Boss RC-505 Loopstation Review Questions

Boss RC-505 Loopstation
Boss RC-505 Loopstation

I just received notification that my new Boss RC-505 Loopstation was shipped. That means I’ll likely have it in my hands to check out tomorrow afternoon or maybe morning even. I’ve been quite excited about this release mainly because of the five tracks, loop effects, and table top design. I’m also excited to use this not for what it was intended, a beat box looper, but rather a synth looper. I currently own the Boss RC-300 and while it’s a very good looper, the Boss RC-505 has more features that I wished were on the RC-300. I have some questions though and I hope to answer them tomorrow when the Boss RC-505 arrives.

1. How much can I control the RC-505 with my feet? I am hoping I can start, stop, and overdub record with a foot pedal. Indeed I can do that with my hands, but there are some synth parts that might make this difficult. Having the option to start/stop/mute/continue would be fantastic.

2. Are the effects global or can I record or use the effects per loop track? I believe this is already answered in the demo videos and catalog, but I’d like to know for sure how flexible the effects are with looping.

3. MIDI! Oh yes! How well does the Boss RC-505 sync with a drum machine or the Boss RC-300. Likely the RC-505 has to be the master, but will a drum machine stay in sync? We’ll see.

4. Boss RC-505 Manual – It will be nice to also have a manual to check out all the possibilities. Boss seems to be a little slow in releasing the manual. Likely I’ll get a Japanese manual since I’m in Japan, but hopefully soon an English one will be posted.

5. Size! I’m very curious about how big the Boss RC-505 is and whether I’ll be able to set it on a synth instead of a table or dedicated stand.

Those are basically the main questions I have. The five tracks is huge with the Boss RC-505. Although three was great, there is a lot you can do with five. Plus you can load or dump the tracks as WAV files for further editing in a DAW.

The Boss RC-505 is going to be a lot of fun. I just hope it allows me to do a little bit more with my feet using external pedals. I’ll find out soon!!

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  1. The Boss RC-505 Loop Station just arrived in the mail today!! I’m really excited about this. My first impression is that the box is really small. Is it possible that I could simply set this on top of my Roland JX-8P which has a pretty wide body. We’ll see! I’ll update again shortly.

  2. The Boss RC-505 is awesome!!! I’m really having fun using it with synths.

    I found that if you record five tracks in one memory bank, you can switch to the next memory bank in a seamless manner. This means “MEMORY 1” could be an Verse and “MEMORY 2” could be recorded as a chorus. Using a foot switch you can toggle between the two memories without any gap at all. You have to first make sure that the particular Memory or patch is setup to toggle between the memories and that you have any particular track running or drums running so that it will carry through the song. Basically you have to write into memory the way you want it to sound so that when you toggle back and forth, the drums and any desired tracks will play automatically.

    I also found you can toggle record using the assign pedal jacks but only to one particular target track. It looks like you’ll have to use midi to either cycle through the target tracks OR rec start and stop using a midi foot controller. At least one target track is allowed via the foot pedal assign so you can record with no hands.

    I also found the on board drums to be rather dry and uninspiring. I expected this and will likely sync a drum machine or sampler. I plan to test syncing the RC-505 to other devices shortly.

    The effects are great and the overall workflow of the RC-505 is much better for me as a synth player. I found the Boss RC-505 sits perfectly on top of the Roland JX-8P which is one of my main synths now.

    I like the Boss RC-505 much much better than the RC-50 or RC-300, that is for sure. I’m tempted to dump the RC-300 for another RC-505 as these really make FANTASTIC recording boxes for synths. According to the manual you can tie two together and sync them up nicely. Interesting.

    1. Rolando Custodio

      Hi Jim,
      What I want to know if you can if I record 5 tracks in i memory bank and save it… can i play this 5 tracks alternate or up and down using FS6 footswitch? Reason being I record a verse in 1st track, chorus on the 2nd track and bridge on the 3rd track and sve it in one empty memory. Can i play this tracks (1.2 &3) up and down using FS^ switch?… Please reply…. Thank you !!

    2. Tom


      I am seeking help for something simple – thanks in advance if you can help me. I am a novice with looping in general and just received my RC-505, along with a foot switch. Everything seems to be working fine, but I can’t figure out from the manual how to get the foot switch working – all I want it to do is to turn record on/off for one track (guitar), to avoid having to reach out to press the button. Can you walk me through this? Your help will be greatly appreciated !

      Tom J.

  3. You can auto rec/play with your foot for each track, BUT there is a caveat. You MUST manually issue the following command in order to change the target track that will be allocated to the rec/play foot pedal. The command is as follows:

    Press the [EXIT] button Note Play screen, you can see the target the current track. You can press the 1-5 track the [EDIT] button while holding down the [EXIT] button, you can switch the target track.

    Once you switch the target track you can then control it with your foot. Thus to my knowledge there is NO WAY you can rec/play each of the five tracks like on the Boss RC-300 without first issuing the shortcut command with your hands above first.

    For keyboard/synth players will likely not be a problem, but for guitar players it likely will. As a keyboard player when changing patches one can simply reach over and issue the change target track command. Then when ready, you can record and lay down a track with both hands on the keys. Then repeat the process.

    For guitar players I probably would still recommend the Boss RC-300. While for keyboardists, the Boss RC-505 is fantastic.

    1. WBM

      bummer about ‘target track’. I’ve been digging through manual and notice that. I have a RC505 and FCB1010 shipping to house any day now. I was wondering how to set up midi command to have each track’s rec/play at my feet. undo/redo seems easy, because normally if you make a mistake live, you are already on target track and can just hit undo. If there is no way around this, I may have to take unit back 😦 any feedback here ?

      1. Ricardo

        Only one track can be controlled at the time, even with the FCB 1010, only the target track, see my post on the subject, based on the manual. I wanted to buy the RC-505 and have the FCB-1010, but I will not be able to controll it on the floor. As a guitar player I need full floor control. Hope this is helpful.

      2. Carlos Lopez

        With the update a new control is available “TARGET TRACK INC/DEC Switches the target track.”, meaning one of the pedals can be assigned to change the target track, i.e, cover all tracks with the other controls, not tried yet but I will, Has anyone tried already?

      3. Sezare56

        Yes of course we tried Targer Track Inc/Dec.
        Jim explained his settings above. It works with footswitches too.

    2. First of all thanks for the info, it’s a little tricky to navigate the manuals for such a new product. I’ve got the FS-6 pedal and I’m trying to make the A button assign to track 1 and the B button assign to track 2. Can I pull it off? Thanks!

  4. Another interesting note. The Boss RC-505 manual indicates that the RC-505 can be slaved “tempo wise” via MIDI to another device. It doesn’t have to be the RC-505. Does this work? I’m not sure yet, but it appears the Boss RC-505, “MAY” have fixed some of the Midi sync issues of the past with some of it’s other devices. We’ll see. In the past, the Boss RC-300 and RC-50 could only be the MASTER in order to sync. I’ll try to update this comment after some testing.

      1. Hello! So far I haven’t had any issues with slaving the Boss RC-505 to another midi clock. It works very well. Unfortunately the Boss RC-300 and RC-50 do not work well when synced externally, but the RC-505 is right on.

  5. For those interested, there is no “Midi Implementation” chart in the Boss RC-505 manual. At the moment, Boss has not released any system exclusive info for the RC-505 or even CC data for midi. Hope they do so in the near future.

      1. Hello! The English version of the Boss RC-505 manual has not been posted yet on any of the English Roland websites. The Japanese manual however, is available at the Roland Japan website. Since my Boss RC-505 was purchased in Japan, it only had a hard copy of the Boss R-505 Japanese manual. I’m sure the English version will be out soon.

  6. eudaimonia10

    Thanks for the great info on the RC-505! I’m living in Korea, and think I’ll be getting one of these lovely machines very soon. Would love to hear any more updates on functionality and usage that you’d be willing to share : )

    1. eudaimonia10

      Also wanted to ask — have you experimented with its midi functionality yet by chance? Curious about that, but would ideally love to get away from the computer altogether for performance ~~

      1. With regards to midi, I have had zero problems syncing the RC-505 either externally or internally. It works very well with that. If you throw in the RC-50 or RC-300, the RC-505 will have to be set as slave because the RC-50/RC-300 don’t sync well with external devices. I’m not sure how they did it, but Boss finally got the external sync corrected at least with my experience thus far. I also haven’t noticed any drifting either in tempo. I don’t play ambient but rather time dependent synthpop so having the RC-505 sync to midi well is important. So far so good!

  7. Jason

    Hello Jim,
    Thanks for taking the time to inform about the RC-505.
    I have the the RC-500 & the RC-300 and I want to MIDI link them in order to separate the guitar/keyboards to the 300 and the vocals to the 505 for more depth.
    Have you made any more progress with the midi link, I’m not ale to get them to work together yet. I have a reasonable amount of experience with looping but the sound engineering is a bit beyond me.



    1. Hi Jason! Indeed it’s a bit tricky. The first thing is that you MUST use the Boss RC-300 as master and the RC-505 as slave. It won’t work otherwise. Second, the RC-300 triggers the first loop on the RC-505 well, so you need to make sure they initially sync in that manner for best results. Is there anything in particular that you’re having problems with regarding the RC-505? I found I had quite a few niggles that needed ironing out. It all works now, but it wasn’t quite so straight forward initially as I thought. It definitely works great for me though.

  8. Jonathan

    Hey Jim, since you seem to reigning authority on the rc-505 atm, I have a few questions. It seems you can record in specific loop lengths, right? Like a bar, quarter, etc… When those files are imported to computer are they truncated to perfect loops in the loop master tempo? Or do they have extra audio bits that are cut off with metadata?
    Also, how does do with slave clock?

    1. Hello Jonathan. I can import loops I create with the Boss RC-505 into Sonar without issue. They loop just fine. I presume they would import fine in most other DAWS. The external slave clock works great. I don’t have any problem syncing the RC-505 with my drum machines and sequencers with the RC-505 acting as slave. If you sync with the Boss RC-50 or RC-300, you need to use those as master. They cannot slave at all as you may already know. The RC-505 is working great thus far. Thanks!

    1. Hello! I’ve used several drum machines such as the Yamaha RX-11, Roland R8, and sequencers such as the MPC-4000 or Yamaha QY-700 without any issue. The external syncing works great on my Boss RC-505 loopers. ( I have two ). I sync the RC-505 as slave to either my Boss RC-50 or RC-300 as they sync best as Master. Works great!!

