Precision Sounds Rhodes Wurlitzer MKS20 Samples Review

Precision Sound Electric Piano Samples
Precision Sound Electric Piano Samples

Today I just got a newsletter from Precision Sound about their Winter Sale which consists of 50 percent off on all Sample Sets until 31 December 2010. I’ve been waiting for this sale to come up so I could finally pick up some Samples sets to program into my Yamaha Motif ES and Roland Fantom XR Sound Module. I was primarily interested in the EP Electric Piano series samples which consists of the MKS-20, Fender Rhodes MKII 73, and Wurlitzer A200 Electric Piano. I recently purchased the GospelMusicians MKSensation and Neo-Soul Rhodes and I’m excited about adding to that collection with these new sample sets.

I’m a HUGE fan of the electric piano sound in jazz, gospel, Rnb, Funk, you name it. I don’t have a read Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, nor an MKS-20, so I feel (hope) these Sample sets will get me close if not there. At the moment I am programming these into my Motif and Fantom because those are my primary multisample based hardware keys at the moment. Once I have them in there, I’ll update my article here with some thoughts about how I think they sound and maybe make some comparisons to other sample sets like I mentioned above. These Sample Sets can be expensive I know which is why I waited for the Precision Sounds Samples to go on Sale.

The exact Precision Sound Sample Sets I purchased are as follows for those interested:

Dusty Electric MkII V2 – Fender Rhodes Mk II 73 Stage Piano
Funky Electric P200 V2 – Wurlitzer A200 Electric Piano
P20 – Vintage Digital – Roland MKS-20 8 Presets

If anyone has a questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment below. Thanks! – Jim

20 thoughts on “Precision Sounds Rhodes Wurlitzer MKS20 Samples Review

  1. Today I just finished up importing the 8 velocity layers of the Fender Rhodes Mk II 73 Stage Piano into the Roland Fantom XR and it sounds fantastic!! There’s a lot of range to adjust if you want a warm sound or if you wish to get a great bark sound. It took a while to import these samples into the Fantom, but I’m glad I got it done. Now I can create multiple patches with effects and enjoy.

  2. Well today I finished importing the Precision Sound PS20 MKS-20 EP1 Sample Patch into the Roland XR and Yamaha Motif ES and it absolutely is THE BEST I’ve heard so far from a sample set. I hate to say it, but I like it much better than the MKSensation EP1. I know the MKSensation EP1 is meant for the Yamaha Motif ES/XS/XF and it does sound fantastic, but to my ears, it’s not as good as the Precision Sound set unfortunately. I paid $25 compared to $100 for MKSensation and my gut proved me correct.

    Now I’m only speaking in terms of the MKS-20 EP1 patch. I have yet to import the other 7 patches. There is one HUGE difference between the MKSensation and PrecisionSound sets. SIZE!!! I can get all the patches installed with the MKSensation, but I can only get a couple installed of the PrecisionSound because they are so big. That is likely the reason why MKS-20 PS20 by PrecisionSound Sounds so good. The EP1 has this incredible “bite” in it that the MKSensation is missing for me. Both are good though so it’s all subjective I know. Also keep in mind that I have never owned an MKS-20 so for all I know MKSensation could be more accurate. I don’t know, but I just love the PS20 EP1 sound. I can just feel that patch sing!!

    Also the PS20 MKS-20 EP1 has 5 velocity layers sampled every three keys while the MKSensation has 3 layers sampled every 7 or 8 keys. This could be the difference. Both are warm, but the PrecisionSound EP1 sounds very fat, punchy, and has definite character in raw form. I can’t wait to fiddle with the effects on it.

    Like I mentioned, if you’re looking to pack a bunch of sound samples into your Yamaha or Roland, probably MKSensation is better because of the sample size, but I can’t help but think corners were cut to achieve this. The problem with PecisionSound is that I can only load up 2-3 samples sounds at a time which is not many but oh do they sound sweet.

    In any event, both are good depending on what you are after. My problem, is that I didn’t know what I wanted other than having a complete set of MKS-20 samples. Now that I have both MKSensation and PS20, I can honestly say with regards to EP1, I like PS20 the best. I’ll see how the others sound after I get them imported.

    Stay tuned!

    1. I’ve seen the samples for the EP 1 on the MKSensation, and both EP 1 and EP 2 have been sampled using 16 velocity layers (values are: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 79, 87, 95, 103, 111, 119, and 127) sampled every 2 keys (example: C1-C#1). Personally, I like MKSensation alot better (I LOVE the classic Korg 01/W Dyno anyway and the MKSensation version is incredible.). Be on the lookout though, I will be releasing my own Kontakt version of the MKS-20. 24 Velocity layers, 96KHz @ 24-bit! 🙂

  3. J

    2 questions.

    1. How did you load a 5 velocity layer sample into the Fantom XR? I thought that a patch could only hold 4 different waves/tones….

