Stan Lewis Teaching Shouting Pattern in Musician Breakthrough

Stan Lewis Musician Breakthrough

Stan Lewis Musician Breakthrough

Round 2 of the Musician Breakthrough is coming up on Youtube and one of the first is Stan Lewis Teaching a Shouting Pattern which is really cool. I really like what Stan is doing here and it’s great to hear him teaching how to do it. This is really going to be a great series. I’m not sure when it will be released whether before or after the New Year, but it’s going to be fun for sure. What’s going to be interesting is how one is going to get through all of this material. It’s probably going to take quite a bit of time depending on ones level of course.

Round one is purely on playing. Sit back and enjoy them go! Round two is on teaching some of the concepts they just played (which are real samples from the courses). Round three will be a really short interview with each musician.

Other musicians in the MUSICIAN BREAKTHROUGH Series are Stan Lewis, Jason Freeman, Jeremy Jeffers,Marcus Hodge, Kevin Nickelson, David Jackson, and Javad Day.

Check out Stan Lewis in the following video clip. — visit this link to see all 7 musicians in action! Vote on your favorite clip and possibly win an iPad!

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3 thoughts on “Stan Lewis Teaching Shouting Pattern in Musician Breakthrough

  1. Wow! I wrote this follow-up article about “HearandPlay’s Gospel Musicians Breakthrough” over 4 months ago! Still no word on when this will be released. I’ve heard there are lots of problems. Hope this comes out sometime as it still looks like a great production.

    Hopefully we’ll see a release in April or May.

    For those still waiting, I highly recommend picking up Jamal Hartwell’s “Fundamental’s of Neo-Soul Keyboard”. This is a fantastic DVD and will keep you busy.

    Here’s another article I did with regards to HearandPlay’s Gospel Musicians Breakthrough.

  2. My biggest question is why did Hearandplay only produce 1000 copies of Musician’s Breakthrough when thousands of people they claim are interested in the product? Plus the delay has been months. It doesn’t give people much hope. Strange.

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    I just heard on the GMTC Live Training Call that the new upcoming Musician’s Breakthrough will be available online via GMTC. You will be able to use Loyalty Points to unlock Musicians Breakthrough! This is awesome! Geez, with thousands of listeners interested in this product, I was wondering how they were going to accommodate everyone. When I heard they were only pressing 1000 sets, I thought that surely wouldn’t be enough. I see Hearandplay has thought this one out. Well done!!

    Thanks so much HearandPlay!

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