MIDIKeyz Instructional Keyboard Software Review

MIDIKeyz Instructional Keyboard Software

MIDIKeyz Instructional Keyboard Software

It interesting when something new comes along and you’re reminded of something similar you already purchased a while back. This is the case with the recent release of HearandPlay’s Song Robot. I was thinking “gosh” I already have something similar and now I remember … MIDI KEYZ!! A while ago I purchased an excellent piece of software from GospelMusicians called MIDI KEYZ. You can checkout the video below to see Jamal showcasing MIDIKEYZ with MIDI files.

My favorite MIDI KEYZ features are key transpose, split keyboard left and right for midi files ( see photo above ), Slow down tempo, isolate bar and beat, plus a few other things. There are a ton of features with MIDI KEYZ though, but I mainly use it for MIDI files. I actually only started using it again recently with the MIDI files I get from HearandPlay’s GMTC and other resources that I am a member of. The Song Robot files also play very well in MIDI KEYZ. You can see I have loaded up the file “As The Deer” into MIDIKEYZ and it plays great. Check out the split colors on the keyboard for the left and right hands. You can also MIDI this up to your keyboard to get that rhodes sound on playback as well.

MIDIKeyz Player

MIDIKeyz Player

Like with vanBasco, Song Robot and others, MIDI KEYZ is another great alternative for MIDI file playback and instruction. It is commercial software priced at $39.99. There isn’t much MIDI file support for MIDI KEYZ directly from GospelMusicians if correct, but you can get MIDI files from all over the internet and of course if you are a member of GMTC or have purchased the “Song Robot” package from Hearandplay you can get more MIDI files there too.

Excerpt: The Split Key feature allows you you split the keyboard colors. As keyboard players ourselves, we know how important it is to decipher between what is played in the right and left hands. The Split Key feature gives you a “relative” idea of what each hand is playing by allowing different colors of the keyboard to light up per your choosing. For teachers this is even more important, as you can use it as a guide when teaching your students.

Note that you define the split key note and from there the notes are split at that point. So it’s important to understand that there “may” be some slight differences from how the original was played with the left and right hand, but it’s close. In fact, most of the time it’s right on!! What I like the best is that it breaks up the chords and notes so that I more easily figure out how I want to play chords with both hands. When all the keys are one color, it can be both hard on the eyes and confusing. The Split key feature is very unique with MIDI KEYZ and so far I have not see any other software that can do the same.

MIDI KEYZ Features | Highlights | Tech Specs

You can purchase MIDI KEYZ at the GospelMusicians store. Note that I am not an affiliate.

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11 thoughts on “MIDIKeyz Instructional Keyboard Software Review

  1. Here are the latest MIDI KEYZ updates I pulled from my registered copy.

    MIDIKeyz Update Page:

    NEWSFLASH: Urban Bass Techniques LMS files is FREE: (Nov. 20, 2009)

    Newest Version: MIDIKeyz 1.02:

    Updates and Changes – November 16, 2009:

    General fixes and stability

    Fixes AU DSL sound in OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
    Included Java Runtime installation for PC users
    Fixed OSX icon showing white background square
    Added MIDIKeyz Diagnostic programs to test compatibility issues.

    Updates page is now working
    Changed Error log to Window—>MIDIKeyz Log

  2. Guys, I cant hear sound when I play the midi files from the Neo Soul Fundamental CD, but the .lms files that came with MidiKeyz play fine. Any ideas? Im very happy with both products btw, very impressed.

    • I actually purchased the download version and that only came with .midi files. I never received any .Lms files with the download version of Neo Soul Fundamentals.

      I can load up my Neo Soul Funadmental Midi files just fine with Midikeyz. I just open the file and then double click the name in the Midi Keyz Player box. You also need to make sure you audio and midi preferences are setup correctly so that sound will play appropriately.

  3. Hi Jim, if you had the option of choosing between midikeyz and the song robot, which would be your choice. I want to get one of them and your response will certainly help me choose between the two. Thanks

    • Hi there! If I had to choose one I would get “Song Robot” from HearandPlay for several reasons. First, Song Robot has had many updates while Midikeyz has not had any. Song Robot has also had a couple of bonus midi file updates and likely there will be more. In addition, Song Robot and MidiKeyz are almost exactly the same. In fact, I can’t think of any difference off hand. Song Robot has pretty much caught up and has perhaps surpassed Midi Keyz now. Right now I’ve been using Song Robot almost exclusively and have no crashes. I have had a couple of issues with Midi Keyz not playing right, but that could just be me. Midi Keyz is excellent, but if I could only have one, it would be Song Robot. Hope this helps. – Jim

      • Thanks for the reply. One more thing …. Does Song Robot play lms (live midi sync) files?

    • Nope! Song Robot doesn’t play LMS files. I find LMS files to be a bit slow and cumbersome though personally so I much prefer Song Robot. That’s just me though. I’m a fan of just simple MIDI. Thanks!

  4. How do you actually do the video part of it? I tried pointing my camcorder at the computer monitor but the sound is not quite right. Is there software for this or what? I actually see guys hands playing there piano and the Midi keyz setting just above there keyboard. PLEASE ADVISE!!

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