Zoom MS-50G for Synths and Keyboards

Zoom MS-50G
Zoom MS-50G

It’s been a busy month so I haven’t had a chance to post some new articles, but I have quite a few on deck this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up. It was an excellent September month for picking up old used gear.

Today I present a stomp box that I actually bought new. It’s the Zoom MS-50G and right on the box it says for guitar. I wondered if I would need a DI, but it actually works great with all of my synths. So plugging the Zoom MS-50G right into the synth direct will work just fine. I am a huge fan of the recently released Zoom G3 and G5 pedal boards. I have them both and use them all the time with my synths and of course guitars. I really like how easy they are easy to program and of course I like the sound of them. The Zoom MS-50G is no different in that “if correct” it uses the same chip as the G3 and G5. It’s sounds great and as you can see it has a very small footprint. Right now I have it plugged into my newly acquired Roland EP-30 and it’s absolutely wonderful.

There are many patches which can contain up to six different effects. Yes, there are default factory patches, but you can also modify or create your own. Each of the three knobs on the front can dial in specific parameters. Plus there are four scroll buttons surrounding the toggle switch for scrolling through effects that have more than one menu. It’s super easy and for those who have the G3 or G5 it’s nearly identical. There is no looper on board, but that’s no problem for me given that the G3 and G5 have loopers. The Zoom MS-50G sits nicely up on any of my keyboards and works great at adding additional effects when needed. It’s simply awesome to be able to scroll through different effects quickly and experiment with them on the fly. As many will know, old keyboards don’t necessarily have a lot of effects on board and this Zoom MS-50G becomes a nice addition.

If you need to add effects to your synths or keyboards on the go or for just easy experimentation, you can’t go wrong with the Zoom MS-50G. It’s super small and easy to setup. It will add a lot of fun to any synth lacking in the effects department. It you get a whole lot of bang for your buck with this little gem.

Here is a quick clip of the Zoom MS-50G in action on the guitar. I suppose I’ll have to try and record one with a keyboard setup as I don’t see any on Youtube yet.


One thought on “Zoom MS-50G for Synths and Keyboards

  1. Norm

    Thanks for the review, I was looking at getting one of these for my synth. That would be awesome if you’d record one with the keyboard!

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