Behringer CC300 VD400 Analog Pedals for Synthesizers

Behringer CC300 VD400 Analog Pedals
Behringer CC300 VD400 Analog Pedals

I recently acquired a Behringer CC300 Analog 3-D Chorus Effects Pedal that supposedly takes after the Boss DC-2 pedal. I also picked up the Behringer Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal as well which has similar good reviews. Now I would likely bet my money that the Boss DC-2 is a better pedal in addition to the better build quality. The VD400 takes after the Boss DM2 if correct and likely the DM2 is the best of the two as well. So this article is not about comparing Berhinger and Boss or even to indicate whether it’s a suitable replacement or not. I actually have never owned much less heard the Boss DC-2 or DM2 so I really have no idea how they compare anyway.

What I can say is that both the CC300 and VD400 sound very good with my Korg Poly-61 Synth which I’ve been using them with lately. The Berhinger VD400 is outstanding to my ears and I really enjoy using that delay pedal very much. It has a very nice analog warm delay that trails very well. I’ve had zero problems with plugging any synthesizer into the VD400. The build quality is plastic and not as durable as the Boss pedals of course, but for working in the studio or at home the build quality is fine. I also don’t slam the pedals on and off that much, but rather I keep them on all the time so quality of build is not such an issue with me.

The CC300 also sounds excellent but it does have one issue that is common among users. The Behringer CC300 does not handle the hot line signals of most synthesizers very well. On my Korg Poly-61 I have to use decent quality guitar cables, a good mixer, and have my synth set to “Low” Output on the back. I can then get the level up to about 8 for the CC300 Chorus and it sounds great. The CC300 Chorus pedal distorts very easily with many synths so you have to be careful. I also don’t believe it’s a sign of a broken CC300 rather it merely is just designed with a preference for guitars. I plugged my own guitars into the pedal for testing and the CC300 worked perfectly despite getting distortion on my synths at times. The sound is warm, lush, and very nice for thickening up a synth and I like the CC300 very much. Again I could get a Boss DC-2, but those run anywhere from $300-500 last I checked on Ebay in various conditions. I bought the CC300 for $30 and I must say it’s a great bargain for an analog effect pedal that does an alright job. Coupled with the analog VD400 delay it’s gets the sound I crave very nicely.

In Japan, Behringer pedals have become very popular. The Boutique pedals in Japan are much more expensive then what you can get them for in the States. So, lots of Japanese musicians go for the Behringer. They are widely available over here but some models like the Analog VD400 and CC300 are selling out fast. I am particularly interested in what Behringer effect pedals work best with synthesizers. If anyone has experience with Behringer and their synths, both good and bad, please comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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