  9. Elijah

    Hey Jim,
    thx for the detailed review of the RC 505!
    At the moment I own a RC 50 but I’m thinking about an upgrade. Since I’m using the looper for live-recordings sound quality is an important issue for me.

    Have you noticed any difference between the RC 50, 300 and 505 when it comes to the way they sound? From DUB FX’s product presentation of the RC 505 I got the impression that the sound processor isn’t that powerfull like it was on the RC 50 – but maybe it’s just me or the video.

    Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hello Elijah!

      You know that’s a bit of a tough question because like with a lot of gear, we all look at it differently or have different requirements. While sound is important, I haven’t really seriously looked at the differences. I can say this though. My first impressions were that both the RC-50 and RC-300 “felt” more powerful and had a bit more ooomph! coming out of them. With that said, I have really come to require the 5 individual tracks and the rather nice effects on board the RC-505. I absolutely LOVE the stutter effect and cannot do without that now.

      The other dilemma for me is that the RC-505 sits perfectly on top of my Roland JX-8P and I rather like the hands on experience. I also use it to create backing vocals with my Voice Live 2 and it works well. I can trigger backup singing which is fun. The RC-50 and RC-300 while more powerful sounding they might be, they are permanently on the floor in my rig and thus limited for me with vocals, numbers of tracks, mixing, and effects. I’m better with my hands than feet…laugh. Both work great together and I cannot recommend highly enough how great the RC-505 and either an RC-50 or RC-300 work together. You bring up a valid point about the sound quality and I may not be the best person to ask as I can definitely use and tolerate what I’m getting out of the RC-505. So much so that I actually bought a second RC-505 a couple of weeks after the first.

      The RC-505 is simply wicked for keyboards and synthesizers. Not just for vocalists..laugh. The ONLY really bad thing about the RC-505 is that it’s definitely not road worthy. You will need to be very careful when performing live as to not break the thing. Already I have broken the adapter jacks on both my RC-505 machines. I had to open them up and put some extra solder in there to keep them from cracking again. I also taped the adapter chord to my unit to avoid putting undue pressure on the jack. You do NOT want to drop these….laugh. The RC-50 and RC-300 are built like tanks and so no worries, but the RC-505 is better on a table, synth, or stand rather than on the floor. That’s me though…laugh. I hope my info was of some help. Thanks for checking out my blog. Much appreciated.

  10. Hi Jim,
    thanks for this great review.
    i was using the rc-50 for a few years now and just got the rc-505 last week.
    i have been having a problem and was wondering if you could help.
    i cant get the 505 to loop by tempo sync like in the 50.
    i tried with the following settings,
    play mode is multi, tempo sync is on, loop sync is off, quantize is “beat” or “measure”. (and with the measure iv’e tried free or numbers…)
    i record a short beat that sounds good and then i record a much longer vocal loop in the second track.
    slowly they get out of sync to the point where it sounds like there is no rhythmic connection at all between the two.
    this never happened to me on the rc-50.

    am i doing something wrong? is there something in the settings that i have missed?
    was the tempo sync changed in the 505?


    1. I had this same issue until I realized that the loop sync works differently than it does on the RC-50 or RC-300. After over seven years with the older pedals I assumed the RC-505 loop sync also forced the same loop length…nope, it has three separate settings, “auto,” “free,” and “1 – n,” which control the number of measures in a phrase. Turn your loop sync ON and set your individual phrase memories for each track to “free,” and that problem will go away. I thought I had lost my timing or was going insane!

      I’m definitely dedicated to using the looper as an instrument and I’m glad to see this pedal, even though it sucks it won’t record in 24-bit and isn’t very solidly constructed. Just have to wrap it up in a towel when I travel to gigs…as a guitarist, yes I do play it with my feet, which means sitting down and going barefoot. It’s worth it. Using “beat repeat” on an auxiliary percussion track to accompany myself with my own drum fills is amazing.

      Because I was having so many timing issues until recently I don’t have any solid live sets with the RC-505 to share but if you want to see what I got into with the RC-300 – and I definitely went deep, vamping tracks against one another with the multiple transport controls and abusing the expression pedal – here is the most accomplished set of live recordings I have on that:

      Hope that helps!

      1. Hello!
        Thanks for this knowledge-sharing, it’s precious!
        I’m also having trouble with the ‘loop sync’. In a song where I switch from 4/4 to 3/4 I need the tracks to be synced in terms of length (one track is 3 bars long, the other one is 4 bars long) but not in terms of downbeats. The only way to achieve it seems to be to record the track with loop sync ON –> stop the track –> turn loop sync OFF. Then you’re able to trigger it at any point in the measure. But it’s way to intricate for a live performance! Am I missing something?

        Beside this issue I’m very satisfied with the 505, I’m using it as the midi master, connected to my band mate’s Boomerang looper, Electribe drum machine and modular synth. It works magnificently! Here’s our work:
        I would be glad to help if someone is planning a similar set-up.
        Thank you,
        all the best!


  11. greg s

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the great info. I bought an RC300 a few months ago, and I expected at some point to augment it with a table-top sound/effects/rhythm source, like a simple drum machine or even an Akai MPC or iPad. I know that the RC300 would need to be the MIDI master.

    Now, I’m starting to think the RC505 is the right device. Basically I’m looking for a way to have more drum/rhythm variation, a way to apply effects independently to some loops or rhythms or imported sounds without the effect channel constraints of the RC300, and an overall way to morph some sounds after my initial RC300 live loops are captured (At that point, I can take my hands off the guitar). It seems like the RC505 provides that on the right scale, whereas an MPC might be overkill for a guitarist. I’m also already familiar with the overall BOSS looping conventions.

    Does it seem like the device fits those requirements, now that you’ve worked with it for a while? Do you basically start the units together (midi start/stop), then manage their tracks independently from that point on? I like to use the single-track mode of the 300 with 1 track per tune section, but I can see having the 505 in layered multi-track mode alongside it.

  12. Hi Jim!
    I just got my RC-505 today and tried to sync it with my RC-300 as master. It seems like the tempo sync’s, but the 1 on the beat is never the same on the 505 as the 300.
    Did I do something wrong?
    What settings are you using?

    Thank you!

  13. Todd

    Hey Jim.
    Thanks for the awesome info on the 505.
    I am hoping you can help. I am in a duo. We both have rc-300s synced, mine as the master. I am thinking about getting a 505 to trigger loops and beats. I typically record a few bars of silence in one of my channels on my 300. When i trigger that loop of silence, it sends a start to my friend’s 300 and to an alesis drum machine. (Sync).
    If I add the 505 to our setup, can I specify each preset memory as to what tracks/loops to automatically play when I start my 300?
    Thanks a ton!

  14. Hello Jim, I sold a rc-300, in the certainty that the rc 505 was its natural successor, but did not see any video on the internet, with guitarists using, or someone operating with their feet.
    You consider unfeasible to use this way? It would be resistant material? or very close to press the buttons with your feet?
    I made an adjustment to operate a BOSS DR-3 with their feet and need the loop synchronized with it. Thanks (and sorry for my bad english, maybe it would be better in Japanese lol)

  15. Ricardo

    I’ve been studying the RC-505 manual and I have concluded that even with a midi foot controller to start/stop a track or to record/overdub a track, it will only controll one track, the assigned track, as specyfied on page 16 of the manual. I am a guitar player wanting to use a midi foot controller to play/stop and record/overdub the tracks on a RC-505, but it is only assignable to one track. This is stated on page 17 of the manual: target track functions (play, record, clear, undo/redo, track level) are only for the assigned track.

    I now know I will not be able to use my midi foot controller to control all 5 tracks, so I might consider buying the RC-300 instead of the RC-505 for full floor foot control.

    Hope this clears this issue for the ones that wish to control each track of the RC-505 with a foot controller, or midi foot controller.

    1. Correct! This is sort of an Achilles heel with RC-505.

      In the manual on P.16

      Play: TargetTrack TRACK1 Memo states:

      In the Play screen, you can press the [EXIT] button to check the current target track. You can switch the target track by holding down the [EXIT] button and pressing the [EDIT] button of the desired track 1–5.

      This function cannot be changed so far from either an external control pedal OR via midi. It’s the missing piece to the puzzle for controlling everything exclusively with your foot.

      The RC-300 has all three tracks laid out before you so I can confirm you won’t have to bend down and adjust a thing with the RC-300. I really wish at least, the RC-505 could switch “target tracks” with a food pedal. It would be one more step in comparison to the RC-300, but at least one would be able to keep their hands fully on the guitar.

      It’s classic Roland where something of importance is always left off the device. Now, if you set this on a synth like I do and loop keyboards, it’s a bit more accessible of course. If I was playing the guitar, I would have to use the RC-300 if I wanted to completely control things with my feet.

      Changing the “target track” with our foot is key though and it would make for an excellent MOD down the road. Of course a firmware update would be better.


  16. Hi Jim! Thanks for the great info! PLEASE help if you can. Roland can’t. I also own 2 505s, and i’m having some trouble midi syncing them. One master, one slave…and when i hit play on one track of the master, EVERY track of the slave starts. Any idea how I stop this from happening? I actually want these two u its to act as one big 10 track device (one unit to PA and other unit to bass rig…im tracking a tuba with efx on one unit.) Thanks in advance for your time! -jon gross freelance sousaphone/tuba new orleans

  17. tom

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help. I have the rc505 and want to be able to press the rec button a few seconds before I want to record (to get hands into position on synth, guitar or hpd10. I’ve sen nastya maslova do it on YouTube (dnb song) and the red light flashes then goes solid at start of the sequence. How do yo set it up to do that? Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom,

      I find the red light flashes then goes solid at start of the sequence automatically when you set the number of measures in the setup config area. Once the number of measures is set, the rec button will just loop record over that number you indicate. So I set my RC-505 for 4 measures for example and then just hit record. It will then loop record and I can start playing whenever I want to. You can use an identifier in a drum loop or the led circle around the record button to keep track of the where you are in the loop. Otherwise you may end of recording in the middle. If correct, the key is setting the number of measures to record beforehand. Note, I also usually connect a foot pedal to automatically start recording on track 1. ( My target track ). I also usually sync the RC-505 as slave to my main midi sequencer and drum machine. I can jam on the synth and when I’m ready to record I can punch the foot pedal and recording will start. It will end on the measure number I set in the config area. Hope that makes sense. – Jim

  18. hi Jim!
    I am still having problems running two 505’s together via midi sync. Can you please help? Does your rig essentially act as a 505 with 10 total tracks? I find that my slave unit starts playback of every track the moment I play a track on the master unit.
    Any response/help at all would be terrific! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I know exactly the problem you are having because I experienced the same thing. I did find a work around, but it’s been a while since I synced both of mine up. I’ll do that today or tomorrow and write what I did. Hold on and I’ll check it out for you. Thanks!! – Jim

    2. Hello Jonathan! I remember how I did everything and it works great. I had the same problem as you and realized I had to connect things a bit differently. If you “directly” connect Boss RC-505 #1 to RC-505 #2, then indeed you will experience the problem of having all tracks start on the second unit the moment you play a track on the master unit. I use a classic midi setup rather than chaining and found it worked beautifully as follows:

      Currently I use the Roland TR-8 Drum machine as my Master. Anything other than the Boss RC-505 will likely work as a Master provided it has decent Midi specs. The Midi in the Boss RC-505 is not setup for proper chaining.

