Fantastic Analog Korg Poly-61 Patches

Today I bought a set of patches from “AnalogAudio1” on Youtube and I can’t recommend them enough. It has totally rejuvenated my Korg Poly-61 and it’s such a pleasure to play now. The original patches I loaded were the factory presets if correct and they were really uninspiring. From there I spent quite a bit of time programming my own sounds, but found myself dinging around too much with the clunky button way of programming on the Korg Poly-61. I basically wanted to just play and tweak a little when necessary. I ran into the Youtube video I posted below and thought ANY set of new patches would be better than what I had currently inside.

If you are stuck with the preset patches, this is a MUST have Korg Poly-61 custom patch set. Even if you don’t like the sounds 100% which is unlikely, you can easily use them as a basis for modifying to your own taste. There are some really fantastic patches that successfully illustrate the capabilities of the Korg Poly-61. I definitely found out it can do more than I expected.

I can’t thank “AnalogAudio1” enough for putting life back into my Korg Poly-61. The Korg Poly-61 is now out of storage and sitting pretty in the mix! Thank you!!

Note that the patch set I received was in mp3 format and I simply loaded it into Audacity on my old trusty winxp laptop. I enabled tape load on the Korg Poly-61 and turned off memory protect. On the very first try, I played the file all the way through without stopping and the Korg Poly-61 reported a “Good” notice on the screen. The patches all sounded perfect!! Easy as could be!


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