Korg Wavestation SR Vector Synthesizer

Korg Wavestation SR Vector Synthesizer
Korg Wavestation SR Vector Synthesizer

Just found and picked up a Korg Wavestation SR off Ebay from a friend here in Japan. I have a Yamaha SY-22 and really like it very much. I heard the Korg Wavestation SR was even better and could be midi’d up and controlled by the SY-22. That should be pretty cool to run those two together.

I’m particularly fond of 80’s and early 90’s music. The Korg Wavestation covers that period well with a sound that often reminds me of Jan Hammer and Depeche Mode who both have used the Wavestation. In Japan the Korg Wavestation is particularly hard to find so I was excited needless to say when I found one on Ebay sitting right here in Japan. I know it’s suppose to be tedious to program and all, but I feel the presets are pretty darn good and the SR Rack version has pretty much most if not all of the sounds of the previous Wavestation releases. This should be good enough to get me that Wavestation 90’s sound.

I also know there is a Korg Wavestation Software version, but if you read my blog you’ll know I prefer hardware as I am rather old school. I do use software editors, librarians, and sequencers for my synths, but for sound I just like working with hardware I suppose. The Korg Wavestation SR Rack version was released in 1992 which was the year before I migrated to Japan in 1993. I’ll write more about the Korg Wavestation SR once it arrives early next week.

Here is a great taste of what the Korg Wavestation SR can do found on Youtube. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Korg Wavestation SR Vector Synthesizer

  1. Greg Madison

    I’ve got the software version and I love it. I’d be interested in whether or not commands from the SY-22 “joystick” can be transmitted to the Wavestation module. The keyboard version uses one.

    Being a Depeche Mode fan like me, you might be interested in Alan Wilder’s huge upcoming auction of his old gear and memorabilia. He’s selling a few Emaxs and Emulators, along with his sample discs. I think the Emaxs still have his parts from the Devotional Tour loaded. . I’ve no chance of affording any of it, but it makes for great window-shopping. Poke around the Googles for Alan Wilder auction and you’ll find what’s on offer.

    1. Thanks for the info about Alan Wilder’s auction Greg! I’ll have to check it out.

      I just got the Korg Wavestation SR in the mail today from a friend who sells music gear in Nagoya, Japan. I’ve never played a Wavestation before but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Boy, I was pleasantly blown away by the power and sounds of the Wavestation. My friend was worried because he suddenly was getting a “Low Battery” message and wanted to send it into Korg for $100 to have them fix the battery. I told him not to bother and that I would simply replace the CR2032 and save him the money. I did that today and it worked great. The custom three RAM banks are still intact.

      I haven’t done any programming yet, but the sequences definitely remind me of the arp/karma stuff that Korg later released. The WS is really great I think and definitely different than most of the other stuff I have. That’s probably what excited me the most, having a completely different synth to work with. I also like the fact that it’s from the early 90’s. There’s definitely a distinct sound from that time period that I’m fond of.

      Indeed I do have the Yamaha SY-22 and later this week I plan to pull it out and hook it up to the Wavestation SR. I’ll definitely report how it goes. I really need to start making videos of this stuff so I’ll investigate that as well. I’ve heard that the SY-22 joystick works perfectly with the Wavestation SR so I’m anxious to check that out. That would be fantastic.

      I’ll update you shortly Greg!

      Thanks again,


    2. Hi again Greg,

      I actually misread your post there. I didn’t realize you have the software version. I don’t have that so I’m not sure if the SY-22 will work or not but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t. If correct the Joystick simply sends controller commands out through MIDI so if the software can receive CC commands it should work.

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