      Next, you have to plug the Master ( in may case TR-8 ) into a Midi patch bay to input 1 set to Midi channel 1. Then you route Midi output 1 and 2 of the Midi Patch Bay into the Boss RC-505 stations. Output 1 goes to RC-505 #1 and output 2 goes to RC-505 #2. I have both Output channels set to 1 on the patch bay. Basically everything responds to Midi Channel 1.

      Then you go into System Settings on the RC-505s and adjust which tracks you want to Start when the Roland TR-8 Master is started. Presto it works perfectly!!

      A couple of points which may be specific to the TR-8 OR the RC-505.

      1. If I stop the TR-8 Master it will stop the TR-8 drums, but it will not stop the RC-505 tracks. You need to press “Stop All” twice, one for each RC-505 to stop all tracks. I believe this is on purpose and documented in the Boss RC-505 manual if correct.

      2. As a rule of thumb, you should press any of the Start/Stop buttons on any of the units. On the TR-8 I don’t press stop, but rather use mute or volume sliders to control my tracks output. On the RC-505’s, I wouldn’t press “All Stop”, but rather press individual Stop buttons or use the Volume sliders. Pressing the “ALL STOP” on either the RC-505, or the Master TR-8 will cause things to float out of sync. Thus you need to take care to preserver the Midi Clock Timing from the very start of the song. You “could” stop everything and restart if the song permits of course, but that would require a break in the song that is appropriate.

      I would like the TR-8 to stop all tracks when playback is stopped, but that just doesn’t seem to work. However, midi sync and starting whatever tracks you want at the beginning does. There may be a work around which I’ll check.

      So, it looks like you’ll need to (A) use another device like a sequencer or drum machine for MASTER, and (B) insert a Midi Patch Bay to split the Midi signal instead of chaining from the RC-505. The Midi output of the RC-505 is not good for combining two RC-505 via chain.

      If you have any other questions, please let me know.


    3. Today I managed to get the ALL START/STOP working with two RC-505s.

      My setup is as follows:

      Boss RC-300 = MASTER
      Boss RC-300 Midi Out to Roland TR-8 Midi In
      Roland TR-8 Midi Out to Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi In
      Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi Out 1 to Boss RC-505 #1 Midi In
      Yamaha MJC8 Midi Patch Bay Midi Out 2 to Boss RC-505 #2 Midi In

      Both RC-505’s have the following setup for Assign1 under MEMORY setup.

      Assign1 Switch = ON
      Assign1 Source = SYNC START/STOP
      Assign1 Src Mode = MOMENT
      Assign1 Target = ALL START/STOP

      When you step on the Boss RC-300 ALL START pedal it will start the Roland TR-8 and both Boss RC-505 Loop Stations. You can specify which tracks to start automatically in the MEMORY setup section. If you want to keep your hands on the synthesizer or guitar and record to Track 1 of either the Boss RC-505 #1 or #2, you can use a ctrl pedal and assign to REC when pressed. You can also use the three tracks on the Boss RC-300 of course hands free as well.

      In total, I now have 13 looping tracks that all can be started or stopped simultaneously. They are also in sync with one another as well of course. You can also bring in any external sequencer or drum machine AS LONG AS it accepts midi clock and passes that midi clock on through to the other machines.

      IN NO WAY can you use ANY Boss RC-505 to act as MASTER to get this to work. You also CANNOT chain the RC-505 Loop Stations. You MUST use a Midi patch bay with another device set to Master. The Boss RC-300 will work or the Roland TR-8 which I have tested. Using the RC-505 again will not work. It’s MIDI start command is flawed. Likely the Boss RC-50 will also work as MASTER.

      The key is to not chain the RC-505 Loop Stations and to not use them as Masters.

      Hope this helps others clear up sync, all start/stop, and track control issues.

      Jim πŸ™‚

  19. icepulse


    Can you rephrase this? It doesn’t make sense to me:

    “…You MUST manually issue the following command in order to change the target track that will be allocated to the rec/play foot pedal. The command is as follows:

    Press the [EXIT] button Note Play screen, you can see the target the current track. You can press the 1-5 track the [EDIT] button while holding down the [EXIT] button, you can switch the target track.”

    What is the “Note Play Screen”?

    Please go over this shortcut again.

    1. Hello! Instead of “Note Play Screen”, I meant to say “Play Screen”. Sorry about that.

      On P.16 of the Boss RC-505 manual Play:TargetTrack TRACK1 it says the following:

      In the Play screen, you can press the [EXIT] button to check the current target track.
      You can switch the target track by holding down the [EXIT] button and pressing the [EDIT] button
      of the desired track 1–5.

      Hope this helps. Thanks!

      1. Jim

        The directionson this feature a written a bit fuzzy, but I’ll comment by saying that with Firmware ver 1.12 this worked for me as follows: On any main screen while in any phrase memory, Press & Hold Exit Button and the current Assigned Track “Edit” Button will blink. While “still holding” Exit Button, select the desired New Track Assignment by hitting the Edit button associated with the desired new track assignment…. Works like a charm

  20. Hi Jim,
    My name is Dave Connelly, I use the rc-50 right now, and when I do say “1 measure” on phrase 1 and “8 measures” on phrase 2 as you know there is no way to sink that with out just using your own timing. What I’ve heard and seen people do is sync a rc-50 with a kp3 by korg, and seem to be able to have different phrases of different measures sync. I pull it off with just the rc-50 but it can be a bit risky. So what I’ve heard is that the rc-505 can sync different phrases of different measures. I’m hoping I can use my rc-50 and the rc-505 to sync different phrases of different lengths, and use the table top 505 to add extras here and there. I’m a guitar player, so I hope I can either use foot pedals for phrase 1 & 2 of 505 or just have the 505 sync the rc-50 with different measured phrases so I can use my feet?! Hope that made sence, and thankyou for your posts this far!

    1. Hey Jim,
      Dave connelly again.
      Just wanted to give an example of what I’m talking about. For instance doing hotel California “live” i’d like to not have to not have to beat box for 8 measures, and get my percussion takin care of quickly by composing it as 1 measure and then sync the instrumental of 8 measures. I was hoping I could do it with the kp3, but it’s recording time maxs out at 13 seconds, and the more I read about the 505, it sounds like the capability may be there by syncing the 50 and 505. Sorry so lengthy I just wanted to make sure I’m exposing correctly…. Thankyou!

  21. Jean

    Hi Jim!
    I have some question about this unit. I would like to use it in a turntablism setup, so i need to use it with a foot controller (most likely the BOSS FC-50 or the Roland FC-200 if it is compatible with the RC-505).
    I have done some research but i don’t figured out is it possible to change the target track from the foot controller (assign a button for “next target track” and a button for “previous target track”)?
    Can i record a loop without setting the tempo, i mean can i do it like: hit play/record, record the performance and hit play/record when its done, so the unit will loop what is between the two button hits?
    Is there a “bounce” or “resampling” function?
    Waiting for reply, thanks!
    Best regards, Jean.

  22. Skim

    Hey Jim!

    Thanks for posting all this info!!

    What’s the audio quality like? Would it be good enough for recording to be later mixed in a DAW?

    How long can you record for on each track/channel? I’m thinking of using this as a quick multitrack recorder as well as looper. It takes too long to switch a commuter on : )

  23. Tim Dunne

    Hi — thanks for the great work! I am mainly a guitar player and wanted to get the benefit of the five tracks for looping using a hardware amp modeler. I figured that using my KMI Softstep 2 would be a no brainer on this, but no… it is not to be. This whole target track nonsense is pretty ridiculous, don’t you think? I am able to send multiple CC’s with each tap of the Softstep so even if there was the ability to change the target track via CC I would be able to manage complete foot control of the 505 but no… it is not to be. I completely understand that the unit is meant for controlling with your hands, but the option to use this with an external controller should include at least Rec/Play, Stop and Undo/Redo on all 5 tracks. Is this as mind boggling to anyone else as it is to me? I have had the unit for a day and I am seriously contemplating returning it. I will give it a shot with my feet, but I have size 15’s and don’t have much hope for that lol. This post is pretty much just me venting since it appears there is no real solution. It would have been nice if I found this page prior to my purchase — it would have saved a lot of time and grief.

    1. Hello! I agree with you. I have two RC-505 loopers but use them differently. One I use for vocals using my hands and the other on my synth rack again using my hands. The only looper I use with my feet that works well is the Boss RC-300. I also have the RC-50, but that doesn’t sync as well as the RC-300 when connecting to my twin RC-505 units. If you want to stick with Boss and use your feet, I recommend the RC-300. Unfortunately the RC-505 has the track issue that has yet to be resolved.

      1. Do you know any details about the new firmware update and if this would solve the issues with midi functionality and using a midi foot controller?

  24. Dominic

    I’m using to Koass Pad 3 and RC505 and I having problems. I have the measures set to 1, 2 4 etc but whenever I record on the first track (with the master tempo set to 128 bpm) it just keeps recording until I hit the button again. I want to record 1 measure automatically without having the press record button twice. The RC505 seems to have a mind of its own changing both the master tempo and phrase measure automatically. I know it’s probably a simple fix but it’s driving me insane! Any help?

