NEXOE YASE Roland Fantom Software Review

NEXOE Roland Fantom YASE Review
NEXOE Roland Fantom YASE Review

Today I purchased the software YASE from Nexoe for the Roland Fantom X series workstations. I have been doing a lot of work with sampling lately and I really needed a faster way to import samples into my Roland Fantom XR and Xa. YASE has a really nice Patch Editor that allows the entire task of importing samples to be pretty much automated. It’s fantastic, but unfortunately the interface is kind of sketchy at times.

Nexoe YASE sells for $175 which is pretty steep, BUT this software is the ONLY software on the market that allows one to organize their samples and patches effective and easily on the computer. In addition, you can import any AKAI sample CD or file beautifully. If you have other formats, I just use Extreme Sample Converter or Awave Studio to convert into AKAI S5000 format. I then simply import into YASE and presto, a few minutes later I have it ready to import into the Roland Fantom XR.

The PROS of using Nexoe’s YASE software are as follows:

1. Renaming Patches, MultiSamples, and Samples is much easier.
2. Drag and Drop organizing of samples can ONLY be done with YASE.
3. Combining and/or organizing different patches into one patch set can ONLY be done with YASE.
4. The auto assigning of Root Notes and the auto creation of Multisamples can only be done in YASE.
5. Everthing is very well organized and visually appealing in YASE. It’s fun to use.
6. The Sample Editor is nice after I solved my initial audio playback problem with it. I haven’t test much the auto loop detect ability yet, but the sample editor itself is pretty feature rich and much better than the standard Roland Fantom Editor.
7. Nexoe’s support is top notch. Something rare these days with regards to software companies on the net.

Now the CONS of Nexoe’s YASE software are as follows:

There is only ONE! YASE is extremely finicky and will play with your mind it seems. I have developed a good workflow, but in the beginning I was going in circles trying to get from A to B. Despite the nice panels and layout, the code with which YASE was written in is not quite solid in my book. It feels like a “flash” website where you are constantly clicking buttons that only seem to work when they want to. Java software feels the same too sometimes. I don’t know what development tool was used for YASE, but it just doesn’t play nice sometimes and thus causes issues with workflow occasionally.

Unfortunately as is common with Roland products, the free software for the Roland Fantom X is crippled. It cannot do some pretty basic and necessary functions when working with multisamples. This is where the NEXOE YASE program shines. It fills in all the gaps that are missing with the Roland Fantom X software. Is it a must buy? Absolutely if you are working with samples a lot. I am really glad I bought it.

There is no review anywhere that I could find on the web for Nexoe’s Roland Fantom YASE software. It’s a good piece of software, but for $175 it can be quirky. It all comes down to what you need and is it worth that amount of money to you. For me, I have a ton of multisample patches that I want to create and load into the Fantom XR and Xa. Tinkering around all day long with the Roland Fantom “crippled” Software just doesn’t cut it. I have a need for speed and efficiency. NEXOE YASE is the answer I’ve been looking for which will allow me to get back to what I enjoy most, playing music rather than programming it.

UPDATE: NEXOE RESAMPLER Roland Fantom Software Review coming soon!

7 thoughts on “NEXOE YASE Roland Fantom Software Review

  1. I have a huge problem in the beginning getting the Sample Editor to work. I discovered the problem after a few weeks.

    I am not sure why exactly, but I right clicked on YASE and checked the “Run this program as an administrator”. I then started the program and I was successfully able to load files from the Hard Disk AND playback the audio without any stuttering or static. Apparently this program needs to be run in admin mode on my system. My clue to trying this was the fact that I was storing my test samples in the “My Documents” folder. The program must have been having a permissions problem and thus would not allow me to view or load samples from the HD. It’s really strange, but I am also able to playback audio perfectly from both the CF card or the Hard Disk. Thus my problem appears to be solved. YASE needs to be run in admin mode for me.

  2. Well I’ve been busy importing sample sets into the Fantom XR and Xa with ease now thanks to Nexoe’s YASE. Things are so much easier and faster now. Along with 3rd party software such as AWAVE Studio and Extreme Sample Converter, I am able to import just about anything into the Fantom XR. Last night I finally was able to import any .NKI or Monolith Kotankt files into the Fantom XR which was a nightmare at first until I got my workflow down. It’s a lot of fun working with multi-samples with the Fantom XR.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Anyone using Nexoe Resampler?

    A while back I purchased Yase and it’s been working well with my Fantom XR. Recently I picked up a Fantom X7 and now I’m revisiting the idea of picking up Resampler. However, the lack of feedback and people using Resampler still keeps me on the fence. I was hoping for a sale to finally push me over this past year, but no go on that either. I’m curious about the consistency of the program and how well resampling instruments has worked out for those who have purchased the software. In the past I’ve used ESC which works flawlessly but it does add a couple of steps that I’d love to eliminate with Resampler. The Resampler demo is not enough to get the feel with it’s limitations so I thought I’d see who out there in Fantom land is using or still using Resampler.

    Also, Resampler was released in November 2009 and there was an update for only Nord Users in June 2010. Since then there has been no news. Any word on whether this program is still in development?



    Update: I posted this message on the Nexoe Forums but new posts are moderated. It’s likely this post will not show up there so I posted it again on my blog.

  4. Tom

    Hi Jim,

    I have been using Roland’s 2nd issue Editor for my XR and found it possible to load samples and create multisamples. However although I could load some friend’s XR produced samples onto my XR and create my own multisamples easily because my XR recognised the root key of each sample, it didn’t recognise the root key for other non-XR produced samples so I had to change each sample from C4 to its key note by hand. All in all though it wasn’t too bad a job. However I am interested in Yase as I would like to do some more multisample work. Especially difficult is the looping, ( some of the samples I got to work with were quite short ) which is really tricky to do successfully. Have you tried Yase ‘s auto-looping. Had Yase been half the price I wouldn’t have hesitated but the price is steep for us amateur hobbyists.

    1. Tom

      Well I bit the bullet and forked out for Yase and it is ( although a bit quirky ) excellent and saves a heap of time. I love the fact that I can import multisamples from my other CF cards and I have found the auto looping pretty good most times and when that fails, doing it manually is pretty neat too. This program ( or similar ) should have been available from Roland for a more modest sum, as although the Xeditor is very good, it falls down when you want to edit samples and loop them. Also Roland provided no method for importing previously editied multisamples from other CF cards.
      I have a Roland xr module and it is really good with excellent effects and I think underrated by many who haven’t bothered to really get to grips with it. Yase brings the sampler to life although there is quite a learning curve with both the module and the software.

  5. Antoine

    Hello Jim,

    Fantom YASE is discontinued. It seems that is ‘abandonware’. Last released version was Rev. 2.005.006 (known as v2.5). Do you know where I could download it? At least, the demo version…


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