Korg Microkorg Synthesizer brings New Year fun!

Korg Microkorg Synthesizer
Korg Microkorg Synthesizer

This little synthesizer has been on my wish list for some time and on New Year’s Eve I finally found one sitting in a used Music Shop called “Hard Off” on the outskirts of Nagano-city. It was at a great price and as a bonus it came with a very nice original softcase which I hadn’t seen before. I turned it on and checked it out before I bought it and found it to be extremely fun to play with. Later when I brought it home, I found it complimented nicely with my other gear for playing cool lead sounds or melodies over progressions and movements.

I also have a Korg MS2000R rack version and I hear the Microkorg is similar to the MS2000R but haven’t really compared them yet. If they are, I can definitely say it will likely not matter because I’ll 100% be approaching these two machines differently. The Microkorg is so accessible and easy to add to a mix if using it for one or maybe two tracks. Programming it seems pretty easy and I really dig the arpeggiator on it. I did consider the Microkorg XL but ultimately settled on the Microkorg original version because it basically was all I needed. I really feel the Microkorg has the potential to become a classic one day with it’s design and decent functionality. It’s a very fun synth. The size of the keys are small of course but they actually aren’t all that difficult to play with. You really get used to it quickly. The Microkorg Synths are becoming more cheap these days and I highly recommend picking one up if you find one at a good price. It’s a great synth to get creative with.


One thought on “Korg Microkorg Synthesizer brings New Year fun!

  1. Yeah, the MicroKORG is the same internally as the MS2000, and the keyboard isn’t as playable as a full-sized keyboard with nice action… but it’s small and you can take it anywhere.

    Why I’d go for the XL: Better software for patch editing and 8-note as opposed to 4-note polyphony.

    But then again, sometimes limitations are a product’s greatest strengths.

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