Dual Korg MS-2000 Synthesizer Sound modules

Dual MS2000 Sound Modules
Dual MS2000 Sound Modules

Around 2001 I bought a used Korg MS2000R and have really enjoyed playing with it over the years. So much so that I’ve recently added a second Korg MS2000BR version to compliment the first. Both connect together nicely which increases the polyphony. I basically use one module for creating synthetic drum sounds and a split bass over the top. The second module can now be used for added sequences or lead sounds. The MS2000 modules are a real joy to use and are quite simple to program. The arp and mod sequencer are outstanding which allow you to create some really cool beats, soundscapes, and modulated sequences. The sequencer is similar to that of the Klee Step Sequencer. Both modules sync up very well and I’ve had zero trouble with drifting or timing getting out of whack. Although you can load the MS2000BR presets into the MS2000R, it’s nice to have both sets available at once.

Sure it’s redundant perhaps to own dual Korg MS2000 sound modules, but in Japan these are crazy cheap nowadays and when I saw the BR version last week I couldn’t pass it up. I also found a cool rack to put the modules in and was even able to add the Roland JP8080 sound module in there as well. I can now sit down and tweak away creating all sorts of interesting sounds and sequences.

Here is a fantastic video about how to create a drum set along with bass and a lead sound using the Korg MS2000. I do this all the time with my MS2000 modules and you can get some really good results. Of course you are limited a tiny bit with one module which is why the second one really opens up a lot of new opportunities. Still though one Korg MS2000 is likely all you will need to create the same thing and more. These are great synthesizer modules.

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