Midi Sysex Synth Librarian for iPad and iPhone

Midi Tool Box Librarian
Midi Tool Box Librarian

Fortunately there is only ONE option that I know of for transferring sysex files to and from your synthesizer using the iPad. That App happens to be one called “Midi Tool Box” app for iPad and iPhone. I’m hoping there is another out there and even better to see one in development, but for now, Midi Tool Box works very so far with the synths I’ve test it with. Attached is a screenshot of a list of sysex files I was able to transfer to and from my Korg MS2000R synthesizer. You can also transfer SMF Midi files with data via the built in SMF Player which is cool too.

Inside the Midi Tool Box app there is a Sysex Librarian which basically allows you to open, save, and send sysex data through your midi connected cable. You can save or load the files saved in the Midi Tool Box file manager. There is also an SMF player, Status Monitor, Event Monitor, Keyboard, Control and Program change functionality. The app is basic, but it works. Perhaps the ONLY problem I’ve heard so far about the app is that with some older or special synths, the data transfer rate may be too fast. So far the Midi Tool Box App does not allow you to adjust the sysex transfer rate. Hopefully that will change.

The Midi Tool Box App is the only app out there that will allow you to receive, save, and then load up a patch sysex or midi file for your synth without being tethered to a computer. You’ll need to test each of your synths to ensure it works with the fixed data transfer rate, but other than that the app works very well. Hopefully in the not too distant future there will be a more comprehensive librarian similar to something like a SoundDiver or MidiQuest for iPad. One can only hope.


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