Oberhiem Matrix 6/1000 Great 80’s Combo

Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer
Oberheim Matrix 6 Synthesizer

This week I scored an Oberheim Matrix 6 and Matrix 1000 combo in fantastic condition. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this synth. The Matrix 6 is most definitely one my most favorite synths I’ve played no doubt. It’s important to note that I’m a big fan of the 80s, the decade I grew up in. When I browse through the patches I find so many that are useful for that 80’s retro sound. In case you didn’t know, the Matrix 1000 has just that…. 1000 patches inside. 800 are presets and the other 200 are user based. The Matrix 6 has 100 user patches. I use the OB6000 software editor to transfer patches to and from either the Matrix 6 or Matrix 1000 using a MacBook Air.

Both the Matrix 6 and 1000 are in like new condition. The Matrix 6 is black and looks wicked. They were sold to the used shop together by the original owner in Japan and so I figured it was best to pick them both up while I could. The video attached below was a MAJOR reason why I bought them. I must admit I didn’t know much about the Oberheim Matrix series synths, but the video convinced me I needed them for that cool 80’s vibe. Modern stuff I suppose would also be quite easy to compose on the Matrix synths as well. The video is of the Matrix 1000, but it sounds pretty much identical to the Matrix 6. I haven’t used them both enough to notice any major difference, but I’m sure they exist.

Oberheim Matrix1000
Oberheim Matrix1000

Now I am hoping these two synths just stay working over the next few years because they will definitely be front and center in my synth rig. They just sound great to my ears and they really ROCK when I’m jamming with them. At first I thought the Matrix 1000 would be redundant along with the Matrix 6, but I now find them to be quite useful together. The Matrix 1000 has so many patches it literally takes a couple of hours or more to audition them properly. I found myself checking the ones I liked and then dumping them over to the Matrix 6 for more tweaking. The Matrix 1000 also expands the Matrix 100 user patches by adding the 200 user patches it already has. The patches really are “so far” quite interchangeable. Another thing about the Matrix patches are that they really cover almost all the bases for any sort of 80’s synthpop band. Modern too!

The Matrix 6 and Matrix 1000 are wonderful bread and butter 80’s synthesizers. I know I’m going to have a great summer jamming with these two guys.

2 thoughts on “Oberhiem Matrix 6/1000 Great 80’s Combo

  1. Drew

    Was waiting for you to join me with an M6! I payed quite a bit for mine and I’m still chuffed with it! If I’d listened to what others were saying I wouldn’t have got one but time again the story goes form your own opinion. As for bass it pees all other my moog little phatty which I no longer have since this arrived! Enjoy

  2. Cool article, I have a matrix 1000 I just received on perma loan from a friend, last week I grabbed a JX8P and before that a Poly800, sounds like we have similar interests 🙂

    cheers from Canada

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