  25. gareth

    Hey…..Some great info on here! Im thinking about getting one to loop some sounds from my synth. I also have an MPC 60. Can the mpc 60 midi trigger start/stops on individual tracks on the 505? Am assuming that it can (at the very least) be slaved to the 60…

  26. gareth

    Also – i see it has delay and tape echo in the effects. Can the same results/sound be achieved on the 505 as the Boss RE-20 space delay pedal?!

  27. Hei! I have a huge problem about my looper and I do hope you can help me!
    I need the second and all the following loopers to start at their own beginning, everytime I press start. If I have different loop lenghts, they won`t always start at the beginning, sometimes they start somewhere in between because they are synced to the first looper. But I cant press loop sync off, this is a very bad idea. I am using the RC 505 with my feet and want to play complex songs with it with different parts. So if I press start to a looper it has to start from the beginning ALWAYS. Can I do something about this?
    Thank you!!

  28. gareth

    Can anyone get this to work with an MPC?! I have an MPC60 and all i want is to press play on the MPC and have the looper to play too (in sync)…I have set up the following settings –

    Assign1 Switch = ON
    Assign1 Source = SYNC START/STOP
    Assign1 Src Mode = MOMENT
    Assign1 Target = ALL START/STOP

    But the looper refuses to trigger. Can someone please please help with info?!

  29. Henri

    Hi, You are one of the few good articles on the RC-505 MIDI solutions.

    I am trying to slave the RC-505 to the Electribe 2 and every time, the RC-505 starts to drift and the loops start to stutter(sounds lie digital latency because the tempo clock changed) Its really frustrating. Maybe the Electribe 2 is sending too many notes( i use a MIDI SOLUTIONS quad thru box).

    RC505 seems to work good as the master, but that means I have to change the tempo for every pattern(since the E2 has the main composition).

    Some have said that the Electribe 2 MIDI breakout cables have been wired wrong and that KORG is aware of the problem.

    Have you run any tests using the Electribe 2 as master and the RC-505 as slave. Tempo drift problems???

    “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”

    1. Henri

      I found the solution to this. Each track has an “EDIT” button. Turn off “Tempo Sync” on all the tracks. Why? Because each loop is recorded and will play back at the BPM it was recorded. If Tempo Sync is on, it seems to constantly stinter or jitter while trying to remain perfectly on tempo.

  30. Feli

    Hey, Jim
    thank you for this comprehensive blog, you’re awesome!
    so, i was wondering if there is any news on chain linking 2 rc-505’s in the easiest (and most compact) way possible,
    i am a traveling musician, and cant carry much mure extra equipment… is there no other option then what you discribed above? boss should definitely fix this bug.

  31. I have searched for days for something as simple as how to change the target track. I was not finding that in the manual so thank you so much for that bit of info. I have no problem readying my target track then riffing hands free until i find something I like then using my pedal. I’m not using a guitar tho so its a bit easier with a piano. Amazing in depth look at such a great looper. Best and most versitile on the market in my opinion. I get my five tracks, export them to cubase(which is midi sync’d to the 505) then i get a new memory and while temp synced I get more layers with cubase running the first 5 tracks. I go nuts on a beat without ever really messing with the flow.
    Footswitch is now perfect addition.
    Thanks again!

  32. NEW RC-505 Version 2.0 coming soon. May address many issues and add new features, especially foot control. I hope this is both a free update and will update existing RC-505 Loop Stations. I think so!!

    From Boss:

    Infinitely inspiring, the RC-505 Loop Station has become an essential performance instrument for beatboxers, singers, and club performers around the world. Filled with new features requested by top users, the Version 2.0 update brings even more creative power to the flagship tabletop looper. Simultaneous effects can now be used in the Input FX and Track FX sections, and a number of new effects types are included. Many refinements to the loop functionality offer a multitude of ways to enhance and improve live performances. The control target functions have been greatly expanded as well, providing a wealth of external control options for musicians who loop with guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.

  33. Just found this additional info:

    BOSS is also pleased to announce a Version 2.0 system update for the flagship RC-505 Loop Station. Free to RC-505 owners, the user-installable update offers many new features requested by top users. Simultaneous effects can now be used in the Input FX and Track FX sections, and the number of available effects types has been increased. Many useful performance and system functions have been added, and the real-time control capabilities have been greatly expanded as well.

    1. This is fantastic news!! I use all 8 of the available control inputs on my 505 to the best of the current firmware’s ability…I can’t wait to see what they’ve added! (Fingers crossed for target track change!!!)
      Any idea how long til we see this? Does Boss/Roland typically release soon after their press releases?

  34. Kyle Gischel

    Hi. I have a question similar to one someone asked but i never saw a response to it. I tempo sync my rc505 as a master to a korg kaosilator pro+. The kaosilator has 4 Tracks for looping on it alone, they max out at 4 measures. I want to sync my tracks on the rc-505 to 4 or 8 measures to time them together all together and not have to hit the record/play exactly at the begining of the other loops to avoid them drifting off from eachother. I set the measure of the loops using the track edit functions but it never seems to work, the loop will just record until i stop it manually. Hope this is clear enough. This problem has been frustrating.

    1. Hello Kyle,

      For specific syncing like a certain number of measures, I almost always use the RC-505 or my RC-300 as master. There may be ways the other way around, but my success rate is much much higher when the loop stations are controlling everything. Second, I almost always use blank or dummy loops to set measure lengths only when syncing to other devices if there are problems. So, in your case, I would copy either a 4 or 8 measure blank loop to track 1 or another track. I would then connect and determine settings around that. Actually you could also put blank loops in all of the tracks and just overdub as well. It is suppose to work setting the measure of the loops with the track edit button, but that can be finicky as you’ve discovered. Finally, as mentioned in another comment there is a version 2 upgrade due out in May. That apparently has upgraded sync, foot control, and effect options. I’m hoping it will have additional features to make these loop stations work a tiny bit better with other devices. I’m hopeful. Thanks!

  35. Stewart Yorke

    Hi. Really useful discussion here! I’m thinking of getting one of these, plus a behringer pedal. Want to use it for various live and studio looping – guitar, synth, Mic. Is it reasonably straightforward to split/assign different ins and outs to different tracks (even by sending eg guitar left and vox right)?

    Also hoping that the 2.0 update will improve track selection.

    Finally, do people find that 16 bit recording is adequate? Guess it means taking a bit more care about input levels.

  36. Japan will be having a major holiday during the first week of May called Golden Week. This is a time when workers receive bonuses and take trips or do shopping. It’s a huge retail period in Japan. My best guess is that the Boss RC-202 and RC-505 Version 2 update will drop during or before this week. It’s crucial for Japanese Music stores to have campaigns and new inventory for the mass shopping rush. I may be wrong, but I think we should be able to download the update at the beginning of May. ( Note it’s also a time when companies like Roland, Yamaha, and Korg take time off, so we could see something slightly before or after the first week of May. Hopefully before! )

  37. from Boss AUS FB Msg

    Hi Yaegar. The 2.0 update for the RC-505 will be available for download sometime in June. Hope that helps!

    Yaegar Mora-Strauks
    can u update website? its quite misleading in the rc 505 description leading to customers believing the update already is implemented

    Yes, we can understand the confusion indeed. Your request has been noted Yaegar and thanks very much for pointing our attention to this oversight.

    1. Thanks for the update. It’s been very quiet about both the Boss RC-202 and RC-505 version 2.0 update. Originally I thought May due to hearing one of the presenters on Youtube talk about a possible May release. This made sense in Japan, but I now see that we’re looking at a possible June release.

      I also agree that the Boss website is misleading a little bit. I understand the desire to announce the new RC-202 product and RC-505 V2 update, but it does sound like it’s already available. Every time I check for the update I get faked out a little when reading the announcement….laugh.

      If I find any new info on my end here in Japan, I’ll certainly update my comments asap. Like everyone else, I’m greatly looking forward to the update and have a few projects on hold until it arrives.

      1. haha they also updated the website as per my request

        Australia website has been updated. Thanks again Yaegar!
        Version 2.0: Newly Added Features – Coming Soon!

        small victory on my behalf πŸ™‚

  38. Yeager
    thanks can you give me a more specific ETA closer to the date? or post it on your page when u know?

    We don’t have a firm date right now, but we will post something on the page once it is released.

  39. Elise Ka

    Hello Jim,
    Thanks for all your comments and help on both RC 505 and RC 300.
    I am about to buy a RC 505 for my song project in order to sync it to a RC 300 (if I understood well I’ll have to set it as “slave” and the RC 300 as “master”): my only question is: am I really certain that the MIDI sync will perfectly work in terms of
    1) tempo (exact same beat “clock tempo”, “metronome” on both machines)
    2) Synchronized start of loops on both RC 300 and RC 505

    I’m only discovering the world of live looping and I need to make sure I can count on those machines for live performance!

    Many thanks in advance, elise

  40. Nikos

    Greetings there,
    thanx for all the info. Helped me so much.
    Quick question.
    Can I assign different effect to each track?
    E.f reverb on track one, echo on track two, nothing on track three?

  41. Sezare56

    Hi. That depends.
    You can record differents effects for each track with Input effects.
    With Track effects, you can apply effects to selected tracks. All tracks are selected by default.
    Today, you have one effect at once for Input, and for Track effects.
    With the upcoming update V2, there will will up to 3 effects for Input and Tracks effects, so you will have up to 8 effects with the master reverb and compression !

    Excuse my english, I’m french…

      1. Sezare56

        Thank you first !
        My japanese is not very good, but you can read some new features in english.
        I will dowload it tonight, in 10 hours !

    1. My guess is that updates originate out of Japan. There is a time difference of almost a day with some parts of the world and Japan. I expect the UK and US to have updates within the next 24 hours hopefully, although the update on the Japan site likely identical. I just pulled the English instruction from the previous version update and all worked just fine. The new updated manuals will hopefully be included in English too.

    2. I’m trying to post the link but it won’t appear for some reason. I’ve downloaded the update and the manual from the US site. Google: boss RC-505 version 2.0

  42. I updated my two RC-505 LoopStations to version 2.0 without any issues. I haven’t had a chance to work with them yet, but I already see by looking at the menu additions that many of my previous problems are likely now solved. First and foremost, I can now assign up to 16 CC numbers to start, stop, record, etc. to any of the five tracks via an external midi foot controller. This will require some initial setup and an external midi foot controller but it’s all doable now.

    You can also inc/dec target track using the foot controller as well but you probably won’t need to do that if you can just directly manipulate each track with midi CCs. This is great and effectively allows me to have something similar to my RC-300 but with 5 tracks.

