Redmatica Autosampler 2 for creating Multisamples

Redmatica Autosampler 2
Redmatica Autosampler 2

Not too long ago I discovered Redmatica Autosampler 2 for the Mac and I have to say it’s been the greatest piece of software I’ve ever used and still use now. Currently I’m running Redmatica Autosampler 2 on Mac OSX Lion with an FA-66 Edirol Firewire Device attached and it autosamples both hardware and software instruments with near perfection. Unfortunately the company Redmatica was bought out by Apple and the software is no longer available. Although there are rumors it may be integrated into a future release of Logic Pro. There is another fantastic program too in the Redmatica product line called Keymap Pro 2 which I don’t happen to have but I wish I did. My fingers are crossed that I can find it someday real soon.

Basically with Redmatica Autosampler 2, you can autosample sounds up 128 patches to be exact all while sitting back sipping on a cup of coffee. Of course you have to get your preset or template settings right, but once you’ve got that configured, you’re set. The patches are then exported to a variety of formats of which I primarily use ESX24. From there I use Chicken Systems Translator 6 for Mac to convert the ESX24 patches to Akai S5000. From there I can load these into my MPC4000, MV8000, etc for playing. There is no direct export to SF2 or Akai format, but with ESX24 and a number of converters out there, this is not an issue.

Redmatica Keymap Pro 2
Redmatica Keymap Pro 2

Right now I have Emulator X3 connected by midi/audio to the FA-66 Firewire Audio Capture Device which is connected to my MacBook Pro running Redmatica Autosampler 2. I then usually have to lower the volume a slight bit on the PC because Redmatica Autosampler 2 triggers samples at a pretty high velociy/volume which can slight distortion. This is completely removed if you lower the volume a tad bit. I also AutoSample using dry samples and then later do my tweaks on my MPC4000 or hardware of choice. Of course one can sample how they like, but I find dry sampling to get excellent results.

With Redmatica Autosampler 2 you can adjust sustain, autoloop, and auto name your Wav files. It’s simply fantastic at how well the software works. It took me about 15 minutes to AutoSample an entire 128 patch bank of an old E-MU Proteus Sample set which I then had running on my MPC4000 connected to my Roland A90EX controller. This was WAAAAAY faster and MUUUUUCH more accurate than using any converting software out there and building the patches manually. Redmatica Autosampler 2 is THE BEST option out there, but unfortunately again it is no longer an option at the moment due to the closing of Redmatica.

Are there alternatives? I’m not sure, but I’ll post an update if I find any that work as well as Redmatica Autosampler 2. If I can find an old copy of Redmatica Keymap Pro 2 to purchase, I’ll certainly post more info about that as well. I hear KMP Pro 2 ( Redmatica Keymap Pro 2 ) is very good too, although I don’t have any experience with it. Redmatica Autosampler 2 works well as is and does what I need to do for my sample projects, but it would be nice to checkout Keymap Pro 2 one of these days.

Here is a video of Redmatica AutoSampler 2 in action.


9 thoughts on “Redmatica Autosampler 2 for creating Multisamples

    1. Thanks! I have ESC and highly recommend it. It doesn’t handle Esx24, but for everything else it’s quite stable.

      I haven’t tried SampleRobot yet, the new Mac that is. Reviews are difficult to find on it.

  1. As mentioned above, Extreme Sample Converter would probably be my #2 option. It’s not as stable and easy as Redmatica Autosampler, but it does work pretty well. I remember having lots of crashing issues when using VSTs though. I found ESC worked better when sampling an external synth or computer with a soft synth or VST loaded. Also, layering is a bit tricky, but it works.

    Extreme Sample Converter

  2. Another option is Sample Robot which now has an OSX version. I haven’t tried the demo and likely won’t as I am very happy with AutoSampler 2, but it’s one of the few choices left out there. One thing about Sample Robot is that there are very few examples, reviews, and forum discussions about it, so the lack of info is a problem. It’s also a much higher price.

    Sample Robot Mac OSX

  3. Crap! I just missed this on Ebay. This would’ve been perfect!

    REDMATICA COMPENDIUM PRO 2 BUNDLE – Keymap Pro 2, AutoSampler 2, and ProManager 3 Bundle.

    Here’s the description. Just FYI.

    Most professional sound designers in the industry use one or more of the Redmatica products. KeyMap and AutoSampler are heavily used to make sample libraries. This is a rare opportunity to buy. Redmatica sold to Apple and there is no way to currently buy these products. To buy new would cost you over $600. Buy here and save hundreds of dollars. Includes latest versions with convenient serial number authorization. Products will run successfully on OSX Snow Leopard and OSX Lion. Products will also run successfully in a virtual machine such a Parallels or VMWare using OSX Snow Leopard or OSX Lion. Price includes ownership transfer. Go here to learn more about this very powerful audio software:

    Redmatica Compendium Pro 2 Bundle

  4. Michael

    Hi Jim, thanks for your article. I also use Autosampler quite often and it’s a charm.
    Did you get a chance to test Sample Robot in the meanwhile?
    I’m currently looking for a good software to sample my soft- and hardware synthesizers into a Korg Kronos. Soundfont would be the fest format for the Kronos, but unfortunately Autosampler does not support this.
    So the 2 options would be:

    Autosampler to EXS-format and then using Translator to convert it to soundfont (or direct Kronos output, which it also supports).


    Sample Robot, which supports Soundfont.

    I would either have to buy Sample Robot or Translator, as I am only owning Autosampler.

    What do you think?

  5. The latest Translator allows for auto sampling into Soundfont format. I do this and it works great. If I can’t get Autosampler to meet my needs, I always go with Translator. The latest versions are getting quite good. I also have Motif Creator which is fantastic.

    Chicken Systems Constructor is the only one I would stay away from. It’s absolute crap and I wish I didn’t purchase it long ago. There is a new version on the horizon but I’m not sure if I’ll get that in my life time…laugh. Seriously though Translator is good and it might just be a good solution for you.

    There also is Extreme Sample Converter too that works well but I can’t remember off hand it’s compatibility with Soundfonts.

    I haven’t tried Sample Robot yet. Last I checked I felt it was overpriced. I’ll have to head over and take another look. I’ll update shortly.


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