Smartmedia Memory Cards in Japan

Smartmedia Memory Cards
Smartmedia Memory Cards

Today I found a bunch of used Smartmedia clards at the local used music shop I frequent. I was really surprised to find them and figured someone must have only recently dropped them off at the store. For $25 bucks total I was able to get one 128MB card, two 64MB cards, one 32MB, two 16MB, and one 8MB card. I use these smartcards primarily for some of my older music gear such as the Yamaha RS7000 Sampler Workstation, Yamaha CS6R Tone Generator, and the Korg Electribe Sample MKII. Smartmedia cards are still kind of expensive on Ebay. It’s also harder to find some of the smaller sizes such as the 16 and 32MB cards which I prefer for the Korg Electribe MKII Sampler.

What I didn’t really realize or had forgotten was that a lot of Smartmedia cards were used for digital cameras. It took me a while to figure out that I had to look in the digital camera section for the Smartmedia cards instead of near the music gear that accepts them. Duh! It’s still hard to find used Compact Flash cards though which I also use for some of my older Roland gear. However, it was nice to find a cheap bag of used Smartmedia memory cards as I know those can add up in price. Now I’ll just have to keep my eye out more for other Smartmedia cards that may turn up. I’m surprised at how cheap they are sold at this particular place in Nagano-city, Japan.


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