion and I believe it has the older OS too. What I like about the Nord Lead 2x in comparison to the Nord Lead 1 are additional voices, outputs, and the ability to both split the keyboard and latch the arpeggiator. It really drove me crazy not being able to take my hands of the Nord Lead 1 rack and have the arp continue playing. The four individual outputs on the Nord Lead 2x are great for splitting the effects which I like to do. The split keyboard functionality is just plain fun and I really wish the Nord Lead 1 had that ability. Plus I should also mention that the added user patch and performance memory is excellent in the Nord Lead 2x. The Memory card is no longer necessary with the Nord Lead 2x. With regards to sound, both are very similar. I know there are differences but to the people I play to, they really don’t notice it.

As a live performance synth, the Nord Lead series are all pretty cool. They are very small in size and built pretty well. The red color really sticks out on the stage and I always get people taking pictures or asking about it. In Japan, the Nord Lead is also very recognizable among many people who enjoy watching live music acts. I recall back in the late 90’s when the Roland JP8000 and Yamaha AN1x came out that both were heavily compared to the Nord Lead. The Nord has always been more expensive in Japan and I never ever found one used until not too long ago when the newer ones came out. The Nord Lead 2x prices in Japan are cheaper than in the States and a bargain in my opinion if you can get to a store and negotiate. I probably won’t see a Nord Lead 3 ever around here and it’s likely the Nord Lead 4 will be out my reach for quite a while. I actually think they cost a bit too much here in Japan to even consider one to be frank.

The case is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It has a cool red color on the outside and a nice plush black velvet like interior. There are nice straps all around and it’s simply looks small, light, and cool. In Japan, the Nord Lead 2x has been a pretty good synth and hopefully it will stick around a bit longer.

Clavia Nord Lead 2x – demo (1 of 2) by

One thought on “Nord Lead 2x Synthesizer a classic in Japan

  1. Now I know why I got my Nor Lead 2x for so cheap in Japan. Nord has just announced it’s replacement I believe with the new Nor Lead A1. It has some features based on the Nord Lead 4, but many are comparing it, including Nord to the Nord Lead 2x.

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