Korg M50 Blue Limited Edition Workstation

Korg M50 Blue
Korg M50 Blue

This was totally unexpected, but yesterday I brought back a near mint Korg M50 Blue Edition Workstation from a used music shop nearby. The guy was practically giving it away for several reasons. First, one of the keys was not working. Second, the power jack on the back was cutting out a bit. Third, he didn’t know anything about it and thought it resembled a toy in looks and feel. He also thought there was a screen problem with the M50 because he noticed some vertical lines and felt the quality was not that great. Well duh! The Korg M50 is does not necessarily win any awards for build quality. Obviously I said I’ll take the piece of crap his hands, but first I wanted to test it out and hear out it played. UNBELIEVABLE!! Wow, the M50 can sing. I really was impressed with the EPs, Organs, and many of the drum kits which many had that Urban Rnb feel. I think I spent about 20 minutes playing the M50 and just couldn’t stop. What a sweet keyboard for fun and inspiration. I had heard extremely good reviews on the M50 but had never seen one around. I also liked the blue color and realized it was a limited edition M50. That made it more fun too.

So, I picked up the Blue M50 and took it home. When I got home I found soldering the power jack was an easy fix. I also found the problem with the broken key and fixed that as well. I researched the touch screen and found it to be normal for it to look slightly funny and not so crystal clear. I personally think it looks perfectly fine and there likely is nothing wrong with it. Everything else about the blue M50 is near mint condition. I played quite a few combis and programs noticing all looked well. The Korg M50 really plays superb and I must have spent several hours today nonstop performing with it. Changing voices, drum beats, etc was a snap and it was extremely fun to create new beats with the sequencer and dual arps. I have a Korg Triton Classic and Rack so I’m pretty familiar with the Korg side of doing things. I also don’t miss at all a sampler. I have my Roland Fantom X7 and XR for that and I personally like them the best for my purposes. The Korg M50 is just great for the M3 sounds, dual arps, RPPR, and sequencer. Polyphony is enough and the keyboard is ultra light. I also think the blue is a super cool color. I have too many black and silver, so blue fits nicely.

Overall I am very impressed with the all around great performance of the Korg M50. You do have to be careful of the build quality and I also find the keys to be actually pretty decent. For those that think they are bad, just check out the keys on the Roland Fantom Xa. Those are the absolute worst keys I have ever played. The Korg M50 keys are very similar to the Korg X50 which I also like. Someone mentioned once that they are actually quite fast keys, meaning you can do runs rather quickly. I would tend to agree. My only problem with the keys are that it’s difficult to play up close in between the keys. They don’t press down easily when doing sophisticated chords up top so that will take a tiny bit of practice getting use to. For funk and Neo-Soul which I like, the M50 works fantastic. In fact, I love Gospel music and think the Korg 50 would make a fine performance keyboard for that genre. It simply can cover all types of music and very well I must add. The Korg M50 is a very pleasant surprise.


2 thoughts on “Korg M50 Blue Limited Edition Workstation

  1. Jonny Weston

    Yes – great review thanks.
    I just won one on eBay for £481 – after struggling to carry my triton even from the car into church… it was time to something a little lighter. It arrives with me in two days – I look forward to getting it!


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