Novation Bass Station 2 Retro 80’s Synth Machine

Novation Bass Station 2
Novation Bass Station 2

Happy New Year everyone!

Well I have made my first purchase this year 2014 and it happens to be the Novation Bass Station 2. It was a difficult decision between this synth and the equally popular Arturia MiniBrute. I’m not going to compare the two because I don’t have them both yet and the fact that I also think they are both excellent synths. Rather I chose the Bass Station 2 simply because from the videos and reviews I’ve seen it resembles more of the Roland Sh-101 style that I both have and love.

I really like the sequencer on the Bass Station 2 and the fact that you can save arp settings and sequences with patches is great. The memory is also sufficient to save enough patches to flip through and create interesting 80’s retro grooves and songs much like what you hear in the video posted below. I already have the Moog Sub Phatty and I also feel the Bass Station 2 could supplement that well in the mid and higher end. Since I have a wide variety of CV in/out hardware that syncs to midi, the absence of a CV in/out jack on the BS2 is not that critical. with regards to the plastic build that people are talking about with BS2, it’s a whole lot better than the crappy plastic build of the Roland SH-101. My SH-101 is pretty flimsy at best.

What I particularly like about the Bass Station 2 other than the sound is how convincing it is in creating 80’s retro songs that I listened to as a kid. I feel the BS2 will compliment my Roland Junos well while at the same time adding a bit of modern sound to the mix too. The Aurturia will stay on my short list for sure. I just feel that down the road I’ll likely get the Aurturia much cheaper than the BS2 in Japan. So for now I can wait for that.

I am currently waiting for the Bass Station 2 to arrive in the mail. Once I get some hands on time with the synth I’ll post more in the comments sections. Thanks and Happy New Year 2014!

Here is the video that helped sell me on the possibilities of the Novation Bass Station 2 synth as an 80’s retro synth machine.

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