School of Rock Nagano City Japan

School of Rock Japan
School of Rock Japan

Recently in Nagano-city, Japan I’ve noticed a lot of young kids, especially girls, interested in performing music on stage. Having two young daughters myself and a ton of music gear I decided to donate some of my time to helping kids get bands together in Nagano-city, Japan. In most schools around Japan there are no talent shows, rock schools, school dances, proms, events, or anything special to help kids learn pop/rock music and perform on stage. So, like most things I do in Japan, I have to create my own events and then market heavily to help attract interest.

Fortunately I have become good friends with some Nagano-city area producers and bands who are willing to help out with providing stage venues and sit in where needed. In addition, we are offering lessons in guitar, synthesizer, piano, bass, drums, and vocals for those kids who need new or additional training for the stage. If there are any foreign expats or music enthusiasts in Nagano-city and are interested in some jam session fun, please contact me. Nagano city is a samll city in Japan but like most cities around the country it has a very large interest in music. The scene is mostly underground but hopefully we’ll be able to provide a means for kids to gather and perform Rock, Pop, Blues, and Jazz Music.

Furthermore, I am always interested in getting together with other musicians in and around the Nagano-city area for jam sessions, song writing, and perhaps even forming a band. I enjoy playing with musicians with all levels of experience across all sorts of musical genres. There’s no contest here, rather I’m interested in meeting musicians with a passion for music. The biggest problem in Nagano-city is the lack of communication and opportunity. Hopefully now that will change. Please feel free to contact me at the email below if you are interested in getting involved in the music scene in Nagano-city, Japan. I hope to post pictures, video, and more info very soon as we progress with this new 2012 adventure.

School of Rock Nagano city, Japan
School of Rock Nagano city, Japan

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