Yamaha CS01 Analog Synthesizer

Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer
Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer

I came back from the store with a mint condition Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer that I found for $50 bucks including the original soft case and breath controller kit. I am not sure, but I believe this is a rare black version of the CS01 original I version. A later version II came out that was also black but had green trim instead of yellow here. The one I bought is exactly the same one as pictured in the attached photo I found on the web. This Yamaha CS01 is in absolute mint condition with everything working perfectly. It’s a really nice sounding synth and I spent quite a bit of time toying with it in the used music shop before I bought it. The unit takes batteries or uses an adapter that came with it. There are strap knobs at either end of the synth so you can use it like a keytar. See the attached Youtube video below of a gentleman playing the Yamaha CS01 on stage.

I had absolutely no info or idea about this synth when I saw it in the store so I wasn’t sure if it actually was a toy or not, but the way it sounded and handled, I figured I could make good use of it regardless. It doesn’t have midi, CV, or any sort of inputs to control the synth via sequencer, BUT, with today’s looping and recording technology it doesn’t really matter. It’s an extremely versatile synth and because the size is so small, you can easily rest it on top of a workstation or other synth for easy access. I can think of a dozen uses for this little gem, so I’m glad I found it.

The guy who apparently brought it into the store also had a Behringer VM1 Vintage Time Machine which I thought was cool too. The sales clerk threw it in for an extra $10 bucks, so I thought why not. Supposedly it’s all analog, but I’m not sure. I’m curious how it will sound with the Yamaha CS01 and other stuff I have. I actually quite like the Behringer Analog pedals they sell and have a few others which work great. To throw a cherry on top of all of that, it was not just a few days ago that I also found a second Roland S-330 Sampler for $10 bucks as well from the same place. I love those S Series Samplers from Roland. The place I go to here in Nagano-city is quite a nice little watering hole!


4 thoughts on “Yamaha CS01 Analog Synthesizer

    1. Senso

      I love the band b.t.w. And this video shows that such small keyboards shouldn’t be dismissed as “toys”. It’s not about the gear, it’s the one who plays it.

  1. Just last night i saw one of these in action on an old SNL clip from the 1980s where Lionel Ritchie was the musical guest. The keyboard player was even using the breath controller with the CS01 (and it was the black version). Great find.

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