Korg Microkontrol Controller

Korg Microkontrol
Korg Microkontrol

A few days before New Year, I found a used Korg Microkontrol Keyboard at the local used music shop. Someone had brought it in earlier that day with the original box and everything in it. I was really interested in this mainly for controlling some software sequence applications such as the Klee Software Step Sequencer and the M185 Step Sequencer software from Defective Records. I also wanted the pads to trigger a couple of midi drum apps and thought the Korg Microkontrol would fit the bill nicely. I also use Kontakt occasionaly as well as Sonar and so far the MicroKontrol works fine with those applications as well.

I use my Roland Edirol PCR series controllers mainly for controlling other hardware sound modules. So far I think the MicroKontrol is a pretty cool little unit and should work nicely at home or on the go with programming midi files for transferring to my hardware synths. I know there are a TON of other great controllers out there for the computer so I’m not aiming to make comparisons other than to say that it works well straight out of the box and I can pretty much control what I need no problem. The build quality is fantastic and I really like how it all lights up in the dark. These don’t pop up in the used music stores very often so I figured picking one up while I had the chance would be good. I’m glad I did! It’s fun.

Here’s a cool video showing off the MicroKontrol a bit found on Youtube.

Rebirth Live Mix With Korg MicroKontrol


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