Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 80s Groove Box

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 400
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 400

Last weekend I picked up a used Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine in near mint condition. I haven’t opened it up to check the OS version yet, but so far it performs beautifully. I hooked it up to my Roland TR626 so that I could sync it with my Roland Juno-60 and it really works well. As a fan of 80’s music who grew up during that period, I really enjoy the operation and sound of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks.

I know it’s sample based and possibly easy to reproduce using a sampler, but I like the ability to tweak the sounds using the Drumtraks itself and the sound is still unique in my opinion.

The machine thumps really good and if you check out the great video below found on Youtube, you might just be inspired like I was. I have never seen one in Japan so I figured this might be my only chance. I’m still learning the ins and outs of this drum machine and I’ll post more info as I dive into what this machine can do in greater depth.

The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks really sounds great played along with my other analog synths for achieving that fun 80’s vibe.


One thought on “Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 80s Groove Box

  1. I’ve seen the demos of Drumtraks on YouTube, and they all sounded nice. I have the samples, but I know samples don’t really sound like the real thing. I don’t know how easy (or hard) to sequence the unit (I’ve never even seen the real thing). Oh wait, there’s MIDI in! I’d love to have the drum machine (as well as DMX, TR808 and Lynndrum.) I know you bought a TR606 for almost nothing! I envy you!

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