    The bonus is also having the ability to work with the new FX and control them with the foot controller as well. I look forward to trying it all out hopefully tomorrow.

    I also did a little bit of reading in the update manuals and found that I can now control the RC-505 with the RC-300 using the CTL1-4 pedals by connecting two FS-6s to the RC-300. I can also use the RC-300 on board EXP pedal as well to control effects on the RC-505 by assigning CC #s to the CTL1-4 and EXP pedal. Nice! Of course you can do this with a Roland FC-200/300 or Behringer FCB1010, but it’s nice if connecting the FC-300 to consolidate where possible.

    Great update so far from Boss with lots of new possibilities! Thanks!

    1. that is awesome! I’m looking at getting a softstep 2 which should let me map everything to the new midi implementation.

      If I install the japanese firmware, everything will still be in english right?

      1. I purchased my RC-505 Loopstations in Japan and they are both entirely in English. I can’t imagine there would be any problem. The new menus are all in English on my end.

  43. On a side note, I hope the Boss RC-202 manual will be released shortly. I’d love to see if there are any actual differences now with the RC-505 V2 and RC-202 other than number of tracks and button arrangements. They should be the same.

      1. Hi Jon, thanks for info. Comments are moderated to avoid spam so there is sometimes a delay in posting due to time differences between Japan and other countries. Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks again for the links. – Jim

  44. The Roland FC-200 and RC-505 with the Version 2 update is a killer combo. I just couldn’t put my guitar down this evening. First of all the Roland FC-200 is down right easy to engage and program in CC mode. In fact I just used the defaults and it communicated beautifully with the RC-505. The version 2 update is FANTASTIC!!! The bottom 5 pedals of the FC-200 can now mute (start/stop) each of the 5 tracks. The top row of 5 pedals can record each of the tracks. I now have a start all/stop pedal, plus the FC-200 EXP pedal is quite useful too. I programmed the pedal to control the amount of beat stutter on Track FX A. It’s amazing how you can manipulate the tracks with the beat stutter and create new grooves with existing tracks. Hands down this is now probably the best looper I’ve ever played. It can pretty much do everything I throw at it now. My days of searching for the right looper are done!! Thank you Boss!!

    1. Sezare56

      Yep for the Fc200. With external expression pedal or switches (up to 6), you can control 20 parameters.

      I was thinking of soldering switches to the Rc505 5 play pads before. Still thinking of it for full control.

    2. ssshander

      Hi! Super excited to get the 202 as I think 5 tracks is a little much for me. Quick question, where did you fid the info for programming the midi cc’s? I want to use the soft step to control everything and go hands free as I play guitar. Thanks!

      1. Sezare56

        Think twice because 5 tracks is not enough for me. A second hand Rc 505 is the same price.
        Everything is on the manuals you can download. (Rtfm)

  45. Just FYI on how I’m currently using the Roland FC-200 and the new RC-505 version 2 update. The only real limitation now is that you have 16 assigned slots for pedals, so you have to allocate wisely to fit your performance style. So far, the following is working well for me.

    Current FC-200 and RC-505 Version 2 Setup with a guitar.
    ( Using all 16 Assign Slots )

    Pedal 1 – Start/Stop Track 1
    Pedal 2 – Start/Stop Track 2
    Pedal 3 – Start/Stop Track 3
    Pedal 4 – Start/Stop Track 4
    Pedal 5 – Start/Stop Track 5
    Pedal CTL All Start/Stop
    Pedal Bank up – Target Track Increase
    Pedal Bank Down – Target Track Decrease
    Pedal 6 – TGT TR Rec/Play
    Pedal 7 – TGT TR Undo/Redo
    Pedal 8 – TGT TR Clear
    Pedal 9 – Input FX A On/Off ( Pre Programmed Effect )
    Pedal 10 – Input FX B On/Off ( Pre Programmed Effect )
    EXP Pedal 1 – Track FX A Min/Max Control ( 0-100 )
    Rear EXP Pedal 2 – Track FX B Min/Max Control ( 0-100 )
    Rear EXP Pedal 3 – Track FX C Min/Max Control ( 0-100 )

    Internal Rhythm Machine is not used.
    I usually import my own drum WAV tracks.

    Input FX A-B are pre determined and used live or recorded.
    Track FX A-C are for live manipulation so 3 EXP pedals are used.
    Track FX are set to multi and adjusted with the EXP pedals for flexibility.

    Pedals 1-5 are for muting/un-muting purposes. I use the target track inc/dec
    approach for Record/Play/Undo/Redo/Clear. This frees up more pedals for FX.

    1. Sezare56

      Interesting approach.
      Don’t think I will use Target track. Maybe Play Level instead of Start/Stop.

      24 assigns would have been better. V3 ? :-p

      1. Yeah, I was trying to get around using 15 pedals for mute/rec/undo&redo. Using target means one extra foot press. Of course I may change things up after some practice with different setups. Indeed more assigns would be perfect, but I’ll take what we got so far. Works great! Thanks!

  46. I’m new here. Really appreciate the information in here. According to the announcements firmware 2.0 would support quantized recording. My assumption was that this would allow quantization with loop sync off. however the update manual doesn’t show any such option.
    Can anybody check if this has been improved.


  47. I’ve been using the Livid Guitar Wing to control the RC505, but on my tuba instead of a guitar. It’s wireless and fully programable. I use it standalone with no computer. Just a hardware midi host. The workarounds I’ve been dealing with (from only having 8 assignable controls) were just too annoying to be able to pull off smoothly. I’m SO excited to reprogram my wing tomorrow!! Having direct access to each track’s rec/play/stop/delete is very tempting… but I may test out using target track change first. If it’s very responsive and nearly instantaneous in changing tracks I may go that route so I can free up buttons for other commands… BUT dedicated buttons for rec/play/stop/delete is very NICE too… oh man… decisions decisions..
    Jim, with 2 machines don’t you basically have 32 functions to work with?
    (Check out for video soon!)

    1. Hi Jon! I’ve been using target track change all day today and it’s working fine so far. I do have one extra pedal press to inc/dec the targets, but it frees up a whole lot of pedals for FX and other features. Like Polyphony, those Pedals Assigns will get eaten up real quick. I agree with the keyword “decisions”. I must have spent an hour going through all the combinations trying to figure what works best for me. That’s the challenge, but it’s a good one. No complaints so far!!

  48. Awesome! Thanks for the info!
    Could you please test something out for me? I’m experimenting with dedicated track rec/play, and track delete buttons… but so far I can only get one track delete button to work, even though I programmed my controller to have an instant “clear track” button for each track.

    I’m also noticing that there is no remote version of the “double click stop to clear track” command available. It’s starting to look like I need to implement the “target track inc/dec” and then have one dedicated button for rec/play, clear, stop etc… The individual commands are proving to be a little buggy. Maybe it’s user error though? Can you please let me know if you have better luck with the individual track commands? (specifically Track 1-5 clear)


    1. Hello! I can confirm that the “target track inc/dec” works perfectly. I toggle inc/dec to change target tracks and then clear when necessary. It’s fast and works well. With regards to individual clear, I haven’t tried that yet. I do know that “Play/Stop” and “Rec/Play” works perfectly with individual commands. I have yet to try individual “clear” and “undo/redo”. I’ll check those out. Thanks!

  49. Sezare56

    When you change Target Track via midi, you can see it with the corresdonding Edit led blinking ?
    I didn’t like selection on the Rc 50, and Target Track seems to be the same principle but I’ll think of it.

    1. The edit button on the RC-505 will blink to indicate which target track you have selected. This isn’t fool proof as on occasion that blinking light will not show for some odd reason or another. However, so far it’s been working fine. It DOES mean you have to keep an eye on the RC-505 which isn’t possible at times, but again I’ve been able to work with it thus far.

      1. Sezare56

        To select Target Track with Exit + Exit, you have to exit from menus (system, memory, effects) by pressing Exit before. Maybe it’s the same problem with midi Target Track selection.

      2. Not sure I understand. At the moment I am doing everything by foot with no hands on the RC-505. In that situation, I can select the target track inc/dec using two pedals. The edit button on the RC-505 will blink to indicate the current target track I am on. So far this works fine and frees up other pedals. The RC-505 just sits with the name of the memory setup I’m in. I’m pressing or doing anything with Exit. Again, it’s possible I’m misunderstanding the situation…laugh. Thanks!

      3. Sezare56

        I just wanted to say that when you are in a menu, you have to press the Exit button twice. As you said the blinking was not fool proof, it could be an explanation.

        Just tested with a foot switch and CTL1, works fine and there’s a “Target Track 1!” message. It a pity that we cannot see the Target Track all the time.

      4. i’m about to test this on mine… but are you saying that even if the edit button doesn’t flash to indicated that the target track changed via midi cc, it indeed does change? I think what Sezare56 was saying is that when you use the shortcut ON the 505 (press exit + edit of desired track) that ONLY works when you are already backed out of every menu on the screen, and are on the ‘top’ menu page…whatever you have that programmed as. In my case it’s program number. If i’m on an efx page and try the onboard target track shortcut (exit + edit) it doesn’t work…

        Jim, have you tried dedicated record/play & clear switches yet? I can only get one track clear switch to function. I think I may have to go the “target track inc/dec” route.. .but like you said that forces you to HAVE to look at the 505 to make sure it took…and if the light doesn’t always indicate the change that is pretty annoying. Remember the way I’m using it, my midi controller is wireless and I plan on not needing to be in position to see the 505 to verify target track change. I’ll chime in after more experimentation today…

      5. Just wanted to follow up ….I switched my midi controller around to incorporate “target track increase” and it works flawlessly. Mine blinks every single time. So instead of dedicated play/record for each track I will switch target tracks and keep the setup I’m used to. (Target track Record, target undo/redo, etc) I did add dedicated play/stop buttons for each track.
        I really wish the midi cc’d Stop button on my controller would clear the track like it does on the unit itself, but I’ll learn to live. (Undo clears if you haven’t overdubbed yet btw)
        I’m LOVING the tempo flashing on the track status indicator.

        What a great update!

  50. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have the rc-505 auto turn on when it receives a power signal? I have a master power switch that currently turns on all my gear. The rc-505 doesn’t power on when the master switch is flipped and I need to manually turn it on each time.

    1. It’s not. It has an electrical power switch like other Boss gear. In other words it’s a soft switch that needs to be held down for a second or two…not a mechanical switch that either stays in an on or off position.

