Roland S-760 Sampler with OP-760-1 Video Output and MU-1 Mouse

Roland OP-760-1 and MU-1 Mouse
Roland OP-760-1 and MU-1 Mouse

Last weekend I struck GOLD finding “two” mint condition Roland S-760 samplers for $20 each! One of the Roland S-760 samplers had the Roland OP-S760-1 Video Output expansion board installed. When I walked up to the counter to purchase the two S-760 Samplers, the sales clerk went into the back room and came out with a plastic package. Inside were two original Roland OS V2.0 disks, power cords, manuals, and a mint condition Roland MU-1 Mouse!! I couldn’t believe it. The ever elusive MSX MU-1 Mouse was a part of the package. I had been looking for this Roland Mouse for ages and never could find one. I currently own a Roland S-50, S330, and W30 but always had trouble finding a MU-1 compatible mouse that had a “reasonable” price tag on it. So for $40 bucks I found two Roland S-760 samplers and all the goodies included. It was obvious the sales staff had no idea about how much accessories can run for these old vintage Roland Samplers. I brought home the Samplers, plugged them in, and they both worked beautifully. The Roland MU-1 mouse was a dream to use and if you don’t have one already, they are extremely useful.

About a month ago, I bought a used Sotec computer in Japan with Windows XP SP2 installed. The Sotec computer had an S-Video and regular RCA Video input jack in the back. I was able to easily connect the Roland S-330, S50, or S-760 to the computer and get a really nice looking display of what’s going on inside these samplers. Attached is a video found on Youtube of another gentleman doing something similar with the Roland S-760. The catch though is that you need the Roland MU-1 mouse to really navigate more easily through the menus. Plus the Roland S-760 does not have the Video Output or the Mouse Jack without the OP-760-1 expansion board installed. The Roland S-330 and S-50 have it by default but you still kind of need the mouse for easier navigation.

I also picked up an old casio portable analog LCD TV that had video-S and regular video connections. Portable analog LCD TVs are very cheap in Japan since they converted 100% to digital in 2011. Now is a great time to find and buy these TVs as many are dumping them in used stores. They work great for small portable screens that can be connected to these samplers. They are just big and clear enough to view the data perfectly. Plus they are rechargeable and easy to carry with you or put in a gig bag. I use one especially for the Roland S-50 and it’s awesome.

The Roland S-series samplers are really fun to work with despite some of their drawbacks. Finding that MU-1 mouse was huge for me because it now makes working with these samplers on computers much easier. I’m now on the lookout for a Roland DT-100 and RC-100 controller. I also have the Roland S-330 SYS-333 Director-S software, but am in need of the Roland S-50 SYS-503 Director-S. If anyone out there has one they’d like to sell, please contact me. I’d be very interested in buying it if possible. Thanks! I also may pick up a Roland S-550 one of these days if I ever find one in Japan.


6 thoughts on “Roland S-760 Sampler with OP-760-1 Video Output and MU-1 Mouse

    1. Hi Roy! Thanks. I think I’ve been after a mouse for over a year now…laugh. Yes it was very lucky I think although unfortunately my Grandmother passed away at almost the exact time I found it I later learned. Maybe she was looking over me and blowing a little luck my way. Who knows! In any event, I strongly recommend a Mouse. I was on the fence for a while but now that I’ve tried one out I don’t think I’ll be able to live without it again. It’s a must have especially when using with the computer and monitors. Hopefully you can find one soon. – Jim

      1. Pete from Madison,WI

        Hi Jim, I have an s-760 with op-1 which I tried booting up (after many years) from the system floppy and is giving a disk error. Any idea how I can boot it.
        I have an attached CD-rom and zip drive. (The floppy and zip drive are possibly not working)
        Is it possible to download the system disk from some website onto a CD and boot from the CD?
        Also the video output from op-1 is just showing blocks so I think the expansion might be kaput.
        Would appreciate any input.
        Thanks !

  1. Andrew


    Anyone having problems aquiring an MU-1 or other MSx miouse to use with Roland samplers may be interested in this.
    I’m just completing a project at the moment in collaboratiojn with a friend, that comprises a hardware/software solution for the Roland S series samplers, the hardware is Arduino nano based and requires little more then connecting 6 pins on the Arduino to a 9 pin Dsub connector which then plugs into the samplers EXT Ctrl port replacing the mouse,
    the Arduino is then connected to a PC via the built in mini usb socket, the software automatically detects and connects to the Arduino device.
    What this then allows you to do is view the samplers video output (svid/composit) in a video window onscreen (any directshow compatible video grabber will do) and then by pressing the middel mouse button the PC cursor disappears and the PC mouse is then able to control the sampler as if an MU-1 was attached, pressing the middel key again drops you out of control mode.
    It also has an onscreen RC100 keyboard that emulates the functions of the RC100 hardware controller that can be used simultaneously while the mouse is being used by pressing the assocciated PC keyboard keys.
    It’s all working at the moment just needs some finishing touches, should solve a few problems for some people 🙂

  2. Eric Agnello


    I too am a fan of the old Roland S samplers. I currently have an s760 with the op760-1 card, maxed out RAM, rc100 controller, and mu-1 mouse. I have it hooked up to a small flat screen tv and a scsi zip drive. It’s really cool! I noticed that you are looking for an s550. I currently have one that I would like to sell. Please contact me if you are interested. thanks.

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