Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer

Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer
Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer

Today I found a used Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer in excellent condition at the local used music shop. Everything on the unit itself is in perfect working order with very little cosmetic scratches. All of the 16 channels work fantastic and there is virtually no noise with the mixer which is nice. I have heard that the Boss BX-16 can be somewhat noisy or distorted, but my unit is perfectly quiet thus far. On a few knobs you get a bit of static sound when moving them which is normal for the age of the BX-16 Mixer, but once settings are in place it works just fine.

All in all, the Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer is a great mixer due mainly to it’s small size. I also like the fact that it has two effect loops that can be controlled across all 16 channels. Each channel has a Panpot, Effect 1, Effect 2, Bass, Treble, Gain, and Overload. Plus there is an RCA out section and Phone input jack. To get the Stereo effect you have to use two channels, so with regards to stereo, the mixer effectively becomes an 8 channel mixer when maxed out. Running an out from a Yamaha DX-7 for example to one of the channels will result in only Left Speaker Output. Thus I had to use a Y Split Chord to connect the one output jack from the Yamaha DX-7 to two channels on the Boss BX-16.

The Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer is a pretty cool device and I’m sure I’ll get quite a bit of use out of it.


2 thoughts on “Boss BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer

  1. davor

    Roland Boss BX-16 has PAN pot so if you connect DX-7`s mono output to some channel you just center this channel`s panorama, so when you`re sending it to master output (RCA or not), it`s not “left or right pan only” but really centered in stereo panorama (or adjusted if you need it poseitioned left/right).

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