Roland Fantom XR with FAN-XR-UP1 Sample Tools Expansion Kit

Roland Fantom XR
Roland Fantom XR

Today I found a used Roland Fantom XR with the FAN-XR-UP1 “Sample Tools Expansion Kit” and all accessories for $500 at the used music shop outside of Nagano city, JAPAN. It was a real find and I really didn’t expect to get it, but there were a few things that made be make the purchase. First the Fantom XR came with the FAN-XR-UP1 “Sample Tools Expansion Kit” installed along with all the accessories found in the kit. The kit accessories included the Fantom-XR Sample Tools Expansion Kit CompactFlash Card, PC Card Adapter, CD-Rom (Editor), Fantom-XR Sound List (Leaflet), Guide to the Added Functionality (Booklet), and finally a sticker. In addition, the Fantom XR was fitted with one stick of 512MB memory and an extra 1GB Compact Flashcard was thrown into the bag. Finally, in the accessories bag was a manual for the SRX-12 Classic EPs expansion card which I later found was already installed inside the Fantom XR. BONUS!

I thought for $500 this was a deal that couldn’t be passed up. Plus the unit was in absolute mint condition. I almost didn’t see it as the guy had it in a glass case way at the bottom and kind of slid to the back. Although I am slightly more of a Yamaha Motif fan lately with my ES, I thought this would compliment it well. The Fantom XR works beautifully and I’m glad I picked it up. It’s true in Japan that people really go crazy over accessories and as expected the Fantom XR had most of the bells and whistles along with all the materials barely used.

Along with the SRX-12 Classic EPs expansion card, I’ve already thrown in some great Rhodes multisamples into the rack and it really sounds fantastic. The Fender Rhodes “bark” is there and that makes me happy. I downloaded and installed the generous Rhodes patches ( Set of 16 ) from Cesarsound on the RolandClan Forums. The link to the thread is here. These sound really good and load up very fast. Plus with the FAN-XR-UP1 “Sample Tools Expansion Kit” I can create and edit my own multisamples for the Fantom XR in no time. Fantastic!

As I dive deeper into the Fantom XR, I’ll post some updates to this article. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Roland Fantom XR with FAN-XR-UP1 Sample Tools Expansion Kit

  1. Today I was busy wrapping my head around the creation of multisample patches for the Fantom XR. I downloaded and tried the Fantom XR YASE software which seemed to work fine, but the price of $179 was a bit steep considering I already had the Roland Editor/Librarian/Sample Converter. So, I tried the Roland Editor and although it was tricky at first, I quickly found a workflow that worked fine. As some have mentioned, the Fantom XR is not the easiest to deal with in regards to sampling, but ultimately I can get accomplished what I need to do. Thus the Fantom XR works well.

    Does anyone have any experience with the YASE program or for that matter the RESAMPLER option for the Roland Fantom XR? Would anyone recommend this quite expensive software over just using the Roland Editor and hardware itself? Although YASE has some nice features, it doesn’t seem to get the job done that much faster than using the Roland software route. It takes time no matter what software I use. Thus I decided not to get YASE until I really NEED something substantial in that package.

    All thoughts are welcome about the editor options for the Roland Fantom XR. Thanks!!


  2. I’m finally having success converting the Neo-Soul Rhodes Samples and voices from the Motif ES to the Roland Fantom-XR. It’s a bit tedious to do, but I’m getting there. The Rhodes Samples also sound really nice on the Fantom XR and different in a nice way. I highly recommend the Neo-Soul Rhodes Sample Set for the Yamaha Motif ES/XS/XF from GospelMusicians. Great stuff!


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