Korg Wavedrum Mini cheap in Japan

Korg Wavedrum Mini
Korg Wavedrum Mini

Today I along with the Michael Schenker signature I found posted in an earlier article, I picked up a used Korg Wavedrum Mini for really cheap … $100 bucks! The only thing missing was the adapter but it looks like a standard Korg DC9V so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one around here. This is the third Wavedrum Mini I’ve seen for that price at used music stores here in Nagano-city, Japan. I am not sure why people are giving them up and why they are going for so cheap but I thought it would be kind of cool to work with so I picked one up.

My thought is to initially use the Korg Wavedrum Mini along with the Boss RC-300 loop station as a way to create grooves on the Wavedrum and then record onto the RC-300. I could then save the loops onto the computer from the RC-300 since the Wavedrum mini will not allow you to save patterns. Loop recording these days is pretty good so you can create whatever you want on the Wavedrum Mini and dump it onto a sampler quite fast and easily. You also can’t edit the sounds but you can add effects and you can also vary the sound with how you play a little bit too.

The Korg Wavedrum mini is still new and I’m sure when I think outside the box a little more it will be quite cool to keep hopefully. I also thought the Korg Wavedrum mini would be a good addition to the drum set I already have as well. Another nice thing about the Wavedrum is that it takes batteries so you can create patterns on the go. You will need to bring some sort of portable sampling device to record your newly created loop patterns, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to find with the current sampler gadgets out there. I actually have a Boss Micro BR recorder that would work well most likely and is very small. With the Boss RC-300 Loop station or something equivalent, I think the Korg Wavedrum mini will work very well. Currently I’m developing a music school in Nagano, Japan and the Korg Wavedrum mini I’m sure would work well in that environment. There are lots of possibilities.

Here’s a promo video from Korg which talks about the sensor clip, sounds, effects, rhythm patterns, overdubbing, and looper.


2 thoughts on “Korg Wavedrum Mini cheap in Japan

  1. Boy, I sat down last night and just couldn’t stop playing the Korg Wavedrum mini. It’s really fun to play and very musical. Either hook it up to a mixer or loop record using the RC-300 and you can jam to this wavedrum very easily. It’s really addicting. The 100 preset patterns are all very good. I like RnB, Hip Hop, and Funky type grooves and there seems to be quite a few of those in there which is cool. Again there is no way to save but you can create your own patterns by looping over any given preset pattern and then muting that preset. The groove on top you create will stand on it’s own. Then you can record that pattern into your DAW or Looper for storage and later playback. It works really well. The Wavedrum mini is really cool and I would definitely pick one up if you find one for a good price.

  2. Jim,

    I used to follow you on EX5tech back when I used that unit much more. So glad to find you alive and well in Japan. I’m taking a trip to Tokyo next month and your cheap gear finds have me intrigued. Any chance you would share with me some of your favorite haunts for used/ salvageable midi gear? Regardless, your blog is always a great read-just followed you on Twitter also.



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