  51. Sezare56

    I would say forget the Fcb 1010. It does not send enough Control Changes. Maybe if you change the Eprom…
    You need adaptator for the Softstep. The Rc 505 is midi din or Usb.

  52. BA

    Thanks! I followed your advice and went with the SoftStep. I am using the Toggle preset but it requires I push pedal twice each time to “toggle” the RC-505 Target. Does anyone know how I can toggle the Target with single press of the SoftStep button? I was thinking Pressure preset but that just sends CC of the amount of pressure applied. Thanks in advance!

  53. Nikos

    Greetings there,

    I got my rc505 a couple of weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it. What an amazing piece of equipment.
    I use it to record accoustic, classical guitar and drums and then lay on Native American flute.
    I’m using a condenser mic for now and I plug in my accoustic guitar in the input.

    I want to buy a midi controller footswitch. BUT! The Roland fc200 is discontinued and super rare to find online. (Only one add in the uk and he doesn’t post). And the fc300 is just too expensive, plus it doesn’t have as many buttons.

    Since I’m recording a lot of accoustic stuff I’m worrying about the click sounds of the foot controller as they tend to pass in the recordings.

    How does the Roland fc200 sound? How loud is the ‘click’?

    I’ve been looking at the behringer fc1010 as well. What do you guys thing? Anyone using it?

    Stay well and thanx for all the amazing info.

  54. Sezare56

    @Ba : Try Momentary mode in Assign settings.

    @Nikos : The Fc 200 is not that rare in France… No click, no noise if you are carefull.
    The Yamaha MFC 10 should be good too.
    The Fcb1010 doestn’t work for Rc 505 if you don’t buy and change the Eprom :
    I tried Fcb1010 with Uno Eprom but there was not enough CC sending.

    1. Nikos

      Thanx mate.
      Yes, the behringer looks to tricky of an investment. If I find a used fc200 I will go for it. And the Yamaha looks nice to.
      What do you think about the Keith McMillen 12 Step Velocity? Will that do? Would I need that adapter as well?

  55. Sezare56

    I already posted with a link so quick answers :
    @Ba : Try Momentary mode in Assign settings.
    @Nikos : The Fc 200 is not that rare in France. No noise if carefull.
    FCB1010 maybe ok with Eurekaprom 2.
    Yamaha MFC 10 should be a good choice too.

      1. Sezare56

        @Ssshander. Don’t know if I’m really concerned by your question I received by mail. Can’t find it in the blog…

  56. Sezare56

    On Softstep 2 and maybe on 12 Step the pressure may send a value for the chosen Control Change. For example you can modulate Fx Controls if you assign the corresponding CC on the Rc 505.
    There is also Toggle mode, Y, XY.
    With XY, you can send 2 CCs and control 2 parameters with 1 foot.
    Rc 505 doesn’t receive notes. Just Ccs.

  57. Just FYI. Amazon Japan has announced that the Boss RC-202 will be for sale from July 16th. The price is 37,000 yen or about $350-370 depending on the exchange rate.

  58. Rooftree

    Thanks for this excellent bog Jim! Is there a way of changing the loop indicator to show the entire length of a loop? It seems like the indicator will only show the length of a single measure. I often make loops that are several measures long. When overdubbing or recording subsequent loops on other tracks I have a hard time remembering where I am in the loop. It would be a huge help for me if I could get the indicator to show where I am in the loop, rather than where I am in the measure.

  59. Sezare56

    Default indicator mode is Status. In System > Indicator you can choose “Loop Postion” or “Position + Status” to indicate where you are in the loop, even with a lot of measures.

    1. Rooftree

      Thanks! I actually stumbled across this last night while messing around with my RC-505. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. I’m so happy now! And I’m a little embarrassed that I used the looper for so long without discovering this earlier.

  60. Nikos

    Hey guys.

    I’m looking into connecting two mics to the rc505. You think I do that using the instr. input for the second mic?
    Or is the only way through a mixer?

  61. Sezare56

    I would use a mixer for 2 mics. You can use a preamp for Instrument Input if you have one, but anyway, a little mixer is always usefull.

    1. Indeed a mixer is pretty much necessary when using these loopers if you want to connect multiple instruments or external effects. I have both a mini mixer and a larger one depending on the need. Loopers require a bit of thought on how you wish to route your audio for recording and playback.

  62. George Thompson

    i have a rc505 and a keyboard and a MIDI cable, but having trouble connecting the two, what do i need to do?

    1. If you going to do loop recording you need to connect everything via the audio input/outputs. Midi is only for Sync or controlling with a midi foot controller.

  63. Sezare56

    I read in Rc 202 Parameters that Cc control sources would be only Cc 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 !?
    Am I wrong ? Looks bad for me.

    1. Interesting that they “kind of” crippled the RC-202 with respect to midi cc control. Still I see you can get 8 possible settings which might be sufficient considering having only 2 tracks. I’ll definitely have to think about the possibilities first.

      The footswitch (CTL 1) connected to the CTL 1, 2/EXP jack (CTL target default setting: 11)

      The footswitch (CTL 2) connected to the CTL 1, 2/EXP jack (CTL target default setting: 23)

      The expression pedal connected to the CTL 1, 2/EXP jack (CTL target default setting: 19)

      Control change message (80) from an external MIDI device
      Control change message (81) from an external MIDI device
      Control change message (82) from an external MIDI device
      Control change message (83) from an external MIDI device
      Control change message (84) from an external MIDI device

      1. I also recently picked up a Roland FC-300 which allows “if correct” 5 bank changes for CC control. So one could program up to 5 different sets of 5 midi 80-84 CC settings to toggle back and forth with. That would get you a total of 25 settings plus the 3 from the CTL jacks on the back for a total of 28 with the FC-300. My FC-200 only has one CC bank so 5 would only be possible. Again I’m pretty sure you can change the CC banks with the FC-300. I’m not sure about the Behringer FC1010 or other foot pedals. I’ll be working on it this weekend, the FC-300 with the RC-505.

      2. Sezare56

        For me there is just 7 or 6 possible control sources, because you can’t use expression pedal and switches at the same time with Ctl1, Ctl2 / Exp connector.
        I think there is not enough Targets for effects.
        I would buy an another Rc 505 like you, instead of a Rc 202.

      3. I didn’t see that. If so, then 7 control sources with the FS-6 is probably the most we’ll get. I am mainly interested in the RC-202 to place on top of my synth for quick FX and Vocals loops. The form factor seems nice for this. The RC-505 was always kind of clunky to place on my synths. Of course now we can operate them with our feet, but I thought I would be nice at least to have a couple of tracks on the synth. In Japan I’m seeing used RC-505s getting closer to the RC-202 price. This makes it kind of hard to decide.

      4. Sezare56

        Yes I see your point if you want to put the Rc 202 on the top a synth. It is its only advantage I think, with the few options directly accessible like Reverse, Replace/Overdub…
        Maybe a V2 for the Rc 202 !

      5. Sezare56

        As the Rc 202 is only receiving Cc 80-84, I don’t understand what you want to do with the Fc 300 Ccs banks. It won’t change the number of control sources, 7 or 6.
        Same for Rc 505, only 16 assignments, not 28.

  64. Mike W.

    Thanks for the great info here. I bought a 505 which I’m having fun with and got a secondhand FC 300 so I could operate it with my feet. Can anyone refer me to directions for setting up the controller? I thought it would be plug n play. I need step by baby step, hold my hand help.

    1. Hi Mike! You actually don’t need to change anything on the FC300 to keep things simple. Just make sure you are in CC mode. Then consult the RC-505 manual on how to edit the CCs for the various controls you want. The FC300 will then be able to detect and make the changes. Later on you can change the CCs on the FC300, but it’s not necessary to get started. Enjoy!

      Note: You will need to consult the FC300 manual to find out what the default CCs are set to with your FC300. That is important info to know when making the settings on the FC-300.

      1. Mike W

        I got the 300 working. Only thing I noticed last night is I have to step on the pedal twice to start recording. I’ll have to fool with this some more. I haven’t done anything with the expression pedals yet. thanks for the help!

    2. Sezare56

      Hi. I’m not sure that the Fc 300 would detect Rc 505 settings, because the Rc 505 doesn’t send Cc’s to the Fc 300.

      For one parameter, in Rc 505 Assign menu, you have to choose a Cc as Source, and a Rc 505 function as Target.
      Check the Fc 300 manual, and choose the corresponding Cc you want to send to the Rc 505.

      1. Mike W

        I’ve got the pedals working quite well and it really is so much more performance friendly than hitting buttons. This site should be linked from the Roland website

  65. Regarding the RC-202, I decided to wait a tiny bit before purchase. It runs about $375 here in Japan which to me seems a tad bit expensive considering I already have two RC-505s. I notice in the States it’s selling for $299 which is better. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but it just seems expensive right now. Just FYI. I’d like to see more videos too of people using it.

  66. Meigh. E

    Jim, I’m enjoying having x2 new FS-5U pedals triggering Record / Play and Undo /Redo on Track 1 of my version 2 Boss RC-505. Managed to set it up by lots of trial and error and help from your great website. Have copied my pedals’ set-up into all the remaining memories, just in case I forget how to set it up again. πŸ™‚

    Am still not able to manually switch the Target track from Track 1 to Track 2? Is this actually possible? When I hold down the Exit button plus Track 2 Edit button, I see the flashing red light but my pedals are still affecting just the Track 1. Could you please post simple instructions on how to manually switch the target track. Many thanks.

    1. Change the settings you have already made from “Track 1 rec/play” & “Track 1 undo/redo” to “Tgt Track Rec/play” & Target Track undo/redo”…then switch target tracks with the exit button shortcut like you have and the foots witches will control whatever track you have chosen as the “target track.”
      I highly recommend getting a bigger midi controller pedal to plug via midi cable to expand your options from only 2 controls to (up to) 16 controls. That’s the huge feature of V2.0…it changed from only 8 control destinations to 16.

  67. Meigh.E

    That’s great, Jon, cheers! Much more fun now.

    Got you about using a MIDI controller. I’m a bit raw on MIDI, so I’ll carry on reading here before venturing into the deep end. πŸ™‚ Thanks again.

    1. Sezare56

      Hi. You can try Target Rec/Play & Target Track Inc. This is my choice with footswiches because it’s easier to undo with hands than select the track with hands.