    2. How are the Fantom XR samples arranged… meaning, once you load the samples and create a patch is that sample always there once you turn on the machine? On the Fantom G, when you load a sample onto the board you have to save it in a project. So the samples are only accessible when THAT project is loaded. This makes having sampled patches kinda inconvenient. Mainly because you can’t have your sampled instruments across several different projects (not easily at least). So I’m wondering if the Fantom XR is any different.

    oh yeah, 3rd question. Is there an auto load function or do have to manually load your samples each time?


    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      1. In order to have more than 4 velocity layers on the Fantom XR, you must layer in performance mode. Thus I allocate parts 1 and 2 to Midi Channel 1. I then create two patches. The first patch will have 4 velocity layers. The second patch will have the 5th velocity layer. I finally assign patch 1 to part 1 and patch 2 to part 2 in performance mode. In this manner, you could have up to 16 x 4 = 64 velocity layers in performance mode. In patch mode, you can only have 4 velocity layers.

      2. As far as I’m aware, any patch or peformance can access any loaded sample. You can have multiple patches or performances assigned to the same sample. There are no projects in the Fantom XR like the Fantom G which may be a good thing with regards to sampling. Only patches (voices) and performances are on the Fantom XR, thus samples can be used across any or all of your patches or performances. So far it’s very flexible for me. I don’t have a Fantom G so I’m unfortunately not that familiar with that board, however, sampling with the Fantom XR has been wonderful and very easy.

      3. Yes, there is an auto load function on the Fantom XR. When I turn on my XR with the CF card inserted beforehand, it will auto load all samples from the card. No worries! Works great.

      Basically, I turn on my XR when I get up in the morning and then go take a shower or have a cup of coffee and check out the news. In about 15 minutes, the XR is ready to go and I’m playing all day without a problem. Of course if I want to load up another card I’ll have to wait a few minutes. I actually have a Fantom Xa that I use for loading a second CF card for building new sample sets. It works exactly like the Fantom XR.

      Honestly, other than loading times which are not too bad, I couldn’t be happier with the Fantom XR. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment anytime. Thanks! – Jim

      1. J

        I just finished importing the samples from the ps20 (for patches 1,7,&, 8) but when I preview them, there is some noise in the sound… is that normal. (like the hissing you hear when you turn speakers up real loud, but there is no audio… just the hiss…)

  4. Randall Jenkins

    O.K. so I read your response but I’m trying to do the very same thing and I’ve been stuck for quite a while. Jim, would you mind going over the steps you took? Thanks, Randy.

    1. Hello Randall,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m more than happy to do any sort of write up of my process and in fact I started one this morning, but quickly ran into problems. There are a number of variables and/or different ways to get things accomplished. My thinking is that it might be easier to respond to specific questions rather than stepping through what I did exactly. Perhaps if you can tell me where you are stuck, I can help you get past that juncture and move forward. I can import just about any sample format now into the Fantom X from Akai, Kontakt, SF2, WAV, etc. I’m not sure what exactly you wish to import or what keyboard you have. If you can provide a few more details, I’ll be more than happy to walk you through some of the steps I took to make sampling more enjoyable on the Fantom. I can’t speak for the Fantom G, but with regards to the Fantom-XR or X series keyboards, the sampling capabilities are awesome!! Thanks! – Jim

      1. Randall Jenkins

        Thanks for your reply. I loaded the wave files and saved them. The problem I have is this I can’t seem to map the samples. I tried making a multisample patch but I’m getting nowhere really. There seems to be something not translating from the manual to my brain.

  5. J

    and once you got those ps20 samples loaded into the fantom XR did you do ANY editing to the programming parameters… filters, envelopes, etc… or did you just leave it as it was?

    1. After importing the files, I actually didn’t do any additional editing other than the obvious with root note and velocity layer settings. I thought the samples sounded superb as is and was very surprised at how good they did sound to my ears at least. Of course one can edit effects, filters, envelopes etc. if desired. I also have NI Kotakt 4.1 and can load up the .nki files to check other settings and copy them to the Fantom if necessary. The PS20 Samples are large though so I did have to import one or two instruments at a time to maximize quality. With only 512MB you can’t import all of these patches in one go. These samples are great though and I play them almost every day now.

      1. J

        what settings can you view in kontakt that you can copy over to the Fantom?

        I thought the XR had 1gb of memory. I’m going to try and load my stuff up through the Fantom G. (it has space for 1Gb worth of samples) also what velocity layer settings did you use?



    Hi there. Today is very exciting for me cos I just got the yamaha motif XS7. I own the roland mks 20 module but for protability reasons, I would like to purchase the P20 vintage digital. I would like to know if it’s possible to load these samples on my new baby and if yes, how? Please help, i ‘m a total newbie.

  7. J

    Mark there are alot of places to purchase it from. It depends on what instruments you are trying to load it into. Google MKSensations (from that’s a great place to start….

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