Yamaha DX7IID Programmable Synthesizer

Yamaha DX7IID Synthesizer
Yamaha DX7IID Synthesizer

Happy New Year!

Well my efforts were surely rewarded today! I visited my local used music shop hoping to find something new. I hadn’t visited for about 5 days due to New Year festivities here in Japan. I walked in and pretty much saw the same old stuff, but in the junk area I found a new ( old ) keyboard sitting on the second shelf that I hadn’t seen before. I ran over and took a look and to my surprise it was a Yamaha DX7IID in excellent condition for $60 including Yamaha hard shell case! [V1.6 87.04] I couldn’t believe after all the work on the DX-7 and the couple of years of frequenting the used shop that I would stumble upon a used DX7IID at this time.

So, I picked it up primarily because I had never owned one and also because I wanted to check out the Dual and Split functionality of the DX7IID. Since I’ve been dabbling in FM stuff I thought I should check it out. The price was good too. What a find!

The DX7IID is actually in very very good condition. There are no scratches, marks, or any problems of any kind with the exception of a “Change Battery” message I am getting. Everything sounds great so the battery is probably just starting to go. This week I’ll probably crack it open and solder a new battery in there with a holder. I suspect the price was lower due to the battery message the shop owner indicated. Plus anything older than the year 2000 he tends to throw in the junk section.

Other than that it was a stroke of luck to find a Yamaha DX7IID where I live in such nice condition. What timing!! Funny.

Note I’ll likely not install an E! board in this as I don’t think I will need one. It seems to have everything I would use in Stock form.

Also, while playing both this evening I found that older DX-7 to be a little warmer and fuller sounding. Yes, it’s a bit noisier, but with a noise gate attached to the DX-7 it actually sounds really nice. I need to get better sounds in the DX7IID and tweak it a bit, so it’s likely I’ll get comparable if not better sounds from it than the older DX-7. The DX7IID is definitely quieter and the dual/split is awesome!! Both are fun in different ways. The DX7IID is much cleaner, but that old 12bit grit in the DX-7 is super as well!

3 thoughts on “Yamaha DX7IID Programmable Synthesizer

  1. I just changed the battery this morning. I de-soldered a CR2032 battery holder from an old computer mother board. I then took some spare red and black wires which I soldered to the battery holder. I used about 1 inch for the length. I then opened up the DX7IID and removed the board partially from the body. The hardest part was “carefully” cutting the existing battery out, but once I did that I was able to solder the other end of the wires to the leftover battery joints watching polarity of course. The DX7IID still had the original battery inside with the orange ring around it, so indeed it was time for it to be replaced. I then used electrical tape to make it cleaner. It worked! No more change battery message. Whew! Now the DX7IID is pretty much good as new.

  2. Just picked up a RAM4 cartridge and an ADP-1 adapter off Ebay. The RAM4 cartridge should work well with expanding the patch storage on the DX7IID while I can now use my DX7 cartridges using the ADP1 adapter.

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