Roland W-30 CD-Rom Creation

Roland W-30 CD Rom Creation
Roland W-30 CD Rom Creation

Today I was FINALLY successful in creating a Roland W-30 CD-Rom disk for the first time that (A) can be accessed with SMFW30 for file export into W-30, S-330, S-50, or S-550 sampler formats. I can also (B) burn the CD and use it in a Roland W-30 compatible CD-Rom device connected to a Roland W-30 outfitted with the KW30 SCSI Kit. This allows me to archive all my Roland W-30 floppy files into CD-Roms and ISO files for storage and access. Anyone with SMFW30 can also in turn access the ISO or CD-Roms and export a floppy image into any early S-Series Sampler format.

Below is a basic procedure for how I accomplished creating CD-Roms and ISO images of Roland W-30 floppy image collections.

1. I use a Roland W-30 attached to either a Hard Disk, Zip Drive, or MO Disk. All three will work.

2. Save your sample disks one at a time to the disk storage device until full or finished. Yes you have to load each floppy image one at a time and save it to the external storage device.

3. Use Extreme Sample Converter to create a virtual .img disk from the storage device. You may be able to use another software application for this, but I found ESC to be the easiest for me.

4. Download and use an old program by Gabor Pikacs and follow the steps below:
(You can find the program in the W30 Yahoo Groups File section under Programs)

– start the w30.exe program.
– press the LoadHDImg button and select the W30 zip/Mo/HD file you created in Extreme Sample Converter. You need to make sure the extension is .img for it to find and load the file.
– After loading, create groups and drag your sounds disks into them as you like.
– When you are happy with the results, press the SaveCDImg button which creates the .ISO file.
– Exit the w30.exe program.

5. Now using SMFW30, open the CD Editor and load the ISO image file you created. You will notice that the program shuts down automatically. The reason is that the program by Gabor Pikacs does not create the correct required header when saving it to a CD Image file. Thus you have to do a few more steps to basically hack and correct the issue.

6. Open the ISO file you saved in a Hex program such as 010 Editor which is what I use. Now you need to get the correct header from a correct Roland S-550 ISO file. (A Roland W-30 header does not exist that I’m aware of but a Roland S-550 one will work). I use the header from the Roland S-550 Universe of Sounds ISOs that I have. I open up Universe of Sounds for the Roland S-550 in the hex editor and copy the first 32 lines of the file verbatim. I then past that over the top of the newly generated W30 ISO file and then save it.

7. Now when I go into SMFW30 again and open the ISO file using the CD Editor, the ISO file opens up perfectly. I can then locate the floppy image files under each group heading and export them into individual files in either S-50, S-550, S-330, or S-550 formats. I have thus successfully created a complete Roland W-30 CD-Rom Disk with all my floppy images neatly organized and accessible.

8. You can also now burn the image and then load it up in a compatible Roland W-30 Cd-Rom device and load sounds back into the W-30 if so desired. Or you can just leave it as an ISO for easy storage and archive.

It is now possible to create CD-Roms and ISO images of a collection of Roland W-30 floppy disks with SMFW30.


6 thoughts on “Roland W-30 CD-Rom Creation

  1. I just bought a Roland W-30 CD-Rom drive and it works fantastic. It’s very old and I bought it from a gentleman in Russia. It sure opens up a whole new world when you can load sounds and patches from CD-Rom. The loading times are very fast as well. The CD-Rom came with the Universe of Sounds Volumes 1 and 2. Plus I also received the Street Sounds Club 50 CD-Rom which has a lot of great stuff on it. I highly recommend a CD-Rom if you see one available on Ebay.

  2. Gabor Pikacs

    I am so happy, that my program is still alive 😀
    I may try to dig up my old tape archives and correct the program in source to produce perfect ISO images.

  3. Yes Gabor,

    That program is very much alive and still making W-30 owners happy decades later❗️ I’ve just posted two CD-ROM *.iso files for downloading which anyone can burn to CD and expand their W-30 sample collection. Thanks for your program!

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