  68. Hi Jim,

    I got a RC 505 and when I play my Nord Electro through it using the electric piano patches and when I play my Little Phatty using the solid bass patch, the sound is very hissy, like white noise. It is noticeable when using headphones. It seems to happen with smooth deep sounds. I took it back to the store and tried another one and it still did the same thing. Have you came across this, is there something I could do to stop it? I would really like to keep the unit but it makes it unplayable.


      1. I have tried different level settings. Any sound which is smooth sounding, like Rhodes or using the Little Phatty with the filter rolled back for straight bass lines is where you notice the degrading sound the most.

      2. Sezare56

        Maybe you’re talking about timestrech artefacts. Try with Tempo Sync Off to diasble timestrech.

      3. Sezare56

        I you have a mixer you can check Line Out too, sometimes headphones out is worse.
        Do you use line out on the Nord or headphones out ?
        Do you use Input LR on the Rc 505 ?

        Try other level settings, maybe thru a mixer, bypass effects…
        Maybe the Ehx 45000 is more transparent.

      1. Joshua

        I’ve kept the looper. After trying another RC505, different synths and Nords into the unit, it seems to be inherit problem with the unit. They just have a poor sound quality which is noticeable with headphones and different sounds, like Rhodes and analogue synths with the filter rolled down. Its a real shame because it does a lot of other things well.

    1. Hey Josh, the only time I’ve had that hiss issue with mine is when I have an aux cord plugged into the 505 but the other end is dangling. I play tuba as my main instrument, and I run it through a bunch of pedals into the 505, so I’m familiar with “long smooth” bass sounds and the 505. No his here except for that which I put in the machine…

  69. Da Ham Lee

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful information.
    I just got my 505 in the mail today and have been learning a bit here and there.
    If there a function on the 505 similar to the Kaoss PAD KP3’s re-sampling feature.

    So for example, recording what i have on tracks 1-4 on to the the 5th track?
    or another example would be resampling multiple times to achieve super distorted effects, layer on reverb 5 times from track to track.

    Thanks again for all of your help!

    1. Sezare56

      Hi. I’ve got the Kp3 too. You cannot resample the Rc 505 internally.

      But if you plug Line Out to Input LR and disable “Input to Line out” you can resample what you hear, loosing quality of course.

      1. Da Ham Lee

        I’m really disappointed that the RC-505 can’t re-sample internally, I feel like it would be such a powerful feature to really get more versatile use of layering track effects and get really interesting track progression… I absolutely love the kp3, but i it does only up to 16 bars… it too short for melodic compositions sometimes.

        How have found a way to slave the RC-505 to KP3’s tempo?

        I’m having problems sampling on the RC-505 at the set master tempo.
        The master tempo seems to change/adjust as soon as i click stop recording.
        This is really annoying… I’m sure there has to be a way around this, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

        Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it!

      2. Sezare56

        Maybe the tempo change for the first recording. The Kp3 may change is tuning in that case if you recorded things.

        Before you can record a blank track. There is a special fonction for that with the V2 update. To do so, set the number of measures, hold Stop and press Play.

        You can try Rc 505 as a midi slave too.

  70. Jan Gomez

    Hi and great review for the rc-505. I just wonder if it would be possible to connect a midi device such as a vox tonelab se or a midi foot controler such as the FC-200 in order to gain independent control over record and play using the floor pedal as a trigger for the 505?



    1. Sezare56

      As said Jim the Fc 200 I own too is perfect for Rc 505’s midi control.
      You just need a controller sending midi control change messages.

  71. Leif

    Hey, great info here – thanks πŸ™‚

    So what would be the most important reasons to get the 202 over the 505?

    Are the extra 3 tracks really that important?

    What are the other crucial factors?

    I’d like to have the most flexibility while recording voice, organic sounds and a bit of guitar but not a whole lot.
    I also like that is comes with synthetic sounds and beats, can you load more into it?

    Thanks :))))

    1. Sezare56

      As said above, the Rc 202 is almost the same, the smaler size is the main advantage. An easier access to a fiew functions. 3 more tracks really matters ! Rc 202 is a bit expensive for the moment.
      Ask Jim if 13 tracks (1 Rc 300 and 2 Rc 505) is enough ! πŸ™‚

    2. To me the big difference is whether you want to record or loop in a multitrack fashion or just create practice loops. When at all possible, I like to keep my tracks separate when recording so that I can later change them, add effects, or in some cases remember how I played the track to begin with.

      The RC-505 allows you to create 5 distinct tracks. That’s huge in my book for later processing and editing in a DAW for example. The RC-202 is more of a sketch pad or a looper for maybe one specific instrument. For example, I’m tempted to get the RC-202 just for vocals. One can record a couple of vocal tracks and add or manipulate the tracks with effects live. Or, the RC-202 would be great, just like the RC-30 for practicing guitar jams.

      Again, it’s the ability to keep all my loop tracks separate for later editing, remixing, etc. that keeps the RC-505 tops. Hope this helps.

      Indeed I chain my RC-505 and Rc-300 boards in order to keep all my tracks separate for later use or remixing.

  72. Mike W

    Anybody have an idea why a Boss foot pedal is triggering the track advance setting out of order? It starts at 1, next goes to 3 then 5, then 2 then 4. I didn’t program it to do it that way or even think you could.

    1. Can you be more specific about which command you’re using? I use a “target track inc” and “target track dec” command on a controller with no issues. I use the double boss foot pedal for target track rec/play, and undo/redo without issue.

      1. Mike W

        I’m using the control 1 pedal on the FC 300 and the target track increase on the looper. Why it’s skipping a track every time I hit the pedal is beyond me. 1,3,5,2,4 It wasn’t working that way last time I turned it on and I saved the settings.

      2. Sounds like you need to change either the rc500 or fc300 to “momentary” instead of “toggle” (or vice versa…not positive which tbh). It seems like every pedal press AND release is giving you an increment. (That would explain it skipping tracks). It shouldn’t increase as you release the pedal like it does when you press it.

  73. Nikos

    Hey guys,
    Got an fc-200 and setting it up now.
    Although I’ve set up the settings for momentary both in the fc200 and in the rc505 i still have to press the pedal twice… Any ideas??

  74. Daniel Brookes

    Hi ALL!
    I took a chance and replaced my RC-505’s generic 4Gb Micro-SD card with a SanDisk EXTREME Pro 16Gb Micro-SD (95 MB/s, Class 10, U3).
    The available recording time has gone up from 3-hours to 24-hrs 50-mins ! ! !
    No problems to report – so far, so good.
    Has anyone else done this or encountered any issues???

    1. Sezare56

      I tried with a 32go one without problems but I needed it after…
      It should work with similar cards, 2go recording max, or something like that.
      Funny that they are not proud of it ! :-p

    2. Wait, are you saying that y’all open the unit up and replace a memory card inside of it? Why didn’t they just make it user swappable if it uses a standard micro sd?

      1. Daniel Brookes

        I don’t work for Boss product design, Jon, so can’t answer your question. All I can tell you is that I came across one article that mentioned that the RC-505 used a Micro-SD card for its three hour recording storage. It seemed logical and desirable to me to increase this if possible. Having achieved success with the AKAI MPX16 (many user complaints) by using the fastest spec SanDisk SD card available (Extreme Pro) and only using 16Gb (higher capacity cards may be too large to read/write effectively) it was simply a case of unscrewing the back of the RC-505, locating the Micro-SD slot (easily visible), and replacing the generic card with the new faster one.
        Although no one to my knowledge has reported processor/memory issues with the factory cards, I feel more confident in the unit that any data “bottleneck” will not ever be due to the memory storage – as we all know this is the main source of problems with digital cameras and PCs.
        Plus, having a near 25-hour recording time with 16Gb is really handy.
        Who knows, perhaps the processor could even handle 32Gb (50-hours), 64Gb (100-hours), or even 128Gb (an incredible 8-days) recording time! πŸ€”
        *a point of interest, 635.04mb of storage is required per hour of 16bit, 44.1kHz audio (16Gb = 25-hours approx.). With a factory memory of 4Gb this should allow approximately 6-hours recording time. I may have mis-calculated or made a setup error in the RC-505 menu but the display is definitely showing REMAIN “24:50:03”.

  75. Ed Meight

    Jim hi again: How successful are you in making use of the RC-505’s Vocoder? Tried it, but can’t seem to produce anything useful. Got any tips on using that Vocoder please?
    Cheer, Ed

    1. Sezare56

      Hi. It is quite well explained in the manual.
      Record a saw synth on Track 1. Select the Vocoder, choose Track 1 as Carrier, and modulate the sound with your voice.

      Its an example, the carrier signal has to be rich in harmonics, such a overdrived record.

  76. Ed Meight

    Heh-heh, Sezare56, ‘well-explained’ to some: clear as mud to me, eh! πŸ™‚

    Cheers very much for your tips, I’ll have a go at that later. Guess won’t expect anything like a microkorg vocoder, but who knows!

    Just acquired a Boss RC-202 and might need some help setting it up later next week, , if I can presume this site’s excellent help source.


    1. Sezare56

      I wasn’t impressed by the Microkorg, I spent 2 minutes with the Rc505. Of course its a kind of joke, but a modern (=cheap?) Vocoder.

  77. Finally found a used Boss RC-202 this week. It’s being delivered today, so I’m excited about adding the RC-202 to my existing setup. Should be interesting to see if and how I approach the RC-202 differently than the RC-300 and RC-505. I’ll add some comments after I receive the RC-202 and get it up and running. In Japan the RC-202 is selling new between 370-400 dollars. I managed to find a used one for 250 so I feel that’s much better. Keep you posted.

  78. Mike W

    New question: I’m not recording grooves, I’m playing nature sounds, atmospheric stuff. I cannot figure out how to record long tracks. I set the PLAY master to auto and then each track: measure to free, loop sync: off and tempo sync: off. The machine still will suddenly set the measure length at 1 or a sixteenth note and what is intended as a long phrase will loop round itself after just a sec. I’m wondering if it’s connected to the rhythm settings and if there is a way to decouple the rhythm settings from the recording.

  79. pchauncy

    Hi I have a question about using my much-loved RC-202 with Ableton Live. I’ve got it successfully syncing via USB as slave to the midiclock from Live, but it doesn’t respond to midi start-stop messages from Live. Audio communication in both directions seems great, but it’s a bummer that start/stop doesn’t work.

