ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB Michael Schenker Flying V Model

Edwards E-FV-95 WB
Edwards E-FV-95 WB

Today I found a mint condition ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB Flying V which is the Michael Schenker Signature Model only sold in Japan. Honestly I don’t know when this was sold exactly and there is also another ESP Edwards model called the EDWARDS E-FV-95 WB DOT version which had dots on the fret board. I actually prefer the rectangles so I was excited to see this in the used music shop. I bought this with the original ESP black case for $120. That’s right… $120. The sales clerk said it was brought into the store the day before by an elderly woman. The clerk had no idea about the guitar because it had no name on the head stock. I kind of rolled my eyes and said to myself “your kidding!”. Of course if the sales clerk doesn’t know anything about guitars, he might have a point. Usually guitars have a name on the head like “Gibson” or “Fender” but this one didn’t which I suppose to many means the guitar is cheap. However, on Michael Schenker’s guitar, the head on a couple of models he had are the same with no name written.

Furthermore, the guitar wouldn’t make any sound when he plugged it in for me to test. I tried and tried and I kind of just let him fumble with the amp and guitar. Finally he gave up and said if I still wanted the guitar he would cut me a deal but ultimately it didn’t work. Again I kind of stood there in amazement a little bit. I said that’s ok I can take a look at it at home. With that said he charge me $120 for the guitar and case and I was on my way. The Flying V is absolutely in mint shape along with the case. When I got home I plugged her in and the guitar sounded awesome. I can only figure that the amplifier in the store was not setup correctly. There is nothing wrong with the Edwards V and so I felt kind of lucky to get such a nice guitar.

ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB Flying V
ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB Flying V

Whether the ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB flying V is all that great I am not sure yet considering I’ve only had it for a day now, but so far I’m very impressed with the quality and tone. It’s very lightweight and built really well. The neck is thick near the body which I’ve heard is normal for some of the older Gibson V but I’m fine with that because I have big hands and long fingers. No problem.

I’m also a HUGE fan of Michael Schenker and you probably have to be to come home with a guitar like this I suppose. Some people are not fans of signature guitars such as this which I understand, but as a kid growing up I always enjoyed MSG and learned quite a few of their songs. It will be really fun to jam with this. It was a blue flying V played by someone during the 7th grade that first attracted me to playing the guitar. Flying V guitars are not every guitar players cup of tea, but for me it will always be something cool and special.

I don’t have all the facts and figures of the ESP Edwards E-FV-95WB other than what I’ve found on the Youtube video below, but I do know it was released only in Japan and it is supposed to faithfully copy one of the original Michael Schenker Flying V guitars. It also is equipped with two Seymour Duncun pickups which sound great.

Here is a photo of me holding the Michael Schenker Signauture Flying V Guitar from ESP Edwards sporting a rock pose….grin. Rock on!!

Michael Schenker Flying V Guitar
Michael Schenker Flying V Guitar

Edwards E-FV-95 WB
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood, 22 frets with white binding
Radius: 305R
Scale: 24.75 inch (628mm)
Nut: Bone (40mm)
Inlay: Pearloid Block
Joint: Set-neck
Tuner: GOTOH SG301-01
Bridge: Old Type Tune-Matic & GOTOH GE101Z
Pickups: (Front) Seymour Duncan SH-1n
(Back) Seymour Duncan SH-5
Parts Color: Nickel

Here’s another guy on Youtube with the exact same guitar. Please note that if I’ve made any errors in specifications please feel free to write a comment with any corrections. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “ESP Edwards E-FV-95 WB Michael Schenker Flying V Model

  1. Hue

    There’s currently one of these on Ebay from a place in Japan (“ESP EDWARDS FV M Schenker type Duncan Brand NEW”). I see these show up a few times a year on Ebay. It’s listed at $1,039 plus $155 for shipping. Only ten times what you paid! I was thinking of getting it, but I would be sick knowing what you paid for yours. What a steal – congrats!

    1. Yes, they are expensive on Ebay. IF one can find them like I did in Japan, they are a bit cheaper due to competitive models being sold alongside them. The “V” is also less popular in Japan compared to other parts of the world for some reason. The Fender Strat is the most popular I’ve seen and prices are a bit higher for those on the used market.

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