Mutable Instruments MidiPal Midi Event Processor Review

MidiPal Mutable Instruments
MidiPal Mutable Instruments

Today I picked up online the popular MidiPal Midi Event Processor to try with a couple of my analog synths. There actually is not a whole of info outside the Mutable Instruments website and I couldn’t find a decent video of the MidiPal on Youtube, so until I get the device, an overview of the MidiPal is all I can provide. I’ll highlight a few reasons why I dove in and purchased the MidiPal. There are more functions, but these are what mainly caught my attention.

Arpeggiator: Arpeggiate your chords. 4 modes (up, down, up&down, random), 15 rhythmic patterns, adjustable tempo, rhythmical division, gate and groove, syncable to MIDI clock.

Step sequencer: Record step-by-step a sequence of up to 128 notes (with ties, rests, slides and accents), and play it back with transposition. As simple and elegant as the classic SH-101 sequencer!

Randomizer: Randomize note values, velocity, and send random CC at each key press.

Chord memory: Enjoy the classic *chord memory* feature of early 80s synths.

Delay: Up to 32 echo notes added after each note, transposition and velocity adjustment for creating feedback arpeggio effects, syncable to MIDI clock.

Clock: Make your MIDI setup groove! MIDI clock source with adjustable tempo and adjustable groove/shuffle/humanization patterns, from super-tight to funky.

CC-LFO: Generate up to 4 tempo-synced LFOs and cyclic automation movements for any MIDI Control Change (CC) message.
CC knob: Use the MIDIpal as a knob to send any CC or NRPN message.

Dispatcher: Play a rack of monophonic synths like a polysynth. The MIDIpal will automatically route each note of a chord to a different MIDI channel.

Monitor: Sometimes things go wrong with a MIDI setup… Use the MIDIpal as a trusted source to display the stream of MIDI messages coming from a cable.

Splitter: Control several synths from a single keyboard by routing one half of the keyboard to a MIDI channel, the other half to another.

Channel filter: Remove all MIDI messages coming from a specific channel.

Channel Merger: Merge several MIDI channels into a single MIDI stream.

Clock divider: generates a slower subdivision of a MIDI clock.

I’ll make and post a video going through some of the arp, sequencer, and other functions of the MidiPal when it arrives.

Stay tuned!


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