    I also use the RC-202 with my Roland jd-xi and they pair beautifully via midi cable – including starting and stopping in sync. Can anyone advise please?

    Thanks Paul

  80. Stephen Perkins

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but I’m using the RC-505 and purchased the FCB-1010 for additional functionality. After reading through all the manuals and online content I can find, I am not able to make the pedals function in the same ‘push once to start’, ‘push once to stop’ manner that the pads on the RC-505 do.

    As an example, I can control the Rec/Play function with the ‘1’ button on the FCB-1010, but it requires me to push it twice to start the Rec, then twice to Stop it, where on the RC-505 I just push the button once to start recording, then push it again to switch to playback.

    If I could get over this minor hurdle, I think I would really enjoy the added functionality of the FCB-1010.

    Anyone have any advice, or can point me in the right direction?



    1. Steve, I can confirm the exact same problem with FCB1010 EurekaPROM 3.2 and Boss RC-505 Firmware 2.0

      No matter if I choose Momentary/Toggle in the 505 or FCB1010, it still requires double click/tapping for me as well. I’ve noticed those who have success are using the Roland Midi controller instead. Does anyone know how to eliminate the double-tap/click on the FCB boards?

      (This problem also exists when I tried using my Line 6 M13 as a midi controller as well, so I suspect it is a problem with the RC-505… unless there is a universal MIDI setting that needs to be adjusted somewhere??)

      1. Steve Perkins

        Hey Matt,

        Yeah, this is pretty frustrating to say the least. First I bought the Rolls Midi Buddy only to find it doesn’t send cc#. Then I bought this FCB1010 and learn that I have to click the buttons twice to engage the functions I want to use. (I did find that the double-click to clear works as it should though)

        I’m guessing I’ll need to sell these two midi controllers and try to find a good deal on an FC-200 or FC-300, as it seams those work correctly based on the posts here.

        Learning can be an expensive endeavor at times. :0)


  81. Jordan

    Hi there Jim! I just recently started having this issue where I record the track on FREE and no matter if I have overdub on or not the track will blink green and then stop at the end of the loop phrase and it continues to blink green. I cannot restart the track either. I’m at a loss for what exactly is causing this to happen as I have trouble reproducing it each time.
    I feel like it has to do with the loops having different lengths than the first initial loop, which doesn’t make sense because that feature is one of the main functions of the device. Any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: I’m on RC-505 System Version 2.00

  82. Here’s where I’m up to with FCB1010. Hopefully somebody else can fill in any gaps…

    MOMENT/TOGGLE on RC505 never appears to make a difference to the behaviour.

    FCB with Behringer firmware:
    Only sends one CC command from CC1 or CC2, RC505 needs a value of 127 followed by a value of 0 (momentary). Sending a CC1 of 127 and CC2 of 0 on each pedal concurrently works, but every pedal needs a double press (or 3 presses if you are on a different track to your target). It’s annoying, and not reliable for live performance.

    FCB with UnO 1.0.4 in stompbox mode:
    Only five pedals can be set to stompbox mode, but these are capable of sending a CC value of 127 on pedal press and a CC value of 0 on release. This works perfectly. Unfortunately the other five pedals are standard presets, ie CC1 send value 127 and alt value of 0, and CC1 has to have toggle mode enabled. This means these five pedals still adopt the ‘double press’ behaviour. This setup is the closest I’ve got to success so far.

    FCB on EurekaProm:
    Awaiting support response on this. Apparently, it IS capable of sending momentary CC – but from looking on forums it appears that there may be too short a delay between these messages, which, i believe, is also the issue when sending a CC1 of 127 and CC2 of 0 on each pedal at the same time. Someone using a computer as part of their setup introduced a delay between the messages somehow and this worked. I have a hardware only setup so this isn’t an option. If anyone has had success with Eureka could you please let us know?

    All I want is a setup with 10 pedals that can each send a message that RC505 can react to with one press. I don’t have much cash so really want a cost effective Β£100-Β£200 solution, and ideally i would get the FCB i already have to do this.


    1. Hi Phil, I’m trying to setup the “FCB with UnO 1.0.4 in stompbox mode” but I think I am missing something. Any help with the setup process would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Phil

        Hi Dave, have a look at my post from March 13th which should help. The key is you need to contact UnO authors and ask them to send you the 1.0.2 chip and instructions instead. A guy called Xavier helped me out. That should solve your problems!

  83. PS/

    Eureka have just confirmed that their momentary CC only sends a CC value of 127, nothing else, so the Eurekaprom is no better than the original firmware for RC505. This means that UnO is best option – but only if you can handle only 5 pedals operating perfectly. If that’s not enough, looks like the Roland FC200 is the way to go.

    Also, I’m using RC505 v2.


  84. Leonard Nasira

    I’ve been thru a bunch of them as well – FCB1010 is too limited, like Phil just wrote it can only send 127 value and 0 value seperately, so you have to press shit twice, no matter if it’s set to toggle or momentary. I tried the original firmware and the EurekaPROM 3. Also, the 2 expression pedals are pretty low quality.

    FC-300 worked very well and has 2 great expression pedals, but it’s quite bulky, and is more expensive.
    Didn’t fit on my board either, however the Yamaha MFC10 did. It’s in the same price range. It worked just as good, except for having only 1 expression pedal. It also does have a slight midi delay compared to the FC-300/ FC-200.
    I’m using a FS-5U for Rec/Play on track 1 for the first loop though, no delay there, so it’s really not a problem.


      I’d pretty much thrown the towel is as I figured I had exhausted all the possibilities (as per my previous posting). But, just as I reached for my wallet to fork out Β£150 for an FC200 on Ebay I thought I would take a chance and email the UnO authors in Belgium. To my surprise after a few days I got a response from a kind-hearted Belgian called Xavier who confirmed that, whilst UnO 1.0.4 only supports the kind of momentary toggling that the RC505 is looking for on the five stompbox enabled peddles, the earlier UnO 1.0.2 chip supported the behaviour across all the pedals. He was also kind enough to offer to send me the old chip for free and just charge for postage.

      Just as he suggested, it worked! You do need to make sure you have the 1.0.2 manual, as it is important that you a) enable stompbox mode, and b) turn CC toggle off, and c) set the cc values to 127 with alt value of 1 on all the pedals you are using (which differs from how you set up the 1.0.4).

      Bob’s your uncle – a fully functioning 10 pedal bank for the RC505 for less than Β£100!

      I am fairly confident that this is the only available solution, so I hope this info saves somebody the hours of head scratching and constant emailing I have endured over the past 6 weeks!


  85. Devin

    This is some incredible feedback! Wow. I hope it’s still open as I’d like to ask something cause I’m really in need at the moment. I’m doing a bit of a complicated setup as I play guitar and sing, looping all I can with the rc 505 and the rc 300 (master) and running every track through a mixer. I’m running into a bit of an issue with somethin tho.

    I’ll record something on the rc 300 then while that plays I’ll record on the rc 505 for vocals using a midi controller (fcb 1010 with uno) and it works fine. {midi controller is not controlling anything on the rc 300 by the way} However after I hit the all start/stop button on the rc 300 the tracks on the rc 505 keep going. Not only this but after I stop them manually on the rc 505 I’ll record something else on the rc 300 right after or push play on one of the tracks (rc 300) but then the rc 505 plays the track I just stopped! This isn’t good as I’d rather my songs not have the same vocal loops every time I stomp on an rc 300 track (to record or play a guitar loop) but I need the all play/stop function to be on all the rc 505 tracks. Preferably engaged when I hit the all start/stop button on the rc 300.

    To sum this post up, all I really want is for everything (both loopers) to simultaneously stop and start BUT ONLY when I hit the all start/stop button on the rc 300 and NOT play the tracks on the rc 505 when I hit one of the tracks on the rc 300 to record or play back audio. The rc 300 being the master I’m worried this isn’t possible. But everything is possible right? I just need another brain. So please help???

    1. sezare56

      In Rc 505 assign, you have to set Sync Start Stop (or something like that) as source and All Start Stop as target.
      It is written in the manual, if you want Rc 505 to be slave.

      1. Devin

        Thanks for taking the time to read sezare56. It gets confusing when one starts talking about two loopers! I got the sync start stop thing going well which is great, however when I stomp on the tracks (rc 300) they still play the all play/stop engaged tracks on the rc 505 which is not what I want. I only want them engaged when I push the all start/stop function on the rc 300 (which is working now that I synced the 505 via the assign options) Any thoughts on that one?

  86. Marc


    is there anyway to connect an RC-505 wirlessly with a dongle. I find it a pain havng to move it to the mac to do any file managment. as the macs in a difernt room to the studio set up.

    also are there any compatible roland apps to conect an ipad to do this?.

    many thanks

  87. Seth B

    Your blog is awesome! I have a question that is a no-brainer for you guys, but i’m not handy with midi. I saw in your blog that a FC-200 or FC-300 can be used to add foot pedal functionality to the RC505. Can you just plug one of these devices into the RC505 and program it from either device or do you need to have use a computer or midi controller to send the commands? Sorry for the newb question, just dont want to spend the money if its not going to work.

    1. Nikos

      No need for any other device to set things up. Just the looper and the midi pedals. Quite easy. Follow the instructions on both manuals.
      Good luck!

      1. Seth B

        I have a quick followup question. I did get the FC-200. I was able to set everything up similar to jim atwoods post (play / stop 1,2,3,4,5 on bottom row, record / undo / clear on top). My problem is that no matter how i try to do it, i cannot get it to do momentary (unlatched). What i mean is if i want to record target track, i hit the button (light on), then have to hit it again (light off) before i can hit it again to do the next command (overdub). I set all tracks up momentary on the rc505 and went into config mode on the FC-200 and switched it there as well. Is there something i’m missing here? I suppose i can get used to double clicking everything, but wanted to know if there was a way to fix this. Thanks!

      2. Nikos

        You need to change the settings for each pedal individually.
        Check page 21 of the rc 200 manual.
        I think that will do it.

  88. Seth B

    I just wanted to say thank you Nikos and a little about fixing my issue. You were right, each pedal has to be changed independently. Where I got mixed up (in case anyone else like me needs to know) is that when i went to page 21 in the fc200 manual, it showed the option to do momentary and it looked to be universal, i’d go into config mode (under Lc) and switch it off and it would show all them(CCs) now off. This is only for the control pedal, not the rest. Page 26 shows how to switch them for each of the pedals. It worked, thanks so much!!!

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