Roland Juno-60 – What a wonderful synth!

Roland Juno-60
Roland Juno-60

I finally found a Roland Juno-60 at a used music shop this afternoon for $300. I drove out to this particular shop that I frequent every Sunday morning at around 10:00 Am when they open. I walked in and the sales manager that I usually deal with had a grin when he saw me enter. I knew something was “new” and sure enough sitting on the table was a hard shell Roland case opened up with a fresh new vintage synth. This was the same sales gentleman and store where I first bought the Roland Juno 106, Juno 6, and then later the Juno 106-S version. For a moment I thought it was going to simply be another Juno 106, but to my astonishment it was a Roland Juno-60!! I asked if I could give it a test run and he already had the headphones ready to go as he knew I’d be interested.

Cosmetically, the Roland Juno-60 was about an 8 or 9. I then turned it on and ran through my drill of checking all the keys, knobs, sliders, and of course sounds. Perfect!! The Juno-60 absolutely played beautifully in all areas and I couldn’t have asked it to perform any better. As I mentioned above, I have three Junos already with the Juno-6 being my personal favorite. With the Juno-60 I now have the save to memory ability which really is a great thing to have. I am pretty proficient at dialing in my own sounds on the Juno-6, BUT, having that memory really is a bit more convenient. Does the Juno-60 sound any better than the others I have? Well, I think they all sound great and each have their own character, but if I had to buy them all over again, I would choose this order… ( Juno 60, Juno 6, Juno 106, and then the Juno 106-S ). I love the arp, patch memory, and a teeny tiny bit “cooler” sound with the Juno-60. The Juno 106 synths are definitely a little thinner to my ears but not by much. My one Juno 106 refurbished from The Synth Spa is actually much better than a stock 106, so I’d say that makes it hard to choose which is the best. It’s a “one of a kind” in my book for Juno 106 synths.

I love the Roland Juno synth sound and I’m extremely happy to have finally scored a Roland Juno-60. I know I’ll never be letting that go. Just this evening I had it hooked up to my Roland TR-626 which was then midi’d up to another drum sampler. Everything play in sync perfectly. It’s just a tremendous amount of fun. I likely won’t add any upgrade kits to the Juno-60 just yet as I’m not sure if I need anything additional, but we’ll see. For now I’m just having a lot of fun jamming on these Roland Junos!!

Here’s a cool video of a Roland Juno-60 in action playing some aarly ’80s Electro Funk by Synthmania. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Roland Juno-60 – What a wonderful synth!

  1. rich

    Hi Jim, I agree totally the Juno 60 takes it. I repaired about five 106 with Synth Spa boards and they do sound better than the stock 106, but the 60’s sound is just a little better.

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