ROLAND MDC1 Dance and MVS1 Vintage Synth Modules

Roland MVS1 MDC1
Roland MVS1 MDC1

Wow! I found an incredible deal on a couple of outstanding fun synth modules over the weekend. I managed to snag a rare Roland M-DC1 Dance module and a Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth Sound Module in near mint condition for $25 bucks each. I guy had them sitting on the bottom shelf collecting dust way in the back and it was just pure luck that I found them. Both sound modules contain sounds from the popular JV Expansion cards for the JV series sound modules, but it’s nice to have these in dedicated module form. Both sound fantastic, but it’s the Roland M-DC1 that is particularly fun to play with showcasing all the early 90’s House, Rave, and New Jack Swing sounds on it. If you hook up a controller like the Roland PCR-300 or 800, you can program in the NRPN values and tweak the sounds very easily. You can’t save them internally, but you can dump them for later use, but I find just tweaking them live to be quite easy to do. These two sound modules already sound great and should provide some useful layering. I’m particularly excited to land the Roland M-DC1 though as it was discontinued long ago and is difficult to find for a good price.

I have to say after playing quite a bit with the Roland M-DC1 Dance module, if you are into getting that vintage 90′s dance or new jack swing sound, this module IS IT! The M-DC1 is fantastic and it instantly transports you back to the 90′s for sure. What I really like about it are all the “stabs” you get int his box. The late 80′s and on through the 90′s had lots of orchestral stabs in grooves and the M-DC1 really nails them perfectly. I have quite a bit of gear now and honestly I’d say if I had to have one box for the 90′s, I’d say the Roland M-DC1 is the one to have. It’s really good and extremely easy to lay down 90′s house and new jack swings grooves with.

3 thoughts on “ROLAND MDC1 Dance and MVS1 Vintage Synth Modules

  1. workagainsttime1

    i got the same one, its a hand me down but i have no idea what it does n wanna start using it. i run ableton live 8 to produce edm. think u can share some info on it?…

    1. Hello!

      All you need to do is midi it up to Ableton live and run the outs either through your mixer or back into your computer soundcard for recording. I’m sure there are a lot of people using sound modules on the Ableton forums so you likely can get a more “how to” there. I don’t use Ableton but rather just hardware stuff so I’m sorry I can provide details. Have fun!

  2. Albert P

    Hi Jim!

    I was wondering if you would ever want to part ways with the Roland M-DC1 Dance module? I’m a young producer that has roots in classic 90’s house music. I’ve been searching the internet for audio samples or recordings of the sounds from this module but I haven’t had any luck.


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