Roland Duo Capture EX for iPad

Roland Duo Capture EX
Roland Duo Capture EX

I’ve had a few emails already about people asking what interface I use to connect my iPad or iPhone to my external synths and other hardware. Right now I have and use two connection devices that were released in Japan recently. They are (1) the Roland Duo Capture EX and (2) the Roland UM-ONE MK2. Both are pictured in this post above. I have tested both devices with various iPad music apps and they have responded very well to midi and audio with zero latency issues yet to report. The Roland UM-One Mk2 is fast and simple to connect and I use it the most simply because it’s smaller and easy to move around, however, for audio, the Roland Duo Capture EX is essential for me.

Although the Roland Duo Capture EX does require power, the UM-One Mk2 does not when connected to the iPad. The Roland Duo Capture EX can take batteries and this is what I mostly use to power the device which works very well. Sound quality is excellent and again I’ve had no issue at all with connecting my keyboards, synths, mics, or guitars to the Roland Duo Capture EX and iPad. Also, the Duo Capture EX sits very nicely on top of any synth, especially if you already have an iPad sitting on your synth. I usually run a couple of stereo outs from my mixer into the Duo Capture EX so that I can input multiple synths. Furthermore, having the extra midi channel is awesome. The Duo Capture EX is definitely an “all-in-one” item for me and works well. Not to mention, the Roland Duo Capture EX is extremely hot in Japan right now. It was hard to find mine.

I’m not sure if either of these midi/audio interfaces are available in the States yet, but I’d definitely check them out as an option if your are looking for a way to connect your synth to your iPad or iPhone for midi and audio work.


3 thoughts on “Roland Duo Capture EX for iPad

  1. Zadillo

    The Roland Duo Capture EX has just recently started popping up for sale in the US – most of the local Guitar Center stores around me now have them in stock, and they’re now in stock online at places like Was glad to find this post though, I’ve been waiting to hear how well they work – I’ve been looking for a sort of “do it all” piece of hardware that I could use with both an iPad and Mac/PC, that would work as an audio and MIDI interface – it seems like this is one of the few things out there that really does everything in a portable package (the option for battery option is a great plus too).

      1. Zadillo

        Officially the Camera Connection Kit only works with the iPad, so technically it wouldn’t work with the iPhone (the Camera Connection Kit is required to connect the Duo Capture EX to the iPad via the dock connector). I’ve heard that if you jailbreak the iPhone there are ways to use the Camera Connection Kit, but no idea how well it works, or how well something like this would work through it.

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