Novation Drumstation V2 a TR808 TR909 clone

Novation DrumStation V2
Novation DrumStation V2

Found a mint condition Novation Drumstation for $50 today in the used music shop called “Hard Off” here in Nagano-city, JAPAN. I don’t know much about it but I know that Novation makes some pretty decent products. Besides the price being good, the unit had lots of knobs, outputs, and it was very MIDI capable. The size was small and it apparently does a decent job of cloning the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines sounds. I particularly like the fact that you can tweak the bass drum, snare, etc. separately and trigger it all via an external sequencer. The OS of the Drumstation is 1.3 which is the latest OS version if correct. The Novation Drumstation looks like a V2 unit, but I’m not sure.

Overall the sound is good and I plan to hook it up to my Korg Triton Rack for making RPPR TR808 and TR909 drum patterns. These patterns can then be triggered by any controller or synth hooked up to the Korg Triton. Once the patterns are playing, I can then tweak the Drumstation to taste and hopefully get some cool grooves going. I’m a big fan of the Roland TR808 so having something similar ( but not the same I know ) will be fun. There is also a DIN Sync connection on the back of the Drumstation. Plus I got a PSU4-100 adapter and manual along with the unit. The Novation Drumstation a really neat drum sound module with lots of knobs and it’s very small for a rack. You can basically stick it anywhere and and it will not take up much space.

Here is a pretty decent video of the Novation Drumstation in action. (Triggered by a Roland TR505)

One thought on “Novation Drumstation V2 a TR808 TR909 clone

  1. I’ve been testing out the Novation Drumstation using some Groovemonkey drum MIDI files and it really sounds great. I have the Rock, Electronic, and Funk/Hiphop/RnB GM Midi file sets. It’s really simple in that I load up the MIDI files in Sonar and set the midi channel to 10 or whatever. I then set the Novation Drumstation to GM setup and use the TR808 sounds. I then playback the files and can tweak the individual drum setup using the knobs on the Novation. Once I find good midi drum phrases, I can save them to my CF Card and import them into the Korg Triton RPPR section for playback as well. To me it really sounds great and it’s also fun to tweak the attack, decay, tuning, and levels of the drum parts.

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