MCD Sweet 16 Memory Card Review

MCD Sweet 16 Memory Card
MCD Sweet 16 Memory Card

Brian over at Sector101 just sold me a modded Yamaha MCD64 Memory Card known as the MCD Sweet16. I’m pretty excited about it because these cards are extremely hard to get. I plan to use this MCD Sweet16 with my Blue LCD Modded Yamaha SY-77 Synth. She’s a beauty!

I have another spare MCD64 Memory Card which I can then use for my Yamaha V-50 Synthesizer. I really like that synth but needed a memory card to hold more patches. Below is more info about the MCD Sweet16 Project that Brian has been working on. Once I get the MCD Sweet16, I’ll update this post with additional information and thoughts about the card. Stay tuned!

I should also add that this card cost me $160 bucks with shipping to Japan. If you do the math that works out to $10 per card since there are 16 cards in one MCD Sweet 16. One Yamaha MCD64 Memory Card alone can cost around $100 in excellent condition. Thus I think this card overall works out to be a pretty good deal. I also don’t have to carry around 16 cards and swap them in and out. I just rotate the dial on the MCD Sweet 16 to the desired card number. Fantastic!!

The MCD Sweet16 project is the modification of a standard Yamaha MCD64 or MCD32 RAM card to allow it to store sixteen banks of MCD64 memory.

Sector101 MCD Sweet16 card specifications:

* After modification the MCD card will contain 1024KB of memory (1 MegaByte).

* The 1024KB memory allows storage of sixteen MCD64 card banks with each bank selectable by rotary switch.

* Each 64KB bank is totally independent of any other bank so each 64KB bank can be formatted by a different synth or module that uses a standard MCD64 RAM card.

* Either a standard MCD64 or MCD32 card can be converted to an MCD Sweet16 card giving 16x 64KB banks.

* The card Write-Protect switch needs to be removed to allow positioning of the rotary switch. This is necessary to allow the modified card to fit rack modules such as the TG500 and RM50. After modification the card will be permanently write-enabled. Only the contents of the currently selected bank will be modified when writing to the card.

* The card battery compartment is unaffected so the simple battery replacement procedure is the same as with a standard MCD64 or MCD32 card.

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