Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook

Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook
Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook

Today I just picked up the “Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook” from Alexander Publishing off Ebay for $17 bucks. It’s a rare find and I have yet to find any information, photos, or comments about it. Thus my curiousity caused me to snatch it up. A while back I purchased both the Yamaha SY77 Cheater’s Guide & Cookbook/PDF and the Yamaha SY77 Sound Making Book: Level 1/PDF from Truespec, but they didn’t have the Sequencing Handbook. Whether this is a good find or not I am not sure as I am currently waiting for it in the mail, but I’m excited to finally check it out. Now that I have the new cool blue LCD replacement in my SY77 it should be easier to see what I’m doing at night. When I get the book, I’ll post the table of contents for those interested in what’s inside.

I’ll post the Ebay auction description info here for now for those interested. It’s as follows: Alexander Publishing Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook. Contains 144 pages of tutorial learning so you’re the master of the technology. You’ll learn how to sequence using the onboard sequencer, it’s a walk thru of a real project from start to finish. It includes the complete written out score of the music you’ll be using to make the sequence. This way you’ll learn not how use the sequencer but also see how you can arrange using the sequencer since the example is based on Romance (opus 5) by Peter L Tchaikovsky. You might know some of his more famous pieces like the 1812 Overture, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet.

I’ll update this post when I receive the Sequencer Handbook for the Yamaha SY77. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook

  1. I just received the Yamaha SY77 Sequencing Handbook last week and it’s very well done. Below are the Chapter titles if anyone is interested. Please comment with questions if you have any and I’ll do my best to answer them promptly. Thanks!.

    Introduction – What You’ll Learn
    Chapter 1 – Save All Of Your SY77 Memory
    Chapter 2 – Start Building Your MULTI
    Chapter 3 – Set Up The Song and Record
    Chapter 4 – Finish Recording To Measure 10
    Chapter 5 – A First Look At The Edit Screen
    Chapter 6 – The Low End: Tracks 12-15
    Chapter 7 – The Remaining Parts From Measure 11-16
    Chapter 8 – Heading For A Transition: Measures 17 Thru 22
    Chapter 9 – Let There Be Drums
    Chapter 10 – The Mainstream Pop: Measures 23-34
    Chapter 11 – The “Polka” From Measure 34-42
    Chapter 12 – The Cossack Finish: Measures 43-51
    Chapter 13 – Tempo Changes and Volume Balancing
    Chapter 14 – Outputs, Stereo Positioning, Effects
    Appendix – Romance Score

  2. rv

    Just read u re writing about the seqencing book.i.terested too ve the pdf!
    Thank for service!
    Got 50 000 good sus ex to exchange for u! !
    See u later on my email.

  3. I own a SY77. Lost my owners manual. Have only used it in a band. I need sequencing for “dummies”. Have never sequenced. Recently purchased Focusrite 2i2 USB recording interface, which I have also never used. To be brief, I want to do a solo act laying down my own tracks bass, drums etc. I am not computer savvy or techy. What I really want to do is record and lay down tracks (8 max) just like in a studio but have no idea what to do. I’m lazy. UW Music Major grad. Do not need lead sheets, notations, etc. just tracks that I can lay down and play along with “live” alone. Can you help me out or give me some advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help! Thank you. Alex Campbell/La Crosse, WI 54601 USA.

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