Roland W30 SMFW30 Software Upgrade

SMFW30 Last Beta
SMFW30 Last Beta

There is a new release of SMFW30 is coming soon! It’s a Sound Manager for the Roland W-30, S-330, S50, and S-550 Vintage Samplers. Over on the SMFW30 Forums, Miro has released some beta info about the new Roland W-30 Software Sample Editor. I think registration is closed there due to spam issues, but you should at least be able to view the updates. I’m on there so if anyone has any questions, I can pass them along to Miro for you if I don’t know the answer. Above is a screenshot which looks great. This is definitely a welcome upgrade and should hopefully add some new life to the aging but popular Roland W-30.

Hare are some details taken from the forum posting.

Tone Editor
* Import of waves with odd length
* Editing of tone/subtone title
* Editing of all tone/subtone parameters with waveform preview

MIDI Editor
* Correction of SYSEX troubles

Patch Editor
* Basic implementation – Load / Save / Rename and Delete patch

I am really looking forward to this release. Currently I prefer transferring my WAV files to the Roland W-30 via the S-330 and other software connected to it via the computer. However, if I can do everything I need with SWMF30, then that would clearly be the way to go.

Stay tuned for more news and about about the SMFW30 software upgrade for the Roland W-30.

17 thoughts on “Roland W30 SMFW30 Software Upgrade

  1. Here is another option for those who require something to read Roland S-series disks. I haven’t tested this yet, but I plan to shortly.

    * Works on 16-bit samples data (internally works on 32-bit data)
    * Fast (all functions written in assembly / protected mode 32-bit)
    * Time and Frequency domain editing (using an assembly protected-mode iterative FFT implementation), which lets you directly edit the sound spectrum
    * Reads WAV, XI, RAW, AU wave files
    * New SPC file type for Spectrum files (with a Shell Extension for correct handling)
    * Reads samples from Roland S-50, S-330 and S-550 sampler disks
    * Looping support plays waves in forward/alternate loop modes (handled by WAV and XI sound files)
    * Assembly-implemented oscillators, used in lots of effects, with multiple wave types (sin, square, triangle, saw); up to 8 oscillators that can be chained together in many different ways to create complex waveforms
    * Time-Domain filters including Time Variable Filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch), Nonlinear Filters (Erode, Dilate, Median, etc.) and user defined filters (using text files)
    * Digital Effects such as Delay, Flanger, Metallize, Reverb, TVShifter, Compressor, Expander and DynaGfx

    Roland W-30 Sampler Software

  2. This is the software I mentioned in my article above with the Roland S-330. I first transfer WAV files to the S-330 with PCtoS550 v2.1 and then save to disk. I then insert the disk into the Roland W-30 and presto, I have a perfect WAV file imported into the Roland W-30. Yes, this is a workaround but it’s flawless. The quality is also fantastic with no corruption at all. The only problem is that I have to use the Roland S-330 as a go between with the computer and the Roland W-30. If the newly updated SMFW30 works better than before, then I won’t have to do this. Until then, PCtoS550 v2.1 is awesome!!

  3. NEW changelog:…pic,164.0.html

    Whole package
    – Windows 7 compatibility
    – cosmetic updates
    – help files (partial rewrite and update of the screenshots)
    – Internet Update (new development)

    CD Editor (Rewrite)

    – complete rewrite of CD accessing routines to use SPTI instead of ASPI. (No more additional painful install of ASPI drivers which work btw only on 32bit windows)
    – x64 Windows compatibility
    – preparations for Roland Harddrive reading

    Tone Editor (Bug Fixes)
    – Import of waves with odd length
    – Editing of tone/subtone title
    – Editing of all tone/subtone parameters with waveform preview

    MIDI Editor (Bug Fixes)
    – Correction of SYSEX troubles

    Patch Editor (new development)
    – display of Patches with their Tones/Sub-Tones hierarchically
    – Edit Patch name
    – Delete Patch
    – Save Patch (without sample data)
    – Load Patch (with auto and manual mapping to use another Tones/Sub-Tones)

  4. hola! soy de Argentina y necesito comprar el codigo para poder usar el programa. sabés como tengo que hacer desde Argentina?
    Fernando Vale

    hello! I am of Argentina and I need to buy the code to be able to use the program. sabés as I must do from Argentina?
    Fernando Vale

      1. Hi Leon! Did you get the SMFW30 software yet! I recall having to email Miro and he sent me the activation code by email. It can take a few days. The actual downloading of the program should on his site if correct. I’ve been away on a trip and just now returned so sorry I’m late in replying to your emails. Thanks! – Jim

  5. leon

    Hi Jim;
    Thank you for your reply. I was wondering what was happening!!! No sign of life!! I just got my serial number for the SMFW30 this morning!
    Best regards!!


  6. Robin

    Hi. Im looking for a software editor that can control the w30 through system exclusive. I have the old versions of smfw30 but they could only edit disk images loaded onto your pc. you had to load them back into the w30 before they could be used. I like the w30 but, like all digital synths, everything is page driven and it takes forever to get results. a software editor with virtual knobs that you can move with the mouse that sends sysex to the w30 in real time would be a huge leap forward, Can svetliks new editor do this?

    Robin Connelly

    Johannesburg, south africa

  7. Jay

    Jim, Me again Jason. Any chance you may be able to give a details description on getting wav files into smfw30 and then onto disk. I am still lost my friend.

    Do I create a new tone and then add the wav file? I have tried everything but still get no sounds once imported into the Roland. Its driving me bonkers. Regards Jason

  8. Sean South

    Hi Jim

    Apologies if this is a really basic (dumb) question but is there anywhere where I can get a sample library or WAV files for the W30? I used to own one and miss the sounds particularly the Disk 1 sounds. I’m a Mac user and want to have them in Logic either through the EXS24 or through Kontakt but I’m no tech wizard… Is this something that could be shared via drop box or